If you’re reading this, it might be a good idea to prepare yourself for some serious motivation. Here is another new year to get started into and for those who have resolved to lose some weight, now is the best time to get started. By now, I mean right now. Not tomorrow, or next week, right now!

So what has to happen to make you get up off your seat and swing into action?

Well, the first thing I’d do would be to switch off the television and make it my co-resolution to watch way less TV than I did before. Not that I personally watch much TV. I hardly ever bother, to be honest as I’ve always got more interesting things to do with my life that waste my precious hours stuck in front of that box letting it fill my head with commercials for good things to eat…

Set Goals

So now that we’ve set the standards by which we will begin to lose weight and win, let’s set some realistic goals. Its no good being vague about this. You have to set a solid goal and write it out on a piece of paper. In BIG letters and then put it in a place where you’ll see it every day. Or several times every day. Like on your fridge, or bathroom mirror. Here’s an idea of what to write:

I resolve to lose xx pounds by May nn 2013, signed Your Name

Replace the “xx” with a realistic figure of how many pounds you will lose (not how many you want to lose, how many you WILL lose!) and replace the “nn” with a date. Say you want to lose 20lbs by May 31, write that down. Or whatever you feel is realistically achievable for you. Then you can start checking out diets and working on an exercise strategy because you are going to do both at the same time.

That’s right, you’re not just going to get away with eating a simple diet and hoping to lose weight and keep it off. This time you are serious about losing weight. You are, aren’t you? Well you gotta do some exercise too!

Work Out What You Are Going to Do

Then go ahead and work out what you’re going to do to lose that weight, whether it be swimming 3 times a week and how many lengths of the pool you will swim each time. Or if it will be running, how many miles you want to build up to each day. Or maybe you’ll go to the gym and work out on a variety of machines for so many minutes each to lose the excess weight. You decide what you know that you can do and what you want to build it up to and write it all down as well.

All this writing down is not so much a way of reminding yourself what you have chosen to do in reducing your weight, as a way of setting it down in a way that you must follow it. It gives you a sense of getting something positive done and gives you that first step into what you will do, that without it you may never have gotten off the sofa and still be watching all those commercials!

End if the day, if you are really serious about your own weight loss, you just gotta do it for yourself, cause nobody else is gonna do it for you! Ain’t that right!