People can read this review of Bistro MD, the fresh frozen diet food delivery company and learn more on how they can lose weight easy and quick while saving money by following this great diet plan.

bistro md reviewsThe purpose of this review is to highlight the benefits of this diet program as well as any negative aspects to provide the reader with an unbiased, factual and honest appraisal of Bistro MD and the diets it provides to its customers.

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Why is Bistro MD so successful with dieters?

  • It is extremely convenient with the meals delivered to your home
  • There is no cooking or food preparation for you to do
  • It saves you time and is totally hassle free
  • The meals are tasty, interesting and of the best quality for this type of diet
  • Easy to order online

What is Bistro MD?

First of all, a brief description of just exactly what this program is and the kind of weight loss diets they provide for their customers. If you need a dieting solution that frees you from having to prepare and cook food but you like to eat gourmet meals that taste great and are NOT processed as with some other diet delivery companies, then you will be interested in the great alternative of receiving their special meals delivered to your home.

It is all about eating healthily while losing weight through a calorie controlled diet that is made specifically for people who simply do not have the time to cook their own nutritious and tasty meals but want to eat well.

How Does Bistro MD Work?

The plan is very simple to follow and even easier for people to get on board with with an easy ordering system that can be done online via their website or over the phone if you prefer this method of ordering. It is a good idea to visit the Bistro MD website first to see all the meal plans that are available so you can choose the one that you prefer. Then you can customize it to leave out any meals you particularly do not want to eat, or things you can’t eat due to health issues or religious preferences.

The diet food plan that lasts for one week is then delivered to your door. This contains all the meals you will need for that week, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course a week is not long enough for a diet to really get working, so you will need to set up a repeat order to endure you get an uninterrupted supply of food, week by week. The menu is rotated each week so that you don’t eat the same food every week. This keeps the interest and excitement buzzing and motivates you to stick with the diet so that you will lose the maximum amount of weight.

Proofs, Testimonials and Publicity

Bistro MD on Dr PhilThere has been a lot of buzz about the success of Bistro MD which has been featured on Dr Phil Show and The Biggest Loser.

Customer Testimonal:

Camille Guaty lost weight with Bistro MD“Thank you “Bistro M.D.!” Being an actress, it is important to have healthy, nutritious meals available at all times. Bistro M.D., made my life hassle free. I was able to have three solid meals a day, without having to worry about the nutritional content…” — Camille Guaty -Hollywood Actress (pictured right).

“If anyone would have told me that I could eat gourmet food AND lose weight I would not have believed them…” — Linda Lemen

Bistro MD Meal Plans

There are four plans that are all customizable to your own tastes and needs. Instead of providing diet plans for specific groups as do some other diet food delivery companies, Bistro M.D. simply provides four individually priced set plans that cover either a full seven day menu with or without snacks and a five day menu with or without snacks. Each plan is priced accordingly and represents different dieting needs for different people.

For those who work long hours all week but have their weekends free where they would prefer to either cook their own food or eat out on a restaurant, effectively giving themselves a short “vacation” from their diet while being sensible about what they eat on their “days off”, the five day plans are perfect. They provide you with all your meals so that you do not have to concern yourself with keeping to a diet during the working week.

For those who want a more full-on solution, the seven day plans fulfill these needs perfectly by providing all your meals for every day of the week. You just decide whether you want to include snacks with the meals or not. But remember that if you opt to not have their low calorie snacks, you must be very careful what you eat between meals if you must eat anything because many commercial snack contain lots of hidden calories that can effectively derail your diet.

The Negative Side

No diet plan is perfect and there will be some issues that some people come up against that may detract from the diet plan they choose. In the case of this program, the main downsides are:

Bistro MD Cost: the cheapest plan is around $130 a week and that only covers five days of diet meals with you needing to prepare and cook your own meals at the weekends. The full 7 day plan starts at around $160 per week without additional snacks rising to $180 per week with snacks (2012 prices).

Meal Size: This is a common problem with diet food delivery plans where people see the meal sizes or portions as being smaller than they expected to get. This is actually normal and designed that way to educate your stomach to accept less food. Think about it.

You want to lose weight, right? You are not going to lose it by eating large meals, unless you are working out like a bodybuilder every day for several hours in the gym or running 10 miles a day. So your other option is to eat less and these meals teach you to get used to eating less.

Meal Quality: Of all the home delivery companies that provide meals that are delivered to your home, Bistro M.D. provides some of the best quality meals. They are prepared and cooked by their own in-house gourmet chefs and then frozen, packaged and shipped to your home the same day. The downside to this is that frozen meals do lose some of their quality when thawed and re-heated.

You will notice this whenever you have had to re-heat a meal you made yourself. It never tastes quite as good as it did when it was fresh cooked and served up. It is not a fault of the cooking and healthy meal preparation process, just a consequence of not being able to eat straight form the kitchen.

Ordering A Plan

Getting signed up and ordering your personalized diet plan is simplicity itself. You can either do it all from the Bistro MD website or over the phone with a credit or debit card. The price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden extras and shipping is free to anywhere in the United States. For more details on how you can benefit from great prices and a great weight loss diet plan, simply click your mouse on the image below:

bistro md

Bistro MD Discount Coupon

The company previous used to provide discount coupons that enabled customers to get a certain amount of money off the regular price of the first week’s worth of food. Coupons are no longer offered. See Update 2014 note below. They have regular special offers running on the website such as offering free shipping or other incentives. Please check back here for the latest deals.

Update 2014: Coupon Codes:

The rules have changed at Bistro MD. I received a letter from the promo people to tell me there will be no more coupons or codes. Instead, all new sign-ups will be eligible for the current discount offer displayed on the official website. All you need to do is click the advertisement banner below to navigate to the official site, sign up for a new diet plan and you will automatically get the discount offered without needing to do anything else!

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