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People Lose Weight Differently

Here we go again and the Top 100 weight loss tips continues with article 43. This series brings you one hundred informative articles especially to help you achieve whatever goal you set out with regards to losing weight.

In this post, I'll get one thing clear in your mind if you are looking at other people who are doing the same things you may be doing but seem to either slim down faster than you, or they do it slower!

Why should this be if all things are equal?

It's simple human nature that we are all different and that different people are simply going to lose their unwanted extra fat at different rates to others. Let's see why this is the way it is.

Why Do People Lose Weight at Different Rates?

The first thing you can stop doing, if you're doing it is to stop comparing yourself to other people. Everybody is different in a variety of different ways. So it just stands to reason that different people are going to lose weight at different rates to everyone else and that includes you. You'll notice this happen even if you are doing exactly the same things that they do.

So what is is that stops other people getting slim at the same rate as each other?

Well, for a start, we're generally different weights to begin with. We have different body sizes, different heights, different bone structures, different fat to muscle ratios, different metabolic rates and different digestive systems! Is that enough differences, or do you want all the scientific mumbo jumbo that goes into even greater depth as to why this should be?

No? Didn't think so!

What Triggers Your Weight Loss?

The key to making it work specifically for you is in finding your own triggers, or hot buttons to press. The main thing to remember is to keep your own realistic weight loss goal firmly within your sights and then do whatever you need to do ensure that you meet that goal.

What happens is that when you start looking too closely at the habits of someone else, you’re likely to become discouraged. This is especially so if they seem to be doing better than you. This may even lead you to quit without realizing that it's totally physically impossible to be anyone but yourself! One person's diet may not suit another. Nutrisystem might be perfect for someone, Diet-to-Go may be perfect for someone else, while it could happen that neither of them are right for you!

When you concentrate your entire attention only on yourself, then you can disassociate from what others are doing and focus only on you losing the excess pounds for you! You do this for you and nobody else, so what anyone else is capable of doing is great for them but has nothing to do with what you're doing just for you.

So by all means read up on some rapid weight loss tips and some slow ones too, but just be aware that they are generally written for the "average" person. As no one is truly "average" then they may or may not be right or wrong for you!

When it comes to losing weight, be selfish for heaven's sake and just make sure you succeed!

100 Weight Loss Tips number 42 follows in the next post!


Posted on Fri, 25 Sep 2009 in Top 100 Weight Loss Tips | 2 Comments

2 thoughts on "People Lose Weight Differently"

Terry says:

Thanks Maki. Its so true and while we all share the same biology (as Sting once sang about), we don't necessarily share the same physiology.

Maki says:

I can completely agree with you that people lose weight differently to each other for so many different reasons. When you think about this, if we were all the same, life would be boring indeed! Maki. As always, great post here.