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Hot Flashes Cooled by Losing Weight

A recent study taken from the Archives of Internal Medicine that has been supported by the National Institutes of Health, reveals that a simple reduction in body weight can help to reduce or even eliminate the hot flashes experienced by menopausal women who are overweight.

This could be great news for many women who find themselves in this situation without realizing one of the causes can be eliminated without the need for any medications through a change of diet and a change of lifestyle.

Get in Shape and Feel Great

can weight loss cure hot flashesResearchers checking through six months of data taken on 338 menopausal women with an overall average age of 53 turned up the evidence to support the results of the published study. They found that one of the effects of losing weight in overweight women was a marked reduction in the instances of hot flashes.

The majority of the women who participated in a highly intensive weight loss program were also noted to have lost about 16 pounds on average.

It seems then that overweight women who are going through or about to go through the menopause and lose weight were far less likely to experience hot flashes than those that were overweight. Of course the easiest way of achieving the change needed to bring relief from this problem is a change of diet away from high refined carbohydrate processed foods and onto fresh whole foods.

High Percentage will Suffer

Statistics reveal that around 85 percent of women living in the United States will experience the trademark hot flashes as they approach and go through the menopause. Often, medications and other kinds of remedies taken for hot flash don't always work.

These uncomfortable episodes generally involve a hot sensation on the face and also the upper body. They are typically preceded or accompanied by a sudden rise in heartbeat rate and increased sweating. Other symptoms include dizziness, nausea, headache, anxiety, weakness, or sometimes a feeling of asphyxiation.

Some women can experience an "aura," or uneasy feeling that manifests just before the onset of the hot flash, that gives them a warning of what's coming. The length of the episode diffres from person to person but can be anywhere from a few minutes to much longer.

This latest information can be a great help to women in controlling this aspect of the menopause. Simply losing weight can pay dividends in many areas, which may provide at least some additional comfort for women approaching menopause and are concerned about the symptoms.

If you're reading this, are overweight and are concerned about what lies ahead for you during menopause, a great starting place is to modify your diet right away. If you need a helping hand at getting started, a convenient meal replacement diet food delivery program like Nutrisystem can make a big difference and set you on the road for long term health.

Shedding even a few pounds over a period of time can make a marked difference as well as improving your owverall physical amdn mental health for the long term.


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