Here we go again with another of these Top 100 weight loss tips. This post is article number 27 in the series and is here to provide another great tip to help you lose weight. As with all articles published on this website, this is an original article written for and is copyright protected. This post looks at a common trait in people who end up sabotaging their own chances of successfully losing weight by self deception.

How You Can Deceive Yourself Over Losing Weight

Its easy enough to do when you slip into bad habits, but self deceit occurs when you think you’re doing fine and then think its okay to treat yourself to one little snack that is, in reality, off limits. It often starts with little more than an innocent seeming nibble at a barbecue or party. Take this scenario and see if it sounds familiar:

The cold buffet is spread out before you and you’re a real champion at resisting all the tempting empty calories on display. But as the time wears on, you start to tell yourself that its okay to maybe have just one bite. Especially as you already lost two pounds or whatever this week and you’re feeling good.

So you bite into a breaded chicken nugget or a small savory pastry, or maybe a chocolate cream cup cake and it tastes good. You walk away and as far as you can see, there is no harm done. But the beginnings of self deceit have crept in and while you’ve managed to convince yourself that there was no harm done by giving in to temptation and eating that little treat, you probably just loaded up 100 or so empty calories. But once is okay, you tell yourself…

But once is never enough, is it?

Once that self deceit has gotten past your solid wall of willpower, the next occasion to cheat will soon follow. But it doesn’t feel like cheating on your diet because you’re doing it in plain sight of everyone, right?

Well, this starts you on the slippery slope to failure so your only form of defense here is to absolutely not allow yourself to believe that one little snack is okay. If its part of your calorie controlled diet and the snack is actually a healthy one, like you get with Nutrisystem or similar diet food delivery company diets, then its okay. But otherwise you may not know what you are eating or what went into making it. That could easily send you slipping into a downward spiral of self deceit believing that because it looks small and innocent enough, then its okay. Its not!

Eradicate any self deceit before it gets a chance to take hold of you and destroy your will power to succeed. Then you can continue working towards your weight loss goals undeterred and free from those little things that invariably grow into big ones before your very eyes!

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