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Who Makes the Best Shapewear for Women?

Have you ever wanted a slimmer, better toned figure with better posture just like celebrities? You can!

Read about how shapewear for women makes the best of what you already have by gently tightening and firming in the places you really want tightening and firming!

pelham and struttHowever you see yourself and whatever you believe you need to do some work on your body, the popular solution to flabby this or floppy that has always been dieting.

Until now, that is!

While dieting is still and always will be the first line of attack in fighting the fat, there is now a way to give your efforts a helping hand in getting that nicely toned look and feel

The best part is that you can have that look right now while you're waiting for your body to slim down as you diet right and work at the sloer process of getting in shape in a gym.

And it all comes down to what you wear beneath your clothes.

What is Shapewear?

Shapewear has been around for a long time, but only recently have materials and reinforcement techniques advanced to the stage where undergarments can be almost undetectable while providing amazing shaping and firming in all the places you need it. Now it is also known as control wear, body shapers, body wraps or body suits.

Back in the day, we knew it better as girdles, corsets etc. But it has come a long way since those uncomfortable garments squeezed and contorted women's bodies into unnatural looking shape. Those older shaping garments share the same purpose with the newer brands, which is to streamline the figure to give the outward illusion of a more toned and slimline figure.

Modern shapewear for women is typically a lycra-mix fabric designed to hold in and support your natural shape and can be worn in conjunction with or instead of traditional underwear. It is comfortable to wear and holds the body naturally while increasing blood flow rather for active tone.

But who makes the best women's shapewear and where can you get it?

Recommended Shapewear Brands

pelham and strutt shapewearThere are several different brands of shapewear and some are better than others both at what they do and the way in which they do it. Some cheaper brands may not provide the same level of firming and hold, nor with the high level of comfort as some more expensive brands.

As is often the case, you get what you pay for. One of the most outstanding brands of shape wear to hit the stores recently for its sheer quality comes from clothing firm Pelham and Strutt.

This company has recently launched its own range of body contouring shapewear. It's designed to provide better shaping while helping to correct posture and support the back muscles and those surrounding the spine.

Innovative Shaping Design

Enlisting the help of top physiotherapist and Health Professionals Council member Judith Pitt, the range from Pelham and Strutt has been designed from the ground up to provide their exclusive "Y" mapping design. This is built into all of their products to helps to brace the spine while working to improve muscle control.

If you don't remember seeing this type of underwear on the market before now, that's because it just wasn't there until now! It provides the obvious benefits of helping you to look and feel much slimmer while doing so almost invisibly beneath your clothes.

The range's definitive design also offers wearers the potential for better muscle strength with reduced risk of soreness or aches and pains while forming correct posture naturally.

Who is Shapewear Designed For?

The company claims that its range is perfect for just about everyone, from top athletes at one end of the spectrum through leisure gym users to those with mummy-tummy that just want to get a firmer looking stomach. The cost of the garments start from as little as £25 up to around £50 depending on the style and item.

The good news is (and this may come as a pleasant surprise) that Pelham and Strutt shapewear is really no more expensive than most other High Street brands!

Shapewear has a great appeal to slimmers and those who need a little help in reducing those last few stubborn inches thanks to its versatility, capability and comfort. It can be comfortably worn under almost anything, plus the great variety of styles means there is something for everyone.

In fact, it's an easy and immediate way of giving all of us a slimmer, leaner figure.

If you can't resist taking a look at the full range, click your mouse on the banner advertisement below and prepare to be amazed!

PS: Of course, you do not have to buy some shapewear garments if you don't want to. But surely it's far too tempting to take a look and satisfy your curiosity anyway, right?

Note: Remember, these undergarments will not help you to actually lose any weight. Their job is to give you the appearance of a having a slimmer, better toned figure. Some wearers report they appear to have lost several pounds in body weight when using the shapewear garments.


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Joanna says:

I love wearing my body contour underwear. It really is invisible under clothes and makes me look great! I haven't tried this brand yet, but after reading this article, I think I just might - thanks for bringing it to light!