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Unconventional Weight Loss Wisdom Says Fidget Yourself Thin!

It's the new revolution in unconventional weight loss wisdom that says you can fidget yourself thin by burning nervous energy throughout the day.

It may sound a little crazy, but there is a lot of evidence to show that constantly fidgeting can have some rather unusual benefits!

The Reason Some Stay Thin

burn calories and lose weight by expending nervous energyHave you ever wondered why it is that some people that you work with in your office always manage to maintain a slim figure. Does it irritate you that they do it even though they eat their way through twice the volume of food than you do every day?

Yet you only have to look at a cream cake and you gain two pounds!

Well a recent study by researchers could well have uncovered their great secret. It appears that you should take a closer look at your co-workers and observe their habits.

The thin ones are also the ones that spend all day at their desks annoying everyone else by tapping their pens, thrumming on their desks with their fingers, tapping their toes to some unheard musical rhythm known only to them and generally expressing a lot of nervous energy by fidgeting.

That's right... fidgeting!

The fidgeters are natural nervous energy burners. And believe it or not, their annoying little habits are a big part of what keeps them slim even though they appear to eat way too much to have a figure like they have!

The Science Behind It

The science behind this phenomenon is not really groundbreaking, because it simply follow the natural rules of weight loss which imply that burning more calories than you consume will result in a reduction in body weight. Well, burning nervous energy is one way of forcing your body to burn calories while you are otherwise sitting motionless.

That could be the big difference and what keeps some people slimmer than others. The ones who habitually gain weight through leading a sedentary lifestyle (and this includes office workers who spend all their working day sat at a desk) are also the ones who tend not to fidget. They may think that lack of fidgeting is a sign of a calmer person, but actually it's not.

You can be sitting very still and be just as stressed as the person sitting next to you nervously tapping their foot rapidly and tapping their pen against the desk.

The difference is that while you are sitting there storing fat because the stress is suppressing your metabolism, the pen tapper is actually dispersing their stress through their fidgeting. They are actually maintaining a faster metabolism that prevents the buildup of stored fat because all those excess calories are being burned.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Stop letting the fidgeters get under your skin. Start to join in with the pen tapping chorus, get your leg shaking up and down and thrum out a decent Latin rhythm with your fingers on your desk for good measure and watch your problematic weight gain go into a giddy reverse!


Posted on Wed, 12 Jan 2011 in News | 2 Comments

2 thoughts on "Unconventional Weight Loss Wisdom Says Fidget Yourself Thin!"

Fran says:

Haha yeah I get where this is coming from. I work in an office where there are a few people who are way thinner than they ought to be cause they seem to eat all day long but never put on so much as an ounce! I often wondered about this and now that you mention it, I started watching them and yeah -- they are the annoying fidgety ones who just won't sit still for an instant! Cool story and so true!

zodiac says:

Hey, I just found this weight loss news blog and this article about fidgeting and it really hit the spot! I never thought of it as how to keep thin but it makes so much sense! Nervous energy is the way to go and it doesn't take up any real effort to sit there with a vibrating leg or even both of them! Way to go!