There has been a lot of publicity over the latest craze to lose weight fast, the K-E Diet or what is popularly known as the feeding tube diet, comes with some potent dangers.

With summer just around the and it being the traditional time of the year for blushing brides to get on their preferred weight loss diets and slimming programs. Many brides-to-be want to shed as much weight as they possibly can before The Big Day so they can fit their rather too generous curves into their wedding dress and look good for the wedding video. The appeal of the K-E Diet is its claims of achieving up to 20 pounds of weight lost in as little as ten days through forcing the body into the fat burning process of ketosis.

The dangers are obvious in that the body is not designed for such rapid weight loss without incidence of reactionary conditions. Most of the problems are due in no small measure to the fact hat there is no real food eaten during the diet period where only a nutritional liquid is passed through a tube direct into the stomach via the nose. These somewhat dangerous issues can include anything from the myriad physical problems arising from malnutrition to great stress being placed on some internal organs such as the liver and kidneys. Not least of all is the inconvenience and probable discomfort of having a feeding tube forced down a nostril. The very thought of such a procedure should be sufficient to put anyone with any common sense right off doing it.

Finding a doctor who will oversee the diet is also a pretty tough thing to do as most will shun this diet because of the dangers associated with it. But then there must be some very hard questions asked of any doctor who would be willing to allow a patient of theirs to place themselves at such physical and medical risk by undertaking this ill-advised diet program.

The bottom line is that if you need to lose weight for a wedding, do not wait until two weeks before the event to start dieting. Plan a little better and give yourself two months or more to lose weight and then get on a more acceptable diet and exercise program and lose weight at a sensible rate of no more than 1-2 pounds per week. Slow and steady is the best policy in weight loss because it is more sustainable in the long term and safer to the state of health in both the short and long term.