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Lengthy Weight Loss May Bring Health Problems

A new study undertaken in South Korea into the effects of long term weight loss have turned up evidence to suggest that it could have a negative effect on health.

The report highlights the worrying evidence that sustained weight reduction could be resulting in a higher risk of problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension and diabetes.

What are the Risks?

long term weight loss bad for healthThe study was undertaken at the National University in South Korea where Duk Hee-Lee of Kyungpook and several colleagues analyzed extensive data collected from 1,099 American adults by federal health officials. The trial focused on the relationship between long term weight loss and blood levels of persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

These POPs become stored in the body in fat tissue. It is known that when the levels of body fat is reduced such as during the process of losing weight, these substances could become released into the bloodstream.

When this happens, they may enter such of the vital organs as the heart and brain. POPs levels found in the bloodstream were higher in those people who had lost weight when compared with those who maintained a constant size or gained mass.

The researchers considered several other factors in this process, but noticed a trend with long term reduction in weight as the most common one being responsible for the concentration levels.

Additional Research Necessary

Further studies to confirm these early results will need to be performed.

It was noted by the researchers that while early indications are that weight loss could be the main reason for the release of POPs, results are not conclusive, meaning there could still be other related factors. This is why additional research needs to be carried out in order to confirm whether losing weight in the long term is indeed the major culprit.

Also, the levels of POPs in the bloodstream that are required to create harmful effects in humans is not yet known. Therefore people who are overweight should carry on trying to lose weight, as the health problems associated with obesity far outweigh any issues that elevated levels of POPs may create.


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2 thoughts on "Lengthy Weight Loss May Bring Health Problems"

Red says:

Now things are getting crazy. First, we are all told we must lose weight because our health is at risk if we don't. Now some brainy dude comes along and tells us we should NOT lose weight cause it will be bad for our health!

How long before another scientist comes along and tells us all its really healthy to smoke cigarettes, drink a bottle of vodka a day, eat chocolate by the bucket-load and have unprotected sex with as many different partners as possible???

We live in a truly crazy world. But it was an interesting story, nonetheless.

Joan says:

I think a lot of these medical research scientists come up with scare statistics and link this to that to justify keeping their job. I won't be taking their advice. If I'm fat, I'll lose weight until I'm not any more and I'll bet my last buck I'll be healthier for doing it.