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Nutrisystem Cuts Prices Dramatically on Weight Loss Diet Plans

Following a new TV ad campaign depicting "real" people enjoying success with their weight loss diet plans, Nutrisystem have dramatically cut their prices on a wide range of diet plans.

This means they are now the lowest prices for their category taking America's favorite diet company that provides fresh-frozen diet menus to the top of many dieter's choice of plan.

America's #1 Home Delivery Weight Loss

Nutrisystem, Inc. is America's number one home delivery weight loss company. The company has just announced that it is currently revamping all of its weight loss diet programs.

It is doing this by incorporating the highest scoring and best tasting selection of fresh frozen gourmet foods into every one of its diet plans and it is doing it at the lowest price ever in the company's long history, dating back to the 1970s.

The company's "Hooray You! New You Revolution" advertising initiative is designed to celebrate the prosperity of its members while showing that it is the choice of diet for "real people" and not just a handful of endorsing celebrities. These significant changes to their marketing strategy will make the weight loss programs provided by Nutrisystem more easily available to a far wider audience than they have ever done.

The Nutrisystem Cost

As an example of the great saving that customers can now enjoy, the new Nutrisystem 28 day weight loss diet program includes one-third frozen foods combined with two-thirds of pantry foods which are all easy and convenient to serve up. As far as the Nutrisystem cost goes, this program (that previously cost $399 for the month) will now cost only $299 and that includes an additional free week of pantry foods, a gourmet cash back guarantee and of course free shipping.

For those of you who are interested to know more about this promotion and the savings you can make by ordering now, the new Nutrisystem® Select® Plan, which is currently available only within Continental United States, can be purchased by clicking the promotional image top right of this page. This plan includes a wide selection of fresh-frozen meals in its menu, providing the best quality meals of all available plans.

Please Note: The prices quoted in this article are current only for the time of publication. They will have changed at some point later and are now no longer valid and the promotional image has been removed. Also, the "Select" plan has since been rebranded as the "Uniquely Yours" plan.


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4 thoughts on "Nutrisystem Cuts Prices Dramatically on Weight Loss Diet Plans"

Graham says:

Amazing that Nutrisystem cut their prices by a huge amount this time around. How long is this offer good for, cause I'm definitely interested in checking it out? Thanks for the heads up on this!

Emily says:

That's great news about Nutrisystem reducing prices of their diets. I always thought they were a little on the expensive side, but now I guess I have no excuse to try them out for size. Thanks for a great report!

john says:

When you go through the process and the price is $349

Terry says:

That's because this is old news. The price cut discount offer ended April 1.