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Weight Loss Tips for Teens

The whole concept of weight loss tips for teens encompasses many general ideas and methods, although the focus tends to be more on diet than anything else, mainly because many teens have a tendency to opt for junk food over a healthy, home cooked option.

So let's look at what causes the need for teens to need to lose weight in the first place, as this is a generation that should be far fitter and healthier than the rest of us by dint of the way their bodies are primed for growth on their way to full maturity.

Junk Food

Weight gain in teens is mainly thanks to a poor diet of junk food that is compounded by a more sedentary lifestyle than past generations had. The reason for this must fall fairly and squarely on the shoulders of aggressive advertisers pushing the perceived desire for a wealth of fast food outlets and the junk food they produce.

Couple this with the march forward in technology and a lessening of parental control or the respect given to parents from most teens and you have a generation of teens that would rather spend all their free time riveted to a computer, laptop, games console etc than getting out in the fresh air to interact with their friends in sports and energetic games such as cycling, skating etc.

So now we know what the cause is, we need a solution!

Oh boy, this is going to be tough. How can you tell a willful teenage boy that they should spend less time on the Playstation and more time kicking a ball around with their friends in the park? They likely will not see your side of the argument even if you try to instill the fact that they are getting fat and girls don't go for fat boys!

Most will simply shrug it off and tell you they prefer playing Warcraft or whatever to trying to attract a girlfriend.


So what about the girls? Here is less of a problem simply because a huge chunk of the media is obsessed with trying to sell the perfect slim figure and every product under the sun to get it! Teenage girls are under far more pressure from TV and magazines as well as their peers to be super slim and squeeze into the latest fashion clothes while having all the fashion accessories there are.

Sure, there are still plenty of overweight teenage girls, but peer pressure and the relentless pounding of media ads is often enough to force them into doing something about it, of at least obsessing over doing something about it.

The answer is easy, of course. When it comes to working with the necessary tips for weight loss, we are talking about a change of diet to good, healthy food, ditching the junk burgers, pizza etc and switching from soda to water, plus doing plenty of daily exercise.

Standard stuff, but what are the actual tips for this article?

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Teens

  1. Be positive: Most of the failure to lose weight is actually caused by the fear of failure itself. Learn about how nutrition and exercise work to keep a body healthy and you will unmask the mystery that causes the fear. Remember, fear is caused by the unknown, but when ignorance is replaced by knowledge, there is no longer anything to fear! Be positive in attitude and you will find your success through sheer eagerness to succeed!
  2. Get Outdoors More: Getting plenty of natural daylight promotes the production of the feelgood hormone serotonin. This helps us deal better with stress and helps to dispel feelings of depression, both of which are responsible for imbalance in our metabolism that can lead to weight gain. Also, exposure to sunlight allows the body to manufacture its natural vitamin D, which is linked with weight loss (and lack of which is linked with weight gain)
  3. Eat Without Distractions: It has been proved that when you eat with distractions such as the TV, radio, newspapers, magazines or even other people talking around you , that the effectiveness of your digestive process is reduced. This is because your attention is not on what you are eating. Get rid of the distractions and put all your attention on your meal and you will find you digest it better, leading to less fat being stored by the body.
  4. Eat Slowly: Eating too fast or when on the go because you need to be someplace else is a major cause of indigestion. And that results in more fat being stored because the body is not processing the food you have eaten efficiently. Eat your food slowly and deliberately and give your digestion a chance to do its job!
  5. No Fast Music: Following on from the last tip, listening to music with a fast beat, even if its quiet, will make you eat faster. Fast food restaurant owners have always known this and that's why you get that annoying soft piped music in them. Its there to get people to eat up quick and leave so their table is free for the next customers faster! So now you know that eating in silence has a lot more going for it than you probably realized.
  6. Brush Your Teeth Early: Don't wait until you are just about to go to bed to brush your teeth, do it earlier in the evening instead. Brushing teeth is a psychological barrier that says you have finished eating for the day. If you do it earlier, then you are far less likely to feel like eating a calorie laden late night snack!
  7. Walk More: Walking is an excellent form of exercise as long as you do it at a brisk pace and for a decent length of time. It will help to boost your metabolism meaning you will burn more calories more efficiently, which is what you need to do in order to keep your weight in check.
  8. Drink Water: I mean plain water as a substitute for soda, juices, sports drinks etc. You need about 8 glasses every day to keep your body hydrated and your digestive system in peak condition. Diet soda is NOT an option because the artificial additives in it are worse than the sugar in regular soda. Don't believe it? Google "the dangers of aspartame" -- you'll never want to drink diet soda ever again.
  9. No Potato Chips: These snacks are laden with calories and don't fill you up unless you eat several packets of them, which the sure road to obesity city! If you must eat snacks, switch to healthy options like celery or carrot sticks, a piece of fruit like an apple (tons of goodness and weight busting properties) or a pear, peach or whatever you like. Even bananas are better for you than salty, processed snacks. Better still, if you feel peckish, drink a glass of water. Often, thirst is mistaken for between meal hunger and a glass of water will quell the need to snack at all.
  10. Sleep: Its not called beauty sleep for nothing! It is known that lack of sleep is responsible for imbalances in hormone levels (just what you want to hear), blood sugar levels and insulin production. This is important as this affects the way your body processes food and stores fat. Lack of sleep is also responsible for mood swings, lack of concentration. Get a good eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night (in the dark because that's the way you sleep best) and you will look and feel great during the day!

