I’m back once again to bring you another of my Top 100 weight loss tips that I have added to this scintillating series as article number 33. Please note that this is an original article written for weightlossgo.com and as such is copyright protected. If it appears on any other website, it has been illegally copied. Now, this post is all about the really nice side of losing weight, if you can believe such a thing exists. It most certainly does! Its where you get to reward yourself for every little victory as you go along.

Now, I don’t mean rewarding yourself with a cream cake just because you lost a pound this week. I mean go out and treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, or a new dress, or a new jacket or something similar. Here’s why…

Why You Should Reward Yourself for Losing Weight

When you set out to lose weight, its a task like any other and one that you are not undertaking lightly. Of course, on the one hand its best that you do not try so hard to lose weight, you still have to put some effort into the process for it to bring you the success you desire. So if you are putting in the work, then you should expect the rewards, right! If you were studying for a big qualification and you had to pass a series of qualifying exams along the way, you’d reward yourself each time you passed one, wouldn’t you? Maybe treat yourself to a movie or a new pair of ear rings or a new watch maybe?

Well, losing weight is the same, as its something you are working hard to achieve and there are milestones along the way. Such as completing your first week (without cheating) of your diet whether it is one from Nutrisystem or one from your dietitian. Or attaining a certain limit on your exercise plan, such as exceeding 20 minutes continual work on the elliptical machine, stepper or your home treadmill, or suchlike. When that happens, don’t let it pass by as if it were nothing. Reward yourself for achieving it!

That’s right, make yourself feel good for achieving something you may have previously believed you could not achieve, no matter how small it might seem. To you, if its a big deal, then celebrate by treating yourself to something nice like it IS a big deal!

Now if you’re contemplating that 2000 calorie slice of chocolate cream cake in the window of the local confectioners, think again. I don’t mean that kind of a reward! Although you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you really feel that a sweet treat is what you need. Go for something small and containable and make sure it is only the one, and you’ll be okay. But preferably, reward yourself with something that you can’t eat (or drink), such as a keepsake or something nice that you really like and you’ll not only give a boost to your weight loss strategy, but you’ll have something to remember your achievement by.

100 Weight Loss Tips number 32 follows in the next post!

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