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Sonoma Diet Reviews

Reading this review of the Sonoma Diet will make you want to find out more about how you can lose weight the easy way by using this great, easy to follow diet and fitness program rolled into one.

There are several major benefits to getting slim with this plan and if you follow them closely, then you will amaze yourself at how easily you can lose weight and look and feel terrific!

If you have always wished that you could have a great looking, slim and fit body but never believed it was possible for you, then going on this amazing program can change all that and make your dreams and wishes come true!

Benefits of the Sonoma Diet

For full details, you can visit the official website for this program by clicking your mouse on the image below.

What is The Sonoma Diet?

This is a diet and lifestyle program that was created by nationally and internationally renowned registered dietitian