These are the tips, although you may find implementing them is the problem. How do you convince a hormone fueled teen that they should not drink soda or eat pizza? Or that they should get out of the house and go for a daily run?

Well, you probably can't! What has to happen is they have to convince themselves.

If a teen can do that, then they don't need pressure from parents to do things but will be able to work on their own health and weight loss plans in their own way and because they are doing it for themselves and not because they have been forced to. When you are self-empowered, you can achieve amazing things!


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Terry says:

Hi Lacy, your right on the mark there. I remember what a pain in the rear I was when I was a teenager, so why should anything have changed. Only difference is that I didn't have techno gadgets to play with, so at least I spent a lot of time outdoors playing with friends doing energetic stuff like playing football, climbing trees and generally running around which kept my weight at the right balance. Teens today lead much more sedentary lifestyles because of computers, video games and TV and that plus a diet of junk is why they're the fattest generation of teens yet. Of course they won't agree with that...

Annie Hoban says:

Many fat people are happy of being fat!

Lacy Steinhouse says:

Hey, recently discovered this post about teens and weight loss and I have to say that it looks great. I fully agree with you that teens are the toughest to get to do anything you say to them. They are always right and you are always wrong, so maybe some reverse psychology will work there - like telling them to eat more junk food and drink more soda LOL! Have a great day, keep up the great work and I'll definitely follow it. Lacy

lilaw says:

Hi there, its true that many parents do not like to deal with obesity in children especially their own. Your blog is an eye opener!

Amy says:

That was an interesting take on weight loss for teens. With two teenage daughters of my own, I can fully appreciate the problems they face being pulled in two directions at once. On the one side is the peer pressure to be thin according to the gospel written by the glossy magazines and TV ads. On the other are the fast food restaurants that male it look so tempting to go eat a burger and fries with a huge milk shake and thousands of empty calories. And all this while they sit around all day either in front of the TV or a laptop. In my day, we used to get together and go out to actually enjoy outdoor pursuits that kept us fit and healthy. What happened?

Terry says:

Hi jean, yep teenagers think they know it all and can be pretty single minded at times, but as long as you show them what works best in a way they can understand and make sense of, then you have a pretty good chance of getting them to see your point of view.

Jean says:

This is the second time I have visited your Weight Loss Tips blog and found this to be an interesting article perfectly matching what I was searching for. I know how difficult it can be sometimes to convince a teenage daughter that she should look after her weight but to stay within boundaries that include not trying to look like those sick looking catwalk models that are painfully thin. Thanks for your hard work!

Terry says:

Obese teenagers are often that way because of lax parental control, so its no wonder parents don't like to talk about it in case people view them as failures. That's not the way it should be and really, education is the way but the tough part is finding a way to get that education through to the teenagers who need it, as they are most often the ones resistant to being told what to do!

Terry says:

Good advice Ally, pills are definitely a waste of money and potentially damaging to your health

Ally Kaye says:

When you are trying to lose weight, the best way to do it is still by proper dieting and exercise. Avoid taking slimming pills at all cost, they do more harm than good.

get ripped says:

Nice blog, I like the ideas you put forward for teenage weight loss and all that goes with it. This must have been a difficult subject to broach as teens tend to think they know it all and us older folks are over the hill even when we're only in our late 20s! Thanks for an interesting read.

