This is a page simply called tag! It’s a page that was being looked for by people but it showed up as not found, so it made sense to create a page and call it tag, so that everyone can find it again. It’s a slight diversion from the seriousness of slimming and just goes to show that you can throw some fun into the mix and still have a good time with achieving your goal.

Has it got anything to do with losing weight? Yes it has!

If you are looking for some great advice and ideas on what you should be doing to lose a few pounds and tone up a little, head back to the home page and then you can read all the great information I’ve posted here. Otherwise, I’ve devised a little game for you to kill a little time with. It’ll also help you switch on your motivational brain cells for losing some weight! Its called weight loss tips tag (hence the name of the page) and it’s a simple word game that you use your memory with.

Here’s how it works. Below is a list of short phrases related to slimming or losing weight in some way or another. They are linked, or tagged by the last word of the previous phrase being used as the first word of the next phrase. Its quite simple and a cool play on words to create a sequence.

Now for the part of the game that involves the player. What you do is read down the list as fast as you can, then turn away from the screen and with a pen a paper, write down the ones you can remember. The more you get right, the better your memory is, but more importantly, you retain some of the phrases which will help you to lose weight by increasing your subconscious motivation.

Ok? Let’s play weight loss tips tag!

  • Exercise for fitness
  • Fitness for energy
  • Energy for stamina
  • Stamina means you can exercise longer
  • Longer periods of exercise builds muscles
  • Muscles that work harder burn more calories
  • Calories used burn up fat
  • Fat reduction leads to weight oss
  • Weight loss is your goal!

That’s it. Easy isn’t it?

Over time, you will lodge those phrases in your mind and set up a self motivating mental process that will prime you for achieving success with less conscious effort. After all, a big part of losing weight is getting the right mental attitude, or mind state. Try it, it works!