Welcome back and here is another original weight loss article for WeightLossGo.com which may not, as is the case for all article published on this site, be copied and published elsewhere being protected by copyright law. This time I want to take a look at the type of green tea fat burner for weight loss that has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years, and in particular the interesting organic green tea known as Tava Tea, since I’m a paid affiliate of theirs and it makes for interesting reading as well.

Being 100 percent organic, it retains far more of its health giving properties than many other brands of green tea. This makes it an excellent choice as a hot beverage to relax with and enjoy for itself.

But when combined that with its health giving properties and its rather interesting ability to help your body to burn fat and reduce bad LDL cholesterol, it becomes a real power drink!

Also, unlike many other kinds of weight loss teas, Tava comes in high quality pyramid bags that brew faster than conventional teabags because they allow the hot water to circulate through the tea leaves more freely.

Why You Should Try Tava

There are some really good reasons why you should try this great tea as a great hot drink and a health boosting addition to your weight loss strategy.

  • It tastes great and is easy to make
  • Helps you lose weight easily
  • Boosts your health naturally
  • Makes a great alternative to coffee or black tea

How Does Tava Tea Promote Health?

Tests have shown that drinking Tava Tea slows down the production of insulin by the body after ingesting carbohydrates and also sweet foods. By reducing insulin production, the possibility of weight gain is also reduced as insulin is the hormone that is responsible for causing your body to store fat. So by drinking a cup of this around fifteen minutes after eating any fatty foods, high GI carbs or sweet foods, the amount of fat your body will store is greatly reduced, helping you to naturally lose weight.

This wonderful tea is also perfect for maintaining a peaceful state of mind and promoting inner calm. The exclusive ingredient mix consists of the important amino acid L-theanine. This helps to balance Dopamine and Serotonin which are neutron-transmitting chemicals that control your mood.

Further Research Information

Research that was conducted by Dr. Kenichi Yanagimoto as long ago as 2004 uncovered that drinking green tea produced a 50% reduction in free radicals in test subjects. Free radicals are attributed with aging, so this is another very good reason to learn to love drinking green tea.

Tava Tea has also undergone tests and has been found to ease digestion and help with digestive problems, while reducing abdominal bloating and has been shown to burn as much as 2.5 times more calories than most generic brands of green tea. Combined with this is the already well known health benefits that come with drinking green tea regularly, so it’s a positive step to take in your own personal journey to better health as well as looking to losing some weight naturally.

Here are some very good reasons to buy Tava Tea:

  • 100% organic weight loss tea
  • Helps burn fat
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • The strongest weight loss tea ever created
  • Certificated by CERES and USDA
  • 180 day money back guarantee
  • Free Shipping

Lastly, if you do decide that Tava Tea is something that you want to try for yourself, you’ll be happy to know that it comes with a full money back guarantee. Better still, unlike some less than honest competitors who peddle some green tea products, the Tava Tea company does not offer any tempting free trials where you’re asked for your credit card details and later find your being billed every month!

They will only charge you for the tea that you order and that’s all. So you can rest assured you won’t be locking yourself into anything you don’t want to be. To get yours right now, simply click the image banner below to visit the official website and take advantage of their special price and free shipping deals.

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