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Welcome to the "news" category of this website. It contains a collection of topical news stories that are included in this section of the site and are brought to you on a regular basis to keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of weight loss.

There is a huge industry surrounding this subject that is constantly changing, finding news ways to help people to lose weight and discovering new supplements and creating new products to that end.

These new discoveries and creations are newsworthy and therefore of interest to anyone who wants to get slimmer and healthier.

Therefore I have made the move to include these latest updates to this site so that you can read about all the newest developments. You can now do this without leaving this website and having to search around for the news stories elsewhere.

What's Newsworthy

I'll be looking at changes and reports of interest on the latest diets, established diet companies like Nutrisystem, Bistro MD, Sonoma Diet, South Beach Diet, eDiets, Jenny Craig and all the rest.

I'll be looking at some of the latest fitness DVD releases as well as what's happening in the world of the established ones, such as Zumba fitness, P90X etc. Added to that I will also take a look at what's happening with some of the TV personality fitness trainers and their programs, like Jillian Michaels losing it, Suzanne Somers sexy forever, Denise Austin daily workout, and the American Power Yoga program.

Plenty to Read About

It's all very exciting as there is plenty of newsworthy material to be written about and brought to the attention of our readers. After all, the subject of losing weight is constantly changing and updating as new information is uncovered about why so many people are gaining weight. New treatments are being discovered and we're always getting closer to what can be done to solve the problem.

I hope this additional factor to the site is helpful to you.

Note: The news stories published on this website will not be simply syndicated from news sites, but will be researched and then written in the author's own words. This makes each story original to this website and therefore subject to copyright law, which prohibits the copying and republishing of them on other websites with the exception of short RSS summary feeds where the originating site (https://weightlossgo.com) must be credited with a live URL hyperlink.

Latest Topical Posts

Please see below for the list of latest newsworthy article titles posted in this category:

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Shantell says:

Your idea coincides with mine and is a great way to kick off this side-blog of your excellent main weight loss blog. In fact I believe it's even better in some ways, not least of all because you are updating it more often. Thanks for the resource!