We’ve hit a milestone in getting to the 90th article in this great series of the Top 100 Weight Loss Tips. Each new article we add in this series brings you another great new top tip on the many ways to successfully lose weight. Well, the last tip looked at what to do when you suddenly have the urge to eat one of the “Not allowed” foods on your diet. In this post, we sort of carry that theme on some by looking at what to do when you go full out and bust the bank with an unplanned social event where the meal simply could not be avoided.

At least, that’s what you told everyone…

Restaurant Diet Disaster

Its a fact of life that train wrecks will happen. It’s also inevitable that one of these nights, you are going to find yourself out with some friends in a restaurant and tucking into your weight in steak (or something similarly outrageous)! This means you just likely blew any progress you already made with your Nutrisystem diet or weight loss program that day where you were being so careful and watching every ounce of food you ate. Well, all is certainly not lost.

You slipped up and made a mistake, but hey, you’re human, right? Humans make mistakes (for better or for worse) and we’re supposed to learn from them (which is what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom…). So ask yourself, “What lesson did I just learn?”

The answer should be along the lines of: eating a huge meal in a restaurant was a stupid thing to do and you’re not going to do it again… at least not while you are on this Bistro MD diet and aiming to lose weight! So instead of being really dumb and repeating the overindulgence, you simply put yourself back on track the very next day.

You are, after all, allowed to slip up every now and then. As long as you avoid making a habit of it and don’t go consuming excessive amounts of food regularly, you can get yourself back into the fold and put the experience behind you. Water under the bridge and all that, right?

Another great exercise you can pull off is to make right the dining injustice right away. Next morning, you can increase your exercise routine to accommodate burning off some more calories to counter the excesses of the previous night and make absolutely sure you stick to your calorie count for the day (and the days following, of course).

The trick, or what can be described as this particular one of the many weight loss solutions that I’m currently putting forward, is getting your mind in the right frame. By this I mean that you understand that a mistake can be corrected.

And as long as you don’t repeat the mistake, you are stronger for it. Added to that, you have taken a step further along the way to understanding what it takes to stick to a diet. You have learned how to lose weight fast but steadily. You mean to lose weight and to then keep that weight off by making sure you stay on track.

100 Weight Loss Tips number 89 in the series will follow in the next post!

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