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Latest Weight Loss Study Advocates Structured Diet

The latest weight loss study to be published on two separate fronts advocates a structured diet and regular exercise as the best way of losing the excess weight.

This has long been known to be the case, but there are several good reasons to have this knowledge backed up periodically by well-meaning studies.

Nutrition Experts

weight loss structured dietThe study was led by a group of nutrition experts out of Moores UCSD Cancer Center at the University of California, San Diego. It found that programs to treat overweight and obese women that promote diet and lifestyle changes can bring about success loss of weight and continued weight maintenance.

On Saturday October 9, the study was presented at The Obesity Society conference in San Diego. It was then published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Interestingly for anyone with a cynical way of thinking, it has to be pointed out the study was sponsored by none other than weight loss diet company, Jenny Craig. This alone must lead some to suspect that there may be a smidgen of self-promotion underlying the study as the participants were given Jenny Craig prepackaged meals to eat during their structured diets.

Nevertheless, the study proved what most people who are still able to use their brains already know, which is that eating a sensible diet and exercising will keep them from gaining weight in the first place and help them to lose it if they get overweight. Hardly ground breaking news, but an interesting aside if you get tired of reading about the potential wonder drugs that are promised sometime in the not too distant future and magic bullets that will save the nation from sinking under the weight of all the obese people living on it.

Oh, and we're still waiting on a related study from one of the multi-national hamburger restaurant chains to tell us all that eating hamburgers and fries makes us fat. Like that's going to happen.

Seriously Folks...

It is all well and good sitting there imagining how you are going to start shedding some of that excess weight. However, if you want something to actually happen, you are going to have to do some work and spend some time on it.

When you take into consideration the basic weight loss facts and then apply them to the way you are working on your particular problem, it can be quite impressive how much better your results start to get. Most of that will come from just having a better understanding of what it is you are doing as well as being able to set yourself up with a more definite plan of how you are going to go about it.

Losing weight is not just about eating less and getting some exercise. It is important to understand that what you eat (and drink) and when are the deciding factors in your results.

You must stop eating all processed and junk foods, all food with added sugar and all foods containing refined carbohydrates (refined, white flour, mainly). Stop drinking all drinks with added sugar and also those with sugar substitutes because they're just as bad for you (and your weight).

It is also about getting your mental attitude right while working in a smart way rather than just blindly flailing about in the dark. Knowledge sheds the light that you need to see on the problem and allows you to find solutions easily so that you do not waste time and effort going up blind alleys. So start researching the ways in which you can lose your excess weight and you will surprise yourself at how well you start doing.


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