Carl says:

This is an informative post on weight loss for teenagers. Many people take regular medicines for their weight problem and this practice is filtering down to teens. There are life-long patients of weight loss, blood pressure, heart diseases, arthritis and other conditions and illnesses. These people get stuck on taking medicines on a daily basis for their entire life and why do they do it? Its really not necessary and if you have teenagers, don't get them started on this road to misery.

Terry says:

Carl, it's true that natural is best - all you have to do is convince your teenagers that you are right and those glossy magazines that promote pills and potions are wrong...

Dee says:

I understand where you're coming from with two teen boys of my own who have problems with weight issues. A big part of that comes from too little exercise as they sit around the house watching TV and playing computer games far too much. I try to explain to them the damage they are doing to themselves in their developing years, but they don't listen cause they think they know everything and I'm just a stupid adult!

Well, I got them to read your article and they actually sat up and took notice! Well, I don't know what you have that I don't, but they started going out more and using their skateboards that I bought them last Christmas and never used! They have made some new friends and have even become more interested in things they were never interested in before.

A big thanks to you for planting a good seed in their heads cause they are starting to grow into great young men already!

Terry says:

You're right Eva, not all teens are as I described them, but unfortunately many American teens are exactly that way and they are that way because of how I described the way the media manipulates them to be that way with TV shows and ads.

If you're getting plenty of outdoors activity and eating a healthy diet, then you shouldn't need my advice on how to lose weight because you're getting enough exercise to burn the calories you are consuming through your diet.

If you need my advice on how to lose weight (there are way more articles in here that focus on individual tips to do that for everyone) then something is NOT perfectly in balance and you need to look at what is out of whack. If it's something in your diet, then you have to take a long hard look at what you are eating (and drinking) and isolate the high calorie or high sugar or saturated fat content and eliminate it. I might be an adult now but, like everyone alive on this planet I was also a teen and I know my diet left a lot to be desired. I ate candy bars, sandwiches with not so great stuff in them, cakes, cookies, pizza, fries, hamburgers and just about everything you should avoid and washed it all down with plenty of soda and juice.

If anyone would've come up to me and told me that what I was eating was causing me to be unhealthy and have acne, I would not have listened and probably would have got angry that some adult who could not possibly understand me had the audacity to tell me what to do! Well, I might have been unhealthy from a diet point of view, but I was not overweight - mainly because I was involved in a lot of sports at school and cycled everywhere. I think that might have been a trick by my parents so I would not rely on being driven in the car, but on the other hand, I liked the freedom of being able to ride wherever I wanted without having to wait for a parent to get the car out.

So my main point of this article was to show how thing are and can be for teens as seen through the eyes of a parent who remembers very well how it was to be a teen (whether you believe that or not) and to highlight that getting the right balance of good diet and exercise will help you maintain the right weight. I'm not talking about slimming down to a size zero or even a smaller size than your physical makeup should allow you to be, but to have a healthy weight and body shape that is right for you. We're all different in that respect and should work with our own height/build to achieve the correct weight. That may not be the same for everyone, but it will feel right because you will look right in good clothes and not feel constrained or uncomfortable because those clothes are too tight.

Maintaining the right weight is also a state of mind. When you are positive about your weight and your desire to stay relatively slim, then you won't feel so tempted to eat things that you know you shouldn't plus you will feel more motivated and eager to get out of the house and be active enough so that nature can take over and keep you the way that you should be.

Hope that all makes sense.

PS: In fact, in response to your comment Eva, I have updated this article extensively to include 10 really usable tips for weight loss for teens.

eva says:

Well, maybe this was a humorous and helpful article for parents of teenagers. I am a teen myself, and, I am not glued to the TV or the computer, but I am looking for ways to lose those extra pounds of blubber for the dance. The name of this article misled me a little bit. Not all teens are like you describe them, is pretty much what I'm saying.

Leeda says:

Great article with some excellent information. I think the big part of that list is to be positive. There is even more great information online than I realized.

haibo says:

This is definitely an effective list of things for people to lose weight. One idea I like the most is to eat slowly so that you body has enough time to feel the fullness. Thanks so much for your information!

haibo says:

BTW, eating small meals in a total of 8-10 a day will also help you lose more weight because your will keep your metabolism rate high and burn a lot more calories :) Thanks again!

