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Diet Food Delivery

OK, let's continue the Top 100 weight loss tips with another article that is number 62 in this great series.

Well, in this particular installment, I want to look at the idea of diet food delivery. By this I mean having a set diet created by a professional diet company that delivers the meals to your door to save you time and hassle.

Diet Food Delivery

So what is all this for? Why not simply see a good dietitian and take their advice and a specially prepared diet sheet tailored to you as an individual and work with that?

Well, in an ideal world, that would be the best strategy for losing weight. Unfortunately, far too many people, for whatever reason may not be able to work with that type of thing. They may be far too busy with a stressful job, having a family to look after, a chock full diary and a lifestyle that simply does not include the spare time to be messing around shopping for all the ingredients for the diet and then preparing all the meals every day.

Other people are too lazy to be bothered doing what they've been told by a dietitian even when their health is at risk unless they learn how to lose weight fast and get started on it right away.

So to bridge that gap and provide a working weight loss solution for people who either cannot or will not work with a traditional diet, there are good diet companies out there that take all the donkey work out of dieting. They do that by creating their own low calorie, ready meals that they ship right to your door in the form of what is commonly known as diet food delivery.


One such company that has been around for 35 years or so and are well known and trusted by a huge number of people is Nutrisystem (see the advertisement for them below). They are typical of what diet food delivery is all about by providing balanced, nutritious and calorie controlled meals that are at the same time interesting and as easy to serve up as simply taking them out of the freezer and placing them in the microwave.

The hardest part of all that is remembering to switch on the microwave! For a review of Nutrisystem, there is a good one right here in this website on this page: Nutrisystem Reviews.

Jenny Craig

The main rival to Nutrisystem in the market leader stakes is Jenny Craig. This diet company supplies similar meal types in a menu made up of a combination of processed meals, freeze dried packet meals as well as fresh frozen meals.

They are considerably more expensive than Nutrisystem, although they maintain a high level of popularity amongst dieters.

Bistro MD

These two market leaders are not the only firms of their kind. Another diet company that operates in a similar manner but provides their customers with fresh frozen gourmet meals created by their own in-house chefs and shipped in one week batches for the best freshness is Bistro MD.

They provide their customers with three meals a day in batches of five or seven days to cover the typical week.


Similar to Bistro MD is online based eDiets. They also provide meals in seven day batches with the difference being their meals are all freshly prepared and then shipped cool, not frozen.

They claim this makes for more fresh tasting meals when they are reheated in a microwave.

Sonoma Diet

Yet another similar diet company provides its customers with the Sonoma Diet, which is a diet originating in California and comprises a regular diet recipe book for meals you create yourself or they can provide ready meals fresh frozen. The twist in the tail is that this diet actually allows you to drink a glass of red wine occasionally, something the others do not.

So do these diet meal delivery systems actually work?

Yes they do and they work very well for people who might otherwise struggle on traditional diets. The reason is simple. Diet food delivery systems like Nutrisystem cut out all the hassle and make life easy, which is what a lot of people want.

When you make a diet so easy, people are more inclined to stick with the diet and see quick results. It puts them in a positive frame of mind and they become more successful at losing weight, which is the whole reason behind it all.

So, you can say that in the vast majority of cases, these systems do work for the people that use them. They of course will work even better for people who are motivated to succeed and will combine the diets with some daily exercise to really give a boost to their efforts!

100 Weight Loss Tips number 61 follows in the next post!


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Dietitian says:

I can't believe that I got your point on diet food delivery systems, meaning you wrote this article very well for me to understand it so easily. I will certainly have to do some more in depth research on this method of weight loss as it seems to be a rather simple means to that end. Thanks for such an informative article!

Stefanie says:

That is an interesting concept that means a very convenient way to diet. It appeals to me as I am a very busy person balancing a demanding job with a family I have little time to myself. I really enjoy your blog here, thank you so much you have helped me out greatly :)

Terry says:

Why thank you! I'm glad my writing ability is easy to understand as that helps get the message across so much better.