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Thinking Yourself Thin

Achieveing weight loss by thinking yourself thin is a great concept when it comes to providing yet another of these great tips for getting back in shape in a healthy and effective way.

I want to follow up my last post by posting about one of the most important pre-slimming techniques you can employ in order to get yourself ready to get thin.

Get your mind into gear!

By that, I mean get your mode of thinking into a positive state by believing that you can lose weight, you will get healthy and you are already starting to feel slimmer.

Believe You Can

Now that last part is probably the most important as by imagining you feel as though yo are already getting slim is a way of programming your thoughts into believing as a fact that you are already on the road to good health and a great new slim and trim body, even if you aren't.

You see, when you believe something is incontrovertibly true in your mind, then your body will follow suit and prove your mind correct by actually making it so.

Now that might sound like a big deal. Well it is a big deal.

Good health and weight loss starts with a healthy mind and a healthy mind is positive and forward thinking. By being positive about the fact that you are already feeling as though you are healthy and losing weight steadily, a little bit of magic starts to happen and the cells in your body start to correspond with what your mind is predominantly thinking - good health and easy weight loss.

It's a sort of exercise workout for your brain.

Do It Right

With this excellent tip, to do it right, you should set aside about half an hour every day just for yourself. During this half hour, the phone should be switched off or unplugged so you cannot be interrupted.

Warn friends or family not to call on your house during this time as you won't be answering the door. Turn off computers, televisions and radios. Shut yourself away in a quiet room with no distractions and find a comfortable place to relax.

It could be a comfy chair or a bed of a sofa or even a padded mat on the floor. You decide what is best for you.

Take some time and try a few different things out until you find the one that most suits your needs. because you're going to spend that half hour relaxing in that place. You can close your eyes if you want if it helps you to relax better and exclude all external sensory input.

Then you'll start by taking three very slow, very deep breaths and as you breathe in, imagine a feeling of calmness flowing into your body. As you breathe out, imagine all the stresses and tensions of the day just flowing out of you.

Tell yourself internally, in your mind, to relax. Then breath normally, although slowly and then concentrate on your breathing for a while as you continue repeating to yourself "relax". Let all thoughts leave your mind - think about nothing at all except the word "relax". You'll very soon drift into a very deep relaxed state that is very comfortable and soothing and you'll feel very calm and happy.


This is a state of meditation, or deep relaxation where you exclude all thoughts from your mind and just bathe in the emptiness of null thought. It can also be described as a light state of self hypnosis.

Either description is accurate but what it means for you is that the time you spend in this relaxed state is highly beneficial for both your mind and your body (essential for easy weight loss) because you remove all stress from yourself and give some quality down-time that you can't get anywhere else.

The only rule that you must adhere to is that you are not to allow any thoughts of your daily life, routine, job or anything else that might engender an element of stress to enter you mind during this time. best to simply exclude ALL thoughts. If a thought does creep in there, you can get rid of it by simply saying to yourself "No - my thoughts remain clear," or something along those lines.

It only needs to last half an hour, or even less if you're really pressed for time. 20 minutes is fine. Better if you can extend this down-time to an hour a day as once you get used to doing it you'll look forward to your daily "me-time" and in time you can start to use this time to pre-program your own thoughts with pre-determined phrases that will be of benefit to you getting into a state of good health and losing weight.


You can make up your own phrases, or affirmations that you can repeat to yourself over and over while you are in the relaxed state. They have to be positive, that is by thinking about what you do want and not about what you don't want.

Things like:

That last one is what I have used successfully for many years as it covers just about everything in one short, easy to remember phrase.

At the end of your allocated down-time, simply tell yourself that it's time to return to full conscious awareness and get back to your day.

In future articles, I'll tell you how you can use this powerful positive mind exercise to help you to achieve many things, but most especially your own good health and weight loss just by thinking yourself thin each day.


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James says:

Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs. I'm not sure how your blog came up, but, hey, here I am. I was looking for some weight loss tips that I could use myself as I'm painfully overweight and worried that of I don't start doing something about it soon, then obesity city awaits!

So your article on how to think yourself thin went down really well with me, as the very thought of doing any strenuous exercise and stuff just creeps me out! Keep the great weight loss tips coming my friend and you'll have an avid repeat reader!



I absolutely love this blog. I'm doing my morning weight loss blog reading and found your blog.

I don't think I've been here before, but I'll be back. Cool blog and thanks for the info.


Goldpreise says:

Hello, thanks for the good "Thinking Yourself Thin" post. Would it be possible, that i can write a story about this post in our local newspaper? I would be really happy if i can do this and i will give you a link from a german blog too. Please answer.

Greetings Goldpreise

Julie says:

I totally agree with your easy weight loss tips that a lot of it is all in the mind. The mind controls what the body does, after all, right? So if you train your mind to believe that you are at the correct weight, then your body must fall into line and lose weight to achieve it. Brilliant!