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The Decaf Diet: Is Caffeine Making You Fat? Review

For people looking for a good book on losing weight that is written in plain speaking language and provides a simple yet effective method for losing weight, this particular volume is a must have!

We are all far too reliant on the food manufacturers that produce convenience snacks and beverages that are targeted to our inherent desire for fast satisfaction of cravings for something sweet to eat or drink or something that will give us that all-important "lift." As a result, we think of it as perfectly normal to eat a variety of snacks and drink all kinds of socially acceptable non-alcoholic drinks without giving so much as a thought to what their ingredients even are, let alone what they are doing to our bodies.

In his latest book, The Decaf Diet, author Eugene Wells explains how popular beverages such as coffee and tea, supposed thirst quenching drinks such as soda, as well as foods like chocolate are making a great contribution to the current obesity epidemic that is sweeping the nation.

In his book, Wells explains just how caffeine can drive overeating while at the same time hindering weight loss.

With a great writing style and flair for putting things into perspective, he empowers readers to make the decision for themselves to what extent they should allow caffeine to control the size of their waistlines.

How Can This Book help Me Lose Weight?

It describes exactly how caffeine affects the way you metabolize food and controls your cravings for food that you really shouldn't be eating if you are serious about slimming down or just maintaining a healthy weight and body shape.

He shows you exactly what you are doing to yourself by including varying amounts of caffeine in your daily routine and how avoiding it as much as possible allows your body to re-stabilize and manage the processing of the food you are eating more effectively, while being better able to say no to additional foods that otherwise tempt to to load on more calories than you should.

If you are concerned that your own consumption of caffeine on a daily basis may be higher than you would like and you are overweight but are not altogether certain why that is, then it could be that the caffeine that you are consuming is a probable culprit. In that case, this book is certainly for you!

It will show you just where you are going wrong and provide you with a set of solutions that can turn things around for you. This is a great information-packed book that you will be glad to have in your collection.

For the comparatively low price of a book compared with some of the popular diet plans, it could turn out to be a pretty smart investment!

Buy The Decaf Diet: Is Caffeine Making You Fat?

You can easily go ahead and get your copy of this great book from Amazon at an amazingly low price (if you choose the Kindle version) by clicking your mouse on the image of the book cover above. You'll be glad you did!


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