The Top 100 Weight Loss Tips continues with article 54 in this top series. As I keep pointing out, the aim is to create a set of one hundred unique and totally relevant articles designed to help you to achieve your goal to lose weight. This post looks at the kind of diet plan that is used by bodybuilders to gain muscle bulk and while in its purest form is actually designed to help you gain weight, it is pure muscle weight that bodybuilders are looking to gain, not fat.

Bodybuilding Diet Plan

A bodybuilding diet plan is based around providing the body with as much protein as it can metabolize in order to build up muscle while at the same time cutting fat from the body to create a result where the body’s muscles stand out with good definition in response to a set of poses that causes them to flex and tighten to create that image. Of course to the average person who is looking to merely lose weight, this is actually a very sensible type of diet to use.

The other side of this coin is that this type of diet will only work if you do. That means you have to exercise hard in order to build muscle strength if not so much of the bulk of bodybuilders. Their bulk will increase by a relative amount depending upon how hard you exercise, for how long at at what rate.

For bodybuilders to build muscle size and bulk, they need to perform low reps with very heavy weights, eat a large volume of protein rich foods and sleep for a minimum eight hours a day for those muscles to grow during the repair process while sleeping.

For dieters who want to lose weight, a similar pattern needs to be established, although you will not be working out with such heavy weights. Instead, to cut fat from the body, you’ll need to exercise to the extent where you are burning more calories than you consume. At the same time, you need to be working to build up muscle strength so that the stronger your muscles become, the more of the calories from your diet they are capable of burning off during exercise.

The high protein diet will consist of egg whites, whey protein drinks (as these are the two highest most concentrated forms of protein), coupled with lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables and only very low levels of low GI carbs such as oats. Cakes, biscuits, pizzas, burgers, takeaways and in fact any junk foods are totally off the menu as are all forms of bread, dairy products and fatty meats.

If you think you’re game for this type of diet and exercise plan, then it is perfect for long term weight loss and improved fitness levels.

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