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Rapid Weight Loss for Women: How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week Review

The idea of trying to lose weight fast tends to be more attributed to women than to men and this is a book that targets exactly that way of "how to lose 10 lbs in 10 days" thinking.

While there may be lots of reasons for this and no one single reason that you could pin on anyone in particular, the dieting industry seems to place more emphasis on women losing pounds fast than it does on men.

But not every woman wants to sign up for the latest, must-have super diet of commit themselves to several weeks of hard work in the gym to hammer their body into shape for the coming summer months. This is where beach vacations and time spent by the pool invariably means wearing a great swimsuit and for those who are overweight, this is not something that is looked forward to.

But there are ways and means to get slimmer without so much of the hard work or terribly restrictive dieting and buying a good book on the subject can often be the right answer to many women's weight problem.

What Does this Book Cover?

This book covers many aspects of losing weight in a faster time than what many would consider "normal." There are strategies for losing up to 10 pounds in the first week along with instructions on preparing yourself for losing weight before you even get started, which can prove to be highly important to your success and what a lot of people miss out on.

There are some great tips on exercising at home without using equipment and some clever ideas on making your efforts produce maximum results all through the day and not just when you are concentrating on exercise or diet.

There are also some great ideas on things you can do last thing before going to bed that will also increase your ability to manage your physical body size even while you sleep. A lot of the ideas in the book will give you a "duh" moment because you probably already knew them but never thought to use them to help you lose weight or use them in quite the same way as the book describes.

It's definitely worth the few dollars outlay to learn this stuff and give yourself a head start in losing those unwanted extra pounds!

Buy Rapid Weight Loss for Women

You can buy this book online from Amazon simply by clicking your mouse on the picture of the book cover above. Even better if you own a Kindle is you can download the electronic version of the book for a fraction of the price of the paperback version!

Click that image above and it will redirect you to Amazon's page that promotes the book, where you can buy the Kindle version or follow the links to the paperback version if you prefer.

It's an interesting alternative to simply signing up for a commercial diet plan or something similar and the cost of a good book is always going to be an inexpensive investment that could turn out to be the best one you ever made!


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