Tony Rovere says:

The biggest problem is that kids today interact online and are not physically active.

It is even worse because their parents are as unhealthy as they are.

I feel that the cure for the obesity epidemic…and the key for us to stop passing this along to the younger generation…is for the parents to start being good role models to their children.

SOS says:

Im 13 and weigh 130 pounds. Am I fat?

Terry says:

Hey SOS, without knowing your height, build and possibly fat to muscle ratio, I can't tell if your fat or not.

Put it this way, to be in the "normal" BMI bracket of 18.5–24.9 for a weight of 130, you should be 5ft 1in (BMI 24.6) or above. It's only a rough guide because BMI only measure the ratio of height to weight and doesn't factor in build, fat to muscle ratio or anything else such as water retention levels.

Bottom line is if you're at an average fitness level and over 5ft 1in, then you're not fat!

Tony Rovere says:

There are so many problems that teenagers face when it comes to their today that our generation didn't. The schools are filled with advertisements for junk food and soda so they are bombarded with these images.

Combine this with the fact that kids no longer socialize face-to-face but online and this leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Typing or texting away is not an aerobic activity.

The solution is proper parenting. It is a parent's responsibility to...

1) Be a good role model. If the parents eat right and the parents exercise, then their kids are likely to. How many times have you seen a thin and in shape set of parents with fat kids?

2) Get them involved in extra curricular activities. The local soccer club will have them running around a few days a week.

3) Make family outings physical. Whether its going to the park or just kicking a ball around in the backyard, makes them do something physical.

4) Keep the junk out of the house. They are going to eat enough garbage when they are out...at the very least make sure what they eat at home is good for them.

mike95 says:

Hey. Ive been overweight for the past 4 years and im only 17. Im tryin to lose weight and i was wondering is there any work out tricks u may know because after following the rules above for a month i have lost 14 pounds but i would like to lose it faster for gaduation. I want to "wow" some certain people and family members when i walk the stage. I only have 8 months til then but my goal is to lose up to 96 pounds so i will only wiegh 200 pounds when i walk the stage. Do u have any more tips that will help me lose weight faster?

Terry says:

Hey Mike,

It's natural to want to lose weight faster. 14 pounds in a month is actually pretty fast and really great going by the way, congrats! Its especially great when you realize most experts agree that a rate of 1-2 pounds a week is optimum.

If you can keep that rate going, you'll beat your target well inside 8 months. To do that, you'll need to workout as well as watch your diet. But that's something you really should take up with a fitness trainer who can work with you personally. Its more effective and safer than just reading about it, plus a trainer can assess your needs better by working with you personally.

There's another tip I give to people who are really serious about it, and that's to start keeping a food journal. It means writing down everything you eat and drink--and your not allowed to cheat! That will show you exactly where you might be derailing your own attempts to lose weight. Its only human to want to eat things that are tasty and look great but are also prime calorie loads. Often we snack on something or drink a can of soda without giving it a second thought and actually forget we ate or drank it. Its not something to feel bad about, it just happens. Keeping a journal bridges that gap so at the end of each day when you review that journal, you'll see it in black and white what you ate and when.

You can Google individual foods or drinks to get their calorie values, so then you can work out how many calories you really consumed each day. To lose weight faster, you'll need to keep below 2500 calories a day. Lower is better, but try not to go much lower than 2,000. I don't believe the calorie count has to be so exacting to still be effective. Different factors come into play, such as where those calories are coming from.

If they're coming from healthy, home cooked meals made from all fresh ingredients, then you can afford to relax the limits a little. Calories coming from healthy nutrition sources are what your body needs. But if they're coming from processed meals, junk food, high sugar snacks or soda, then you must cut back hard on those things.

I've been keeping an eye on the sugar debate lately. Sugar (sucrose) and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) added to foods are being blamed for the huge rise in obesity, along with super-sizing meals by some restaurant franchises. The message is getting louder to cut out all these foods. Cut sugar and HFCS from your diet as much as you can and you'll see a reciprocal reduction in body fat.

Hope that helps you.

