While we strive to provide as much detailed and useful information as we can, there will often be instances when our readers need to ask specific questions raised by some of our weight loss articles. For this reason it is sometimes necessary to contact the author and this is the purpose of this page on this website.

Now if this were what is known as a static website, where the contents generally remain the same, then it would be necessary to provide either an email address or contact form so that you can email the author directly. However, this is a blog which is not static and is constantly updated with new posts either in the main blog or far more often and regularly in the “News” section. Because it is a WordPress powered blog, there exists a facility on each individual post page to leave a comment for moderation by the author.

As comments are regularly monitored, this is an excellent way to make personal contact with the author who moderates all comments daily and will respond to those that are accompanied by a valid email address and a sensible question or request.

Therefore, there is no need to publish an email address which can be harvested by spammers, nor do we need a contact form to make things more complicated than they need to be. To contact the author directly, simply leave a valid comment using the comment form on this page. If it warrants an answer, then it will be answered via email (not on this page). We reserve the right to decline to answer any question we do not consider suitable, relevant or justified at our own discretion.

Please note: We do not have guest posting here on this blog. A few people have already asked, so this is just to let everyone know.

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