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Nate Newton and his Incredible Weight Loss

There were few bigger stars in football than offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, Nate Newton in both his playing and his physical presence.

The larger than life sportsman admired by millions of fans and feared by players on opposing teams had a very big reputation to maintain.

But now the former big guy is half the man he used to be. And he's very, very happy about it!

Larger and Larger

Nate Newton weight lossWhen Nate Newton was in his prime playing pro football he was already weighing an already incredible 325 pounds making his 6 foot 2 frame look enormous and a daunting opponent to any team.

But when he quit the game last year he managed to pile in an extra 75 pounds to place him into the super-obese bracket which meant serious health problems were on the way. He got to the stage when he couldn't walk more than a few yards before having to stop and gasp for breath.

Fearing he may not live to see his youngest son graduate, Nate took drastic action and in February this year, went in for weight loss surgery to try and turn things around.

Surgical Intervention

The operation, called gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, or to give it its correct name, vertical gastrectomy, is a combination of stomach stapling and the removal of up to 75 percent of the stomach itself, leaving a much smaller stomach the size of a shirt sleeve. The procedure was a success and now, six months down the line, Newton is almost half his former weight, at 220 pounds.

He didn't just sit around and hope the surgery would do it all for him, but got busy and changed his diet to eat healthier foods and smaller meals. That included ditching a lot of the convenience junk food and takeaways that were causing the pounds to pile on.

In addition to the change in diet to a healthier strategy, he now works out with some moderate exercise for two and a half hours per day, five days a week. That includes going for long walks and using an exercise bike for around 45 minutes we well as doing some push ups and sit ups.

Huge Turnaround

No matter how large a person is, when they make a dedicated effort to turn things around by making some serious lifestyle changes, big changes start to happen in their physical appearance and inner health. This is what happened to Nate over a relatively short period of time.

All together this has added up to a weight loss of 175 pounds and his target is to get down to 196, which he is confident of achieving.

The transformation is quite something and many of his friends don't even recognize him at first.

In stores he doesn't get the discount any more cause the store owners don't know who he is until he gets out his credit card. Unfortunately for the store owners, his grocery bill is way less than it used to be!


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