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Dark Chocolate Helps Obese Man Lose 200lbs

There is hope yet for sweet toothed dieters who need some inspiration on losing weight. A morbidly obese man in Florida lost half his body weight and put it all down to dark chocolate.

Weighing in at a massive 448 pounds, Florida resident Peter Ajello had become so obese that a diabetic stroke sent him to hospital where he feared for his life. This was the shock that he needed to realize he had to do something about his diet and he made a concerted effort to cut out junk food.

This enabled him to lose a whopping 50 pounds over the next month.

To Win the Bet

chocolate for weight lossThe news of his amazing drop in weight shocked his friends so much that they made a $15,000 bet with him that he would not double that weight loss figure over the next five months.

Even with such a big cash incentive on the line, Ajello found it almost impossible to lose any more weight and almost resigned himself to losing the bet. In a desperate attempt to curb his sweet tooth, he started to eat a single square of dark chocolate just before he ate each meal every day.

Something incredible happened.

Ajello found the chocolate actually satisfied his craving for other sweet items which totally discouraged him from wanting to eat the foods that were high in sugar that he saw as his downfall. His weight began to plummet because of this and his friends feared they would now lose the bet.

They even resorted to underhand tricks to keep from paying out on the bet by sabotaging his diet.

They tried things like having pizza and chicken wings sent to his house every night and sneaking jelly donuts into his gym bag and other similarly sneaky tricks. But none of it foiled his determination to succeed and Ajello resisted all temptations to win the $15,000 bet.

But he didn't stop there and continued with his diet and exercise to lose a total of over 200 pounds in body mass to his present weight of 194 pounds. He said that a lot of his success had to do with eating that little square of dark chocolate.

Sugar and Junk

The takeaway from this story is that the worst enemy of dieters is sugar in all its forms and junk food. Sugar is added to most processed foods, so if you can start by avoiding them, that's a positive start.

By cutting out all kinds of soda, even the diet stuff, you cut out a lot of calories or in the case of drinks with artificial sweeteners, the toxicity of those substances that can cause related health issues. Surprisingly, even those with a sweet tooth can cut down drastically on sugary treats by simply not buying them in the first place.

That way, they're not in the house to tempt you!

Lastly, there is dark chocolate, which when eaten in small quantities really can reduce the cravings for more sweet things. There are some health benefits to eating a small square of it each day too, so there's a pretty helpful tip if you want to lose weight but are worried you won't be able to stop eating sweet things!


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