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Rapid Weight Loss Tips to Avoid

People who are overweight and want to do something about it can read this eye opening article and learn the stark truth about rapid weight loss tips and methods, which ones work and which ones to avoid.

From the title of this post, you may be forgiven for thinking that we have gone slightly off track when it comes to helping people, and especially our readers, to lose weight simply and effectively. Surely, some well timed rapid weight loss tips would be of more help than other things especially to get those who are very overweight or obese jump started with their own diets and weight loss solutions?

Is Losing Weight Rapidly Safe?

Well, not all the rapid ways of losing weight are good for you, and this blog is primarily concerned with healthy, natural ways to lose weight. It is of course natural to want to learn how to lose weight fast, but its best not to. While there are several tried and tested methods that are pretty fast and that work pretty well, there are others that should, in our opinion be avoided as being detrimental to health. So what do we prefer to avoid?

Avoid These Rapid Weight Loss Tips

Well, first of all, the most dangerous method of losing weight is by undertaking surgical procedures except in the most extreme cases, where the alternative could be potentially fatal. But that occurs in such a tiny percentage of people who are overweight that we can generalize more about those surgical procedures that people request that are for cosmetic purposes only.

Cosmetic surgery for losing weight is an extreme measure that is far too actively promoted by many plastic surgery clinics for our liking and far too many people think it is okay to go ahead and take the cheat's way to dropping a dress size or two.

The downside to surgery is that while most procedures are successful, people often return to their old bad habits and pile the weight back on again all too soon after the surgery. If it was liposuction that was used, people think its okay to just head back to the operating table for a repeat vacuuming out!

That is such a bad idea We will not even entertain going into the whys and wherefores of why it is such a very bad idea indeed! Not only that, but while uncommon, complications can and do occur at times and those complications can leave you worse off than you were before you started.

Some can leave you disfigured for life and in our opinion that is not worth taking a risk for. Taking the natural approach to weight loss is far safer and no one ever ended up with massive ugly scarring through eating a healthy diet!

Are Berry Extract Pills Effective for Losing Weight Fast?

Another of those quick weight loss tips to avoid are the unbelievably hyped up berry extracts and pills. It may be true that some certain foods can cause the body to speed up the fat burning process, but so does exercise! And exercise does it far more naturally than any pill can do, despite what the advertisers might want you to believe.

You know the types of pills that are emblazoned all across a myriad of websites all trying to get you to part with your money for something that promises so much by in the end will deliver very little.

Why are we deliberately putting these products down? Simple. Because you can lose weight much more effectively through eating a healthy calorie controlled diet combined with a good exercise program.

The more you can exercise, the more fat you will burn. And when you combine that exercise with a healthy, natural weight loss diet that is low in fats and low in high GI carbs and high in fresh fruits and vegetables, then your own metabolism will get a boost and help you all by itself, without the latest greatest groovy berry extract pills.

One last rapid weight loss method to avoid is getting involved with fad diets that restrict or completely omit whole food groups.

One such diet was Atkins that certainly worked as a rapid way to lose weight. But it loaded the body up with so much saturated fat that the resulting ill effects to health, especially to the circulatory system and the coronary vessels and muscles in particular, meant that long term use was almost dangerous.

What Fast Weight Loss Methods are Safe to Use?

A last word about all this. If you really must lose weight quickly, then don't take short cuts, which is all the stuff like Proactol, The 7 day slimming pill, or supplements such as Clinislim or Decatrim as they are no use on their own, although they do have some minor value when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. And as for surgery methods, you really should only consider these as a last resort.

Safe Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

What is safe and what does work if you put enough effort into it is in eating a naturally healthy diet and exercising hard. Get into exercise as soon as you can and build it up over time, while combining it with a healthy diet and drink lots of plain water.

Sustained, aerobic exercise done daily for an hour or more will force your body to burn a lot more calories than you can typically consume through eating a naturally healthy diet. You can even try a dance based exercise regimen such as the Zumba fitness program or go with a high energy, tough program like the much publicized P90X extreme home fitness workout program, or even follow the teachings of TV fitness guru Jillian Michaels if you can take the heat!

What you must do is quit eating all processed foods, cut right down on dairy and fatty meats, cut out bread and pasta, cakes and pie, cookies and donuts (yeah, all those good things!) and absolutely do not drink any soda, not even diet soda. Drink a large glass of plain water before every meal and make sure you drink plenty of water between meals too. Instead of drinking coffee or black teat, switch to green tea (unsweetened), especially having a cup or two after each meal.

These things when done in combination will jump start your metabolism fast and get you burning fat whilst slimming down quickly and more effectively than most anything else and for longer. They will work better in the long term than any short cuts or cheats or rapid tips for shedding weight will ever do for you!