Lulu xxx says:

Hi, im a young teen... The other day I was at my friends house and we decided to go on wii fit. I had never been on it before due to the fact that we dont have it at home. I went through the whole starter where it measured your height and then when it came onto measuring my weight it came out as 7 stone. I was extremely embarrassed because I knew my friend was about 5 stone and also her mother was watching too.(in little notebooks) I try alsorts like planning diet packs and daily exercise routines but I find myself coming off track and just thinking "what the heck.... I might as well stop because il still be fat and overweight for summer anyway so no point" and I feel down, but I just give up. I don't do much extra curricular sports at school mainly because they clash with my home schedule. I did want to start rounders weekly but because my friend is thin and she doesn't realise that I really wanted to lose weight, she just said she didn't want to, and because I walk home with her everyday she would be walking on her own instead, so i just decided to walk home with her instead of playong rounders.I just feel like everything I do to look nice for once, I ALWAYS give up mainly because I just don't believe in myself and no matter how much I try, I just never can believe in myself. I don't know what to do and I'm worried that if I try your method (or any other method) I will just bail. Please help me? :'(

Terry says:

Hey Lulu,

A couple things - you didn't mention your height and maybe 7 stone is right for you, it really depends how tall you are.

Also, not believing in yourself is something you can change, but only you can do that. The mind is an amazing thing that can do stuff that most of us just never believe it can do. Do you know you can change your whole emotional state simply by changing what you're thinking about? If you're feeling sad, you can make yoruself feel happy just by thinking about something that really made you happy and focusing just on that thought, blocking everything else out. It really works.

Same thing can happen when you think you can't do something or you think you don't believe in yourself. You can trick your mind into believing most things by telling yourself over and over that you DO believe in yourself and that you are strong and positive. I'm not just making this up, its real. Its called auto-suggestion and its what all successful people use to get to places they never believed they could get.

Most people think its just hooey. Which is why most people are mediocre and never amount to anything or never achieve anything. Even things like what may be considered small, like getting fit or losing weight.

Instead of worrying that whatever you try you might fail at, or bail, tell yourself "I can do it". Tell yourself that over and over until it becomes your reality. Put all your faith into those words "I can do it"--and soon you'll be amazing yourself at what you can do!

Lulu xxx says:

Thank you Terry, that means allot to me, and I am now going to start with all of those things you said, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, reach my goal. Thanks again! Lulu xxx

Sydney says:

I just turned 15 a week ago, and i dont know how much i weigh, but im a size 14 and about 5'4ish. I really need to go down a couple sizes so i can feel more confident. I've looked into "Sensa" and the saffron extract but i don't know if they work and they could be bad for my body. Your method will work, but it will take a long time, won't it? I want to be smaller by the end of summer. Is this possible?

Brooke says:

I am a teenager and I am having a hard time losing weight, that I really need to lose. I need your help! I broke my leg in March and am having a hard time recovering so exercising tends to be painful and eating right just doesn't work...I've been trying! I really am not comfortable in my body please help me!

Terry says:

Hey Brooke,

Recovering from a broken leg can be slow and frustrating too, but it also means a big drop in activity levels. That equates to your body burning fewer calories as it simply doesn't need so much energy to keep going. If you're eating right, that's good -- stay with it. You also need to compensate by eating less.

Sometimes that can seem tough, but will power is a funny thing. Once you get past the "I can't do it" stage, the "I can do it" kicks in and you really can surprise yourself at how you can say no to that extra plate of food here and there. You don't have to starve yourself by any means, but cutting back sensibly is the way to go to keep your weight from increasing while you're not active.

Writing down everything you eat helps. At the end of the day, its a stark reminder of what you've eaten (and drank - don't forget soda and flavored drinks have sugar = empty calories). If at the end of that day it looks like a lot, then next day make sure you eat less.

Swap out any high GI carbs with power foods. So the usual ones like refined white flour products like bread/pasta/cake/cookies you know the ones, avoid them as much as you can. Replace them with low GI carbs (oatmeal flour or whole wheat based foods, fresh vegetables etc); proteins (eggs, low fat dairy, lean meat, fish, some nuts -unsalted-); fresh fruit (not bananas) and berries (blueberries are tops) but no sugar or sweetener on anything!

Hope that helps!

Marissa says:

I am fifteen about to be 16. i am 5'0 and weight 175 and i really dont look it. I want to loose weight but it is hard bc i can not run. What is the best thing to do to loose my weight. I wanna weigh about 130.

