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So How Did Kelly Osbourne Lose Weight?

The camera doesn't lie in the case of one celebrity rock chick's new slimmer figure, so how did Kelly Osbourne lose weight and manage to look so stunning in that swimwear?

With all the reports flying back and forth about how Kelly Osbourne lost 48 pounds in weight, was there some hidden secret behind the transformation?

How Kelly Lost 48 Pounds

Kelly Osbourne skinnyApparently not, as in a live interview on the Chelsea Lately show on E! she revealed how she lost all 48 pounds of the excess weight she had been carrying around with her for years.

In fact she had been so upset about her pudgy figure she had never even worn a bikini before that, but is now being featured on the front page of Shape magazine in... a bikini! She was so moved by the pictures that she broke down and cried when she saw them for the first time.

So the secret to her amazing weight loss and new Kelly Osbourne skinny figure is...?

Well, there's no great secret, no faddy diet or special food regime. In fact she lost the weight by good old fashioned exercise!

She set herself to exercise on the treadmill for a half hour each day and she said that if she felt up to it, she would also "do some weights and sit-ups" to boost her workout. To help the weight drop off, she also cut down on eating junk food and that, my friends is all!

The Simple Answer to Losing Weight

I want to point out here that while Kelly's strategy sounds really simple, you have to remember that exercise on its own is not what causes weight loss. Exercise tones up the body, strengthens the muscles and forces the body to burn more calories.

However, it is what you eat and drink that primarily decides what you will weigh and how much extra adipose fat your body will carry. By making a dramatic change in your diet as I'm sure Kelly did, then the sudden lack of junk food, sugar and refined carbs will certainly result in weight loss over time.

For anyone reading this and hoping they can copy what Kelly achieved, my advice is to focus on what you are consuming and highlight every item that is high in refined carbs, high in sugar or is just unhealthy processed junk. And stop eating all of it!

That includes drinks. No more soda, either the regular sugar variety or the diet stuff. They are both bad for your waistline as the artificial sweeteners in diet drinks also cause insulin to spike and increase fat storage even though there's no sugar.

Switch to eating fresh whole foods and get organic wherever you can. Drink plain water or if that's too difficult (why would it be?), try adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice to water and keep it in the fridge for a refreshing, zero calorie drink that is actually healthy and will help you burn fat!

So it just goes to show that for all the overweight and obese people sitting out there fretting over how they can lose weight, there is a simple answer. Get off your lazy behinds and do some exercise and stop eating so much junk food!


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Addie says:

Hi, Kelly must have worked real hard to lose all that weight. You know she was fat for many years and I used to wonder how the daughter of such a rich and famous rock singer could look so gross! But now she's totally hot and I believe she will want to stay that way.