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Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women

Here's another of our great Top 100 Weight Loss Tips with article 42 in this series designed to bring you a lot of easy to read information on the many ways and means there are to help you get in shape.

Now in this article, we're going to look at the statistical anomily that men tend to lose weight faster than women when diet, exercise and other health aspects are all equal.

This point is surely one of the subjects that can be annoying in the extreme to women while making men seem more smug than they really deserve to be.

It's the age old fact of life which dogs the difference in the sexes when in most cases, men somehow manage to lose weight faster than women.

At least that's the general viewpoint, although individual circumstances will of course alter that very rigid statistic from person to person. But you have to remember that when all things are as equal as they can be, a healthy man's metabolism is generally faster than a similarly healthy woman's.

Why Do Men Lose Weight More Quickly Than Women?

Well, women aren’t men and the opposite is equally as true. So it's no good trying to get around a law of nature that is pretty unmovable! If you're a woman, then you probably won't like to hear that it's been proven scientifically that men are physically designed to be able to lose weight more rapidly than women can.

It really is all down to our physiological makeup. In this sense, a woman is naturally supposed to have more body fat than a man, because she's the one that has to carry the babies and that's what her body is designed to do. To do that she needs more energy reserves to call upon in times of famine or when there was a long-term lack of food.

Ancestral Biology

This is going back to our distant ancestors that didn't have access to supermarkets or freezers. Living in caves was just so prehistoric! To that end, she can store fat more easily and conversely, hang on to it better as when the times comes, it is depleted more slowly.

On the other side of the coin, men are designed to burn energy faster in order to build muscle strength and stamina. That was to allow them to go hunt for food, fight wild predators to protect the tribe and also defend it from marauding gangs from neighboring tribes intent on stealing what little food and resources they have managed to gather!

Remember, this isn’t a sexist statement at all. It is the way it is and this biological truth is what separates the genders from a natural point of view.

As such, women really should expect to have to set completely separate weight loss goals than men and this really applies if you are working on the process of partners losing weight together. When you see the results side by side, don't be disheartened if the man is getting ahead by seeming to stick to exactly the same diet and exercise criteria as you.

If you are really competitive, you could of course push yourself harder to tip the balance. One thing women are better at than men and that's getting things done! Where men tend to be that little bit more lazy, you can go the extra mile they're not prepared to go. And that's where you can beat them at their own game!

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Yuri says:

It is true that men can lose weight faster than women can because we have different physiology. Where does the ideas come from to make people think they are all same?