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Get Your Primary Weight Loss Strategy Right

We've talked about a lot of different aspects to losing weight here in this website, but not so much on actual strategy. So let's talk about strategies to get in shape.

Of course, strategies will differ from person to person simply because we are all different and have different needs to achieve the results that we seek, but there are some basic, or primary strategies that will be common to most people and it is these that I'll look at in this post.

So let's get to it, shall we?

What is Your Strategy?

weight loss strategyThe first thing you need to think about in any overall strategy for losing weight is getting your mind into the right state. This comes in as the primary strategy in anything you need to achieve in life. Positive mental energy really does help you to achieve the thing that you desire, because you want it more than you don't want it.

If you don't have a positive mental attitude toward your own ability to lose weight, then you will find it far tougher than someone who is in that "I can" frame of mind. Getting this part right before anything else is tantamount to success, because when you truly believe that you can do it, then you can do it!

It was Henry Ford that famously said "whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you are right" and he knew the truth about the power of the ruling mental state. You can apply the same thing to losing weight.

Believe in Yourself

You need to get yourself into a state where you truly believe that you can lose weight and then believe that it is going to be EASY! When something appears easy to anyone, they find it a breeze to accomplish and this is another mental trick that can be applied to weight loss.

Once you are in this way of thinking, then the rest, which is usually made up of a combination if dieting and exercising, is the easy part.

Whether you believe that a diet will help you lose weight or not, when you actually want to do it, you are much more likely to stick to that diet than someone who is only doing it because they have been told they have to. Having to do something and wanting to do something are two very different states of mind and one will cause internal resistance while the other seems a joy to perform.

It pays dividends to get yourself into the state where you want to diet with a regular diet that you work with or one of the excellent diet meal replacement home delivery programs that are available today.

Tackling an exercise program is often viewed as being much harder than merely dieting to lose weight. Again, this is a mental thing and when you believe that exercising is hard, then hard it most certainly is! But, in a similar way to the "want to" and "have to" diet, wanting to exercise makes it a whole lot easier than having to exercise. Do you see how this can be?

Any Exercise is Better than No Exercise!

It doesn't matter what the exercise consists of. If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle for a while and have become very used to it and very comfortable with it, the very thought of getting up off the sofa and doing any form of exercise is viewed with a certain amount of "oh man, do I have to do it?" attitude.

This is where psyching yourself up to a thing really comes into its own.

It may take some mental acrobatics to get you to the right place, but you can do it and you do it by visualizing yourself getting out of the house and walking a few miles, or going to the pool and swimming some lengths or whatever exercise it is that appeals most to you. You have to choose one that you would like to do more than any other and stick with that one.

Once you have visualized yourself doing your chosen exercise and more importantly, visualized yourself enjoying it, then the next stage is to get up off the sofa, switch off the TV or computer game console and get out of the house and do it for real. You can do it and you can get yourself into the mental attitude where you know you can do it and before you know it, you are doing it and enjoying doing it!

This is weight loss made easy and it's all done by tuning your mind into that positive, motivational place that we all have access to and using that attitude for your own good. It works and the more you do it, the better you get at it and the better it works. Try it, you mat surprise yourself!


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3 thoughts on "Get Your Primary Weight Loss Strategy Right"

Greg says:

Hi! I completely agree with you in getting your mind into the right state of positivity if you want to succeed in losing weight. It is imperative that you believe you can do it before starting out of you set yourself up for a fall. Its also important to read up as much as you can on the whole weight loss process so you understand what is happening to your body when you make the attempt. Great article, thanks!

Anthony says:

I understand your take on this side of losing weight, cause I used some mental preparation work before I started my own weight loss program last year. I totally agree with you on this, with a positive mental attitude you can achieve almost anything you put your mind to. I lost a total of 32 pounds over a period of three months simply by believing that I was capable of achieving it and then setting about getting a good diet and motivating myself to get outdoors and exercise! Yep, i started slow with walking a few blocks, then took a deep breath and started swimming. I grew to love going to the pool and went from two or three times a week to every day. It was all because I made myself believe that I enjoyed doing it and you know what? Before too long I actually DID enjoy swimming and couldn't wait to get to the pool every day to see if I could beat my previous day's total of lengths swum!

Thanks for an excellent article on using your mind to achieve the body you want, simply by believing that you can have it! Amazing stuff but so true when you put it into practice!


Trevor says:

There's too much misinformation about losing weight on the net, but this sure is a refreshing break from all the dross out there. I totally agree with you that strategy is important to succeeding with weight loss simply because you have to discipline yourself if you want it to work and to do that you have to be in the right frame of mind. Well said and thanks for a great example of an honest and informative article!