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New Skinny Kelly Osbourne

Daughter of the self-proclaimed "angel of Darkness" himself, Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne has recently lost a lot of weight to get a skinny look and amaze her friends and the media all at once.

The once chubby rocker has reinvented her look with a much more slender figure that raised a lot of eyebrows in the music business.

Photo Tweet

kelly osbourne weight lossRocker Kelly Osbourne was so impressed at the outcome of her dieting efforts that she tweeted this photo of (the top part at lest) her new figure just to show off her amazing new look thanks to some dramatic weight loss.

The new slimmer Kelly couldn't have chosen a better time to announce her smaller shape as, coincidentally, she was then invited to perform live on stage at the Viper Room with the Pussycat Dolls in Los Angeles.

Osbourne put on a performance with Carmen Electra and Mya, who are two of her DWTS cast mates. Interestingly, this lucky break probably would not have gone down had she still been waddling around the city huffing and puffing in her better known chubby body.

How Did She Do It?

A lot of her fans and admirers are keen to know exactly how she made the body transformation to end up looking so slim. Well, after being discharged from Hazelden Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center in Oregon for addiction to prescription drugs, Kelly started eating to replace the drugs and her size grew fast.

A health scare was the wake up call she needed to become aware of the bad eating habits that were fueling her weight gain. An appearance on Dancing with the Stars got her teamed up with dance partner Louis Van Amstel, who then taught her about nutrition.

She changed to a vegan diet, partly due to a relationship with Matthew Mosshart, a vegan chef. Coupled with hiking a few times a week, her weight dropped, losing over 50 pounds to become the size and shape she is now.

Of course, the message that this move sends out to impressionable young girls is one that will raise a barrage of huffing and puffing of a different kind from well meaning opposers of the skinny look. And that is... Hollywood has no room for fatties but it truly loves skinny bodies.


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4 thoughts on "New Skinny Kelly Osbourne"

Sonia says:

I really enjoyed reading about Kelly Osbourne's weight loss here, caue I think she's really cool. That's a cool photo of her new look too! This is a great site by the way!

Anna says:

Kelly Osbourne used to be a real minger, you know fat and always puking up in all the news stories. But now she's real hot and that's a great pic of her. I'm glad she came out of her ugly shell and morphed into a sexy rock chick. But she should lose the tacky cigarette... totally not cool!

Barry says:

Kelly Osbourne is such a hottie! Man, she used to be a real dog but I guess she blossomed, if that's the right word, into a gorgeous sexy bombshell! Go Kelly!

James says:

The fact that someone would say how sick Kelly is for indulging in such "breaks" only offered to her due to her new found figure is ridiculous. She is perfectly healthy. It is fine to be overweight, but why frown upon somebody to getting into shape? She was not "conforming to society". She simply wanted to be healthy. Lord forgive someone for not wanting to be a porker anymore! The fact that everybody can't put down the big mac and hop on the treadmill like kelly is a poor reason to hate on her. Go eat.