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Pounds Away the New South Beach Diet

Back in 2004 when The South Beach Diet was created by Rachel Alejandro and her sister Barney, owners of The Sexy Chef, it was hailed as a breakthrough in dieting and people flocked to the system and many lost a lot of weight along the way.

It used some of the strategies popularized by the Atkins diet of cutting out carbohydrates from the diet and focusing on eating more protein and fat to force the body to get used to burning fat as its main fuel. This process is also known as ketosis and it has some major health benefits.

An Even Better Diet

Today, South Beach Diet is still very popular, but The Sexy Chef decided it was time to come up with an even better diet that met the needs of today's dieters, so they teamed up with popular nutritionist Nadine Tengco to create Pounds Away. In fact, Pounds Away is similar to South Beach except it contains carbohydrates where South Beach omitted then in order to get the body burning fats. So how does the latest diet contend with this problem?

It works buy not excluding any particular food group, while aiming to promote the correct principle of making sure you eat the right foods in the right proportions and at the right time. The Pounds Away dietSo this is a nutritionally-balanced plan, which is designed to help the body to naturally shed its unwanted excess weight while teaching it to balance hunger.

The general idea, according to Tengco, was to create an effective diet as good as South Beach but which included carbohydrates.

In fact there are actually three separate diet plans, which are

  1. Pounds Away is the regular plan
  2. Body after Baby which is perfect for moms up to 6 months after giving birth
  3. The Sugar Buster program is for diabetics or anyone who is borderline diabetic

The three diet programs are based around nutrient-dense functional food. To do this, there are nutrients which will promote fat loss or similarly urge the body to reduce its inflated size. Not only are the diets calorie- and portion-controlled, but they use the latest fitness nutrition ideas with recipes developed by Barney.

Nutrient Dense

The idea behind nutrient density is to pack in the most volume of nutrients for the least calories. In other words, you eat more for less.

The Pounds Away Diet is also set up with three calorie levels which depend on the dieter's height, weight and activity level.

This makes the program very appealing to people that don't do well on more traditional, calorie restrictive diets. It should be pointed out here that while there are many benefits to this kind of eating regime, omitting whole food groups from the diet unbalances it and can lead to deficiencies in certain nutrients.

Such a program can be great for giving a short term boost to losing weight, but for the longer term, dieters should make sure they include all food groups and consume a balanced diet predominantly consisting of healthy whole foods and avoiding processed food especially those high in refined carbs and added sugars.


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Gorny says:

Fascinating blog on weight loss news. So Pounds Away is the new morph of the old South Beach Diet, hope its good and not like the other ones!