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New Weight Loss Procedure Alternative to Surgery

An exciting new weight loss procedure has been perfected by medical experts that is designed to help combat obesity and diabetes without surgery.

This could prove to be a breakthrough for overweight people worried about the risks involved in surgical procedures and the long-term effects that are still not fully known.

The Procedure

non-surgical weight loss procedureThe procedure involves the insertion of a plastic sleeve down into the body to line the gut without the necessity for a standard surgical operation. So far tests have shown this device to help obese and overweight patients to lose up to 20 percent of their body weight.

This procedure uses a 2 foot long plastic tube, called an Endobarrier, which is inserted via the mouth into the stomach. It is being hailed as a non-surgical replacement for gastric bands and gastric bypass operations.

In the UK, this treatment will cost £2,000 GBP and is believed to be earmarked by the National Health Service as a replacement for other types of weight loss surgery which are more expensive and carry greater health risks.

Risks Minimized

The risks are minimized since the procedure itself does not need to be carried out under anesthetic and the whole procedure takes about 15 minutes to complete. This makes it far safer than other forms of weight loss surgery.

The device lines the duodenum, which is a long, narrow section of the gut that occupies the space between the stomach and small intestines. To keep it in place, a tiny spring is used and once in place the patient forgets it's there.

Its job is to prevent absorption by the intestines of fats, sugars and salt. This reduces the number of calories that are absorbed, thereby working in a similar fashion to some weight loss pills and medications.

Feel Full

The process causes the body to feel full up after only eating a small amount of food. This is due to a large proportion of undigested food passing directly to the small intestine, causing an increase in the secretion of PYY hormone.

This hormone suppresses the appetite and thereby reduces the intake of calories, which enables the patient to more easily lose weight.

This is good news for patients suffering with type two diabetes. The device also causes the gut to secrete more of the GLP1 hormone. This hormone has the effect of increasing the body's natural use of insulin, helping to reduce the levels of blood sugar.

A Better Alternative

Note: I feel I should stress that there is no truly good alternative to losing weight with natural methods. While it may appear that this procedure comes with fewer risks, it doesn't mean it is completely without risk.

Any artificial implant must cause some impact on the natural digestive process. We all have a perfectly functional digestive system in place that works perfectly well when it is given the right foods to digest.

It is only when we feed it with substances that it is not designed to work with (example junk processed foods) that problems start occurring and we gain weight.

All health problems start with a cause. Discover and fix the faulty cause and you fix the problem.

In the case of obesity, the cause is faulty diet. Fix your diet, eat healthily and avoid all processed foods including refined carbs and added sugar products. You will soon see and feel the difference.


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