Terry says:

Hey Sydney, your right, losing weight naturally does take some time. I know loads of people want to lose it fast, but there are dangers in trying to hurry up nature! Some diets that claim rapid weight loss results usually do that by taking out whole food groups from what you can eat and that can have a negative impact on your health, especially long term.

You have to remember that it took a long time to gain that weight in the first place, it didn't happen in a matter of weeks. But there are some things you can try in the very short term that can cause the loss of several pounds over a week.

One of them is exercising hard, like training continuously for over an hour every day (running, swimming, resistance training etc). Check its OK with a doctor if you're not fit or get help from a professional coach/trainer. At the same time, cut out all high Glycemic carbs (white bread, pasta, white rice, all refined white flour-based products, all candy/chocolate) and all food with added sugar or high fructose corn syrup/starch. Eat high protein foods (like fresh meats, fish, egg whites) and low Glycemic carbs (lots of fresh vegetables and fruits) and drinking lads of plain water.

Keep food natural, no packet stuff and no snacks and don't drink soda, not even the diet kind (see my replies to Marissa). You'll start losing weight fast at first, then it'll tail off, but you'll rev up your metabolism and burn fat this way.

Bottom line is don't look for shortcuts. If you want something bad enough, then take the right action to make it happen. I know plenty of people don't like to hear that, but the truth is tough to accept sometimes. Just remember, you CAN dot it!

Terry says:

Marissa, are there other exercises you can do apart from running? I'm sure you can get creative and find some things, even if it's just working the upper body.

Losing weight starts with identifying what made you overweight. Take a really good look at your diet and be honest with yourself. If there's loads of stuff like soda, junk food, processed ready meals, candy bars -- you know all the usual bad stuff, then you have to eliminate them from your diet. Even if you think you don't eat much, there might be stuff in there each day that you simply don't think of as bad. For example, one single can of soda packs over 100 calories and that's empty calories that get turned straight into fat by your liver.

Sugar (sucrose) and high fructose corn starch are your enemies! Check the labels of stuff you eat or drink and one or the other, they'll be there! These sugars cause visceral fat to get stored around major organs and in the liver, which is dangerous to health long term. Sugar also oxidizes in cells -- the latest research (which no one will tell you about) points to this being the cause of a lot of cancers. That's why you need antioxidants from fresh fruits, red berries like blueberries, cranberries etc.

But don't fall into the trap of thinking it's OK to drink diet soda or eat stuff with artificial sweeteners in. It's not! They are even worse than sugar. The main sweetener in most things is Aspartame and it's getting a real bad press as a cancer causer, it stimulates appetite making you want to eat more and comes with a ton of other negative health problems. Google "the dangers of aspartame" and read some of that stuff. It's real and it's scary!

Instead, get your "sweet" from eating fresh fruit, because your body can metabolize that faster and that means far less fat (if any) gets stored. It's healthier and better for your weight. Eat "real" food, by which I mean meals that are prepared from fresh ingredients (meat/fish and fresh veggies) and not stuff that comes in a can or a packet.

You'll feel better and look better for doing so.

Hope that helps you!

Marissa says:

When i get hungry for a snack is it ok to have a little ham?

Terry says:

Marissa, getting "hungry for a snack" is a habit you have to break if you want to lose weight.

Most of the time between meals, you're not really even hungry when you think you are. You're probably thirsty but your body can fool you into thinking it's hunger. Next time you feel like you need a snack, drink a glass of plain water instead. It sounds crazy, but it usually works!

As for ham, you have to think it through. Is ham a natural food? Well, if it's carved straight off the bone, then yeah. But if it comes out of a packet, then check the label for the ingredients. What do you see? Loads of chemicals, additives, "E" numbers, added sugar etc? Most packet cold meats are processed with added stuff that is usually bad for you (+ bad for your waistline). Check for E621 - that's Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). It's a flavor enhancer that's in a ton of processed foods and savory snacks. It's poison! Google it.

What I'm saying here is yo got to be your own food inspector and make sure you know what your eating, cause no one else will. Most people go around totally ignorant of what's in the food they eat and that's why there are so many obese people now. It's not enough to expect the food industry or the government to protect us, they won't. We have to do it ourselves. ;-)

Marissa says:

Thank you so much and i hope this works :)