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The Solution to Losing Weight Without a Fight

There are many really great ways of losing weight and many experts and trainers ready to help you by offering their services for a fee. You can do it yourself by signing up with commercial diets or buy DVD programs of popular celebrity keep fit aficionados or TV trainer gurus like Dan Roberts (Methodology X) and find your weight loss solutions that way.

Whichever way you do it, there are always plenty of ways and means to achieve the ends you are aiming at without having to fight for every pound reduced or inch lost.

So what is best for you, personally?

That is really something only you can know for sure, because there really is no blanket solution to everyone's weight problems. But it's not always easy to figure out what your own personal issues are, especially if you don't really understand how things work with regards to losing weight and maintaining a healthy body by eating the right things and exercising enough each day.

Look at What You're Eating

To begin with, you need to take a long hard look at your diet. You have to identify the things that you are eating and drinking that are making you gain weight and then stop eating and drinking them! Sounds easy, but is it really so easy?

Well, you have to know some things about food first. As a rule of thumb, most people start by cutting out sweet things like cookies, cakes, pie, donuts and candy bars. That's a good start but there is a whole load more you can do.

If you eat a lot of takeout food or junk, you need to cut that out and replace it with home cooked meals made from fresh ingredients. Not store bought ready meals, even if they say they are healthy on the box.

They're not!

You need to break away from stuff that is full of artificial additives, E numbers and preservatives as well as trans fats and refined sugar or corn starch.

Can You Really Lose Weight By Eating Less?

One of the ideas that many people have about losing weight is that if you just eat less, then you'll naturally lose weight. Part of this philosophy is used by diet companies such as the Nutrisystem diet program which provides ready made diet meals that are low in calories, but also small on size. Well, this is what we want to look at here and see how much truth there is to the belief.

In essence, it would seem perfect common sense to expect to lose weight when you eat less, but that is only a part of the bigger picture. When you eat like a horse and then sit around all day doing nothing much of anything, then you will gain weight like a champion sumo wrestler.

But you can eat the same amount and instead of sitting around, get out and run for 10 miles or so every day, then spend another hour a day working out in a gym. Will you gain weight? It is doubtful.

So it would follow that if you did the exact same amount of exercise every day, then cut the amount of food you eat by, say 20 percent and you would expect to see a reduction in your weight. Not necessarily!

Cut Out the Foods that Make You Fat

If the 20 percent you cut out was purely protein, then you probably would not see much if any reduction in body weight, because the body's metabolism would alter to match the amount of proteins being consumed and your muscles would simply not build so much strength. You would continue to burn all the sugars generated from carbs and fats so no change.

But if that 20 percent was purely carbs, then your muscles would continue to build strength but have less fuel to allow you to work out for the same period. In that case, fuel would be taken from whatever store of fat your body has, so you would lose some weight.

Change tack and look at things from a different perspective. Say you eat that 20 percent of all food groups in general less but do no exercise. Then you may lose some weight in the beginning as your body takes time to adjust to the restriction in fuel.

Once it has made the adjustment to less food, the metabolism will have slowed down to a point where you will not lose any more weight and in fact will still continue to store fat, so your weight could even go up.

So in answer to the question of "does eating less really make you lose weight?", it can although in many cases it may not. But at least when you read through some of the better diet program reviews you'll get a better understanding of how each diet plan works to help you to lose weight successfully.

Look at What You're Drinking

Then you need to look at what you're drinking throughout the day. If you drink soda, stop right now! It is loading more calories onto your thighs, belly and hips than most everything else you are eating!

Don't get fooled into switching to diet brands, either. Believe it or not, they are just as bad for you on too many different levels! The artificial sweeteners like aspartame actually make you want to eat more (they stimulate the feeling of hunger) plus they are becoming more widely known as being closely linked with certain forms of cancer.

Make things simple for yourself. Drink plenty of plain water!

I know it sounds boring, but it's what your body really needs! So give it what it needs and it will repay you by aiding you in your goal to reduce your weight through better digestion and raised metabolism. Plus it will help you feel more awake, alert and energetic!

Put that Energy to Good Use: Exercise!

Then you need to get some exercise in every day. It doesn't need to be too strenuous, but a half hour or so of fast walking, swimming, cycling or anything else that gets you out of the house and into the fresh air will pay dividends in also boosting your metabolism and helping you burn those excess calories.

All these things put together will work in your favor to help you regain a great figure and weigh in at the right level for your height and build. That's the real end result you and just about everyone else that wants to reduce their weight wants to achieve after all.

The best part is that none of it takes any real hard work and there's certainly no fighting with food or schedules to make it work, so it's actually easier than most people think!


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