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Terry says:

Hey Neal, I'm also a big natural diet fan - my own is pretty much all natural foods with nothing processed. I firmly believe this is the way to avoid the multitude of ills that the food industry is causing -- either directly or indirectly by their over use of artificial additives, salt, monosodium glutamate (often disguised as "flavor" or "flavoring") and aspartame as a sweetener. All bad, bad, bad!

Michelle says:

Hi, I enjoyed you post on what to avoid with all the rapid weight loss tips that are being published on the net. I can't agree more that you should lose weight slow and steady cause its the only way to keep it off long term. All these fools that jump on the magic pill bandwagon are never gonna get what they are wanting, cause they always want some other person to make the weight go away for them. They just don't get it that they have to do it for themselves or it just ain't gonna work. Anyways, great post man, you sure know what your writing about!

Kim says:

The combination of exercise and good diet is wonderful…I need a way to share some truth and testimony about this ideas. First the supplement route is a road to failure like many other lose weight quick scams. You have to eat fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and that will do far more good. Garden greens has surpassed many others in quality and price. You will not lose “fat” from a cleanse or from taking pills.

MAybe will decrease your weight by the elimination of toxins and waste in the intestines from a cleanse, which is okay. But in plain English the weight you lose is mainly the waste flushed from your intestines. To achieve an optimum cleanse of toxins in the system, and ultimately prepare your body to absorb the proper levels of nutrition you need from the food you eat you must drink lots of plain water.

Sure a complete body cleanse as opposed to a colon cleanse will provide your body with a really thorough rejuvenation to your body’s digestive, gastro, liver and kidney functions. I use this combination of fresh fruits, vegetables and lots of water, and which I have done successfully for the past 3 months. Try it and yYou will be amazed at how well your entire digestive system, blood circulation, liver and kidney functions are improved. The best of all is you will lose some weight in the process and this sets your body up to lose more weight with revitalized metabolism over time.

Megan Autrey says:

I thought that acai berry is supposed to be quite good, but you need to select the proper brand for the best quality! I guess I was wrong!

Neal says:

Your blog is so informative and that was a really great post on what to avoid in the rapid weight loss market. I'm a natural diet fan myself and avoid all things processed and grow my own organic vegetables. Its a healthy diet that keeps me pretty trim and happy. Great site, keep up the good work!

Eldrige says:

Your web site is splendid I will have to read it all, thank you for the diversion from my coursework!

Elene Friehauf says:

My personal weight loss efforts are in serious need of a review and you have helped enormously here with this info on what to avoid when it comes to trying to lose it too fast. I'm sure there are lots of people who don't really understand what they're getting into when they start trying some of the pills and berry extracts that are on the market. most of them are a complete waste of time and money in my opinion. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of your many readers!

Arnold says:

Hi, I enjoyed you post on what to avoid with all the rapid weight loss tips that are being published on the net. I can't agree more that you should lose weight slow and steady cause its the only way to keep it off long term. All these fools that jump on the magic pill bandwagon are never gonna get what they are wanting, cause they always want some other person to make the weight go away for them. They just don't get it that they have to do it for themselves or it just ain't gonna work. Anyways, great post man, you sure know what your writing about!

George says:

Now this is an interesting concept for a weight loss blog to write on. These are actually great tips to avoid as I agree they can be detrimental and even harmful to people who are merely trying to look good form a cosmetic point of view! It sometimes takes some guts to write about the negative side of losing weight when your site actually promotes some products or services. But I see you don't have anything derogatory to say about those, so maybe you like them more! Anyways, great post man! :)

assistant says:

Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

Terry says:

Hi Rhonda, I know how fulfilling it is to grow your own vegetables - I have been doing this for years and I don't care what the so-called experts say, I totally believe they taste tons better than the intensively farmed stuff you buy at the supermarket. Kids love to grow stuff and its a great part of their education to see how nature works by getting their hands dirty and doing it!

Rhonda says:

Finally a site with some great information. I totally believe in a natural diet plan. My husband and I grow our own vegetables in our yard. We even have our children helping and learning about natural foods and how to eat right. Keep up the good work!

Julia says:

You have laid out some very nice points in this article. You are right we have to avoid these type of rapid weight loss tips in order to loose weight. I personally found it very useful and helpful in my own journey to weight loss. You're obviously an expert in your nutritional field. Thanks and looking forward to more of your insights.

Steve says:

I read lot of articles on losing weight fast and really like this article. This is definitely useful for me and the way I live my daily life. I drive a bus so I'm sitting down all day. The tips on avoiding some things while getting exercise in things I never really thought of before really got me thinking. It makes so much sense to me now!

Tony Rovere says:

First of all, I was glad to see you point out the things that should be avoided.

But the quickest way to lose weight is to start consuming more water. This is not to replace food, but in addition to food.

Because water is a natural appetite suppressant, when you bring water what ends up happening is that you do eat less because your stomach is always full.

And studies have shown that drinking 16 ounces of water before a meal will allow you to consume 15% fewer calories at that meal.

So, when considering weight loss, the first step is proper hydration.