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Lady Gaga Weight Loss Follows Keith Richards Tip to Get Drunk

Lady Gaga, the popular singer who seems to be able to party hard and still stay in excellent shape says she has learned to stay that way by following one of Keith Richards' not-so-well known weight loss secrets that have kept him Thin for all these years. Just get drunk!

Well, that's what the report says, anyway. Whether you believe in its entirety or not is another thing.

The Drunk Diet

Lady Gaga weight loss tip the drunk dietAccording to news reports, Gaga said, "I'm on the drunk diet," as she continues to keep her body slim and in shape to the adoration of all her millions of fans. The 24 year old singer said she likes to take a tipple of whiskey and stuff, (whatever that may mean) when she is working as it keeps her going.

She also says that she works out every day and if she has a hangover, then she just works out with a hangover! She also does a lot of yoga and it all seems to be working very well for her as she manages to stay focused and in trim while maintaining the stamina to keep working.

Just a Publicity Stunt

Of course, this could also all be just a big publicity stunt to help promote her boyfriend's forthcoming book entitled "The Drunk Diet." The book outlines how Manhattan bar manager Luc Carl lost 40 pounds "without giving up his principles of being a hard-drinking party maker," as it is written on a website also promoting the book.

As they say, if you got it, flaunt it and Gaga is certainly using her public image and popularity to flaunt her man's book and give it a big leg up.

So what's this "other stuff" she was talking about, then..?

Note: Aside from the obvious health factors associated with excess alcohol consumption, it is not recommended as an aid to losing weight. Drinking in moderation seems to have a positive affect on health especially when it is red wine that is drunk at a rate of around a glass per day.

Alcohol is NOT the Answer

But taking things to extremes with alcohol can be fraught with potential hazards to health.

It is well known that consuming alcohol is almost always accompanied by increased consumption of junk food. This happens because the alcohol reduces inhibitions and with it the will power to resist temptation to eat fast food.

It also has a tendency to cause a person to eat late at night which is also a very bad idea if you're watching your waistline. Do that too often and you'll be watching your waistline expand pretty quickly!

The other side of the problem with alcohol consumption is that the drinks themselves usually contain high levels of empty calories from the sugars present in mixers (usually soda) or in beer if that's your preferred tipple.

If you can be really strong and limit yourself to just a glass of red wine and not eat a high carb snack with every sip, you'll probably be fine. However, one glass will not get you drunk. So I guess it kind of throws Lady Gaga's whole publicity trick under a bus!


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Vern says:

Hey, that Lady Gaga is pretty hot but she's definately weird on a load of different things. How stupid and irresponsible for a public figure who can influence so many young people to come out and say she drinks to stay slim. Crazy woman!