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Maintain Your Diet Priorities

Hey there, I have returned with another of my Top 100 Weight Loss Tips, this time with article number 82 in this series. I'm continually seeking out natural and alternative means to lose weight as safely and as easily as can be.

To aid the process of getting shape, this post look at maintaining your diet priorities and stick with what you set out to do, which is to lose weight of course!

We all have moments of temptation thrust before us and they all seem to get blown out of all proportion when we're on a weight loss program. Such decisions that may have seemed minuscule when we were not so concerned about our diet are suddenly magnified a huge number of times when we're on a diet food delivery program!

What should we do?

Stick to Your Diet Priorities

Think about this one: That sandwich you're making right now would be sure to taste much more amazing if you were to add an extra tablespoon of that gorgeous mayonnaise, but you have to ask yourself, "Do I really need it?"

The answer is a resounding "NO!," but the temptation is there and its a tough one to rationalize when it's staring you in the face. And you can smell how good it is too!

However, what is more important for you?

Is it to reach your weight loss goal that much sooner? Or is it to make this sandwich taste a little better by adding something that is sure to compound the number of calories in there? It's your choice in the end, but you have to remind yourself that it is also your choice to learn how to lose weight fast or just remain as you are: overweight and out of shape!

Now does the decision get a little easier?

It sure does!

What If?

There is another side to this point. What if you had caved in to that temptation and told yourself that one little slip up will be ok?

Do you think the decision will be any easier next time you're faced with that jar of mayo and you're staring at a sandwich that is crying out for more taste? In fact, if you'd given in to temptation the first time, it becomes so much easier to give in to temptation a second time. Then a third, a fourth and so on.

It becomes a very slippery slope and before you know it, you're no longer on your diet, whatever weight you lost up until this point is already starting to creep back on again and you've lost your self esteem and confidence.

All for the sake of a scoop of mayo!

The best approach to this situation is to be firm with yourself and say no to anything that will break your diet. By avoiding temptation the first time, you'll be better placed to avoid it the next time and keep on avoiding it until you've achieved your goal and you've lost all the weight you wanted to lose.

Once you've done that, do think you'll want to undo all that achievement by going back to eating all that calorie laden stuff again? The sensible money is on the "NO" answer here!

Another way to keep the main priorities up there at the top of the list, is to get with a structured dieting program that makes it all easy for you by laying out what you must eat each day and then providing that food for you. A month-by month program like Nutrisystem is perfect, or even a week-by-week program like Bistro MD can keep you structured and keeping to the right path to success.

Thanks to these kinds of meal replacement diet delivery programs, there is a well-planned out solution to haphazardness and hit-or-miss hoping to prevent failure when dieting and aiming to get in shape.

100 Weight Loss Tips number 81 follows in the very next post!


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