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Combine Diet and Exercise

Welcome to another of these useful Top 100 weight loss tips. This latest post is article number 8 in this weight loss series designed to make things as simple as possible for you.

This post reinforces many of the things that have been said before but by being more specific in the importance to your fat busting effort of combining diet and exercise for maximum benefit.

Good Diet Plus Daily Exercise Equals Weight Loss

So far, throughout this series I've looked at many different ways in which you can boost your weight busting strategy or use certain strategies and techniques to make things easier for you while keeping the whole process on a natural level. But there has been a recurring theme to the whole process of losing weight which is that the very best and most effective way to ensure you sustain long lasting weight loss is by a combination of a good healthy and wholesome diet combined with an effective daily exercise routine.

This is something that cannot be stressed strongly enough. If you are determined to succeed, then you must do these two things.

  1. You must eat healthily to provide your body with the maximum level of nutrients with the minimum of bad fats, sugars and additives.
  2. You must exercise regularly in order to burn off more calories than you are consuming.

All the rest is additional to these two basic needs. When you can satisfy them, then everything else you do will help to accelerate the process and make it easier, but you must satisfy these two main criteria before all else.

Correct Nourishment

It's all because your body, in order to maintain an equilibrium between a healthy weight and level of fitness; and an efficient metabolism, needs to be nourished correctly and worked hard enough so that it does not store large amounts of excess calories as fat. A calorie controlled, healthy diet helps this process immensely by cutting out all junk and processed foods which lead to excessive weight gain. By replacing them with good healthy food, you provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to work at top efficiency.

In order for your body to use up the fat it has stored up over a long time, exercise is essential. That's because it not only causes your body to burn all the calories it has ingested, but to use those calories to build more muscle mass.

More is More!

This, in turn makes each exercise session more efficient as the increasing mass of muscle will use progressively more calories to do the same amount of work (because there are more muscle cells to feed) while enabling you to exercise harder and for longer because of their growing strength. This all causes a snowball effect in your exercising process, as the more you do, the more you can do. And it will be patently obvious to you that the more exercise you do, the more calories you will burn.

So over time, you will end up burning far more calories than you are consuming which will have caused the desired amount of weight loss. Once you have reached your target weight, you don't stop there, but continue to exercise while actually increasing your food intake because you must them maintain the balance of calories consumed to calories burned.

This ends up with you having a much fitter, better toned body that is at its correct weight. Plus you get the added bonus that you will reach a stage where you can eat much more of a healthy diet while not gaining weight! Which is actually a place that we all want to be!

100 Weight Loss Tips number 7 follows in the next post!


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Very nicely said. I came across your weight loss related writing and i liked it a lot. How long have you kept the blog? Not long ago I recently developed a blog of my own and its been a very fun process. I've met some new friends since then although it is tough at times! Once more, thanks a ton for your article!