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Sugar Busters Diet Plan

The Top 100 Weight Loss Tips keeps on keeping on with article 52 in this series. This great series is bringing you a set of one hundred unique and relevant articles that are all designed to help you reach your goal to lose weight.

This article looks at the sugar busters diet plan to see if it is a viable way of shedding a few pounds while being healthy and sustainable in the mid to long term.

A Diet Plan for Sugar Busters!

If you are looking for the kind of diet that provides moderate carbohydrate levels, then you could do a lot worse than trying out this low carb diet plan without changing too much of the way that you already eat. That is assuming your diet isn't just full of junk food and sugar laden snacks, of course. Well, the Sugar Busters Diet is a plan that contains about 40% carbohydrates and is purported to be super-healthy.

Let's see how it measures up to the claims made by its creators!

The recommendation for this diet is that around 40% of the calories come from high fiber, low Glycemic Index (GI) carbohydrates, 30% from proteins and the remaining 30% from primarily unsaturated fats. While that is the general line taken by this diet, it is flexible and allows you to mix the figures to allow up to 50-55% low GI carbohydrates and remain within the diet's bounds.

This would mean a reduction in the other areas, so personally, I would opt for reducing the levels of fats that are recommended rather than reducing the proteins to balance out the whole.

No High GI Carbs (Of Course!)

The diet forbids the usual high GI cabs such as white flour based foods such as white bread and pasta, refined sugars and foods containing them. It allows lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs and brown rice. It does cut out most root vegetables, such as potatoes, beetroot and parsnips as well as corn, as well as high calorie fruits such as bananas, custard apple and avocado, so you can't have everything!

Saturated fats are not completely eliminated, so you can have a little butter or even cheese, although these should never account for more than 10% of the total. To be honest, you're better off avoiding them altogether if you can. Stick with unsaturated or mono-unsaturated fats such as olive oil and you'll be better off for it.

As with some structured diet plans like the Sonoma Diet, you are allowed dry red wine if you must have something alcoholic, but no beer or spirits with mixers. Caffeine beverages such as tea and coffee are okay in moderation, so two or three cups per day are okay if you want them. No putting sugar or cream in them, though!

Overall, this type of diet is reasonably sound as long as you stick to it and keep your meal portions to a sensible amount. As always, you will do better for taking some daily form of exercise that gets you out of breath and makes you sweat and you can keep it up for more than 20 minutes without stopping.

That will help you burn more calories and boost your metabolism so that you will continue to burn calories and lose weight.

100 Weight Loss Tips number 51 follows in the next post!


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Melia says:

Interesting points about the sugar busters diet. I cut out sugar almost entirely from my own diet and its amazing the results I got. Lost seven pounds in just two weeks and I did nothing else out of the ordinary. Great way to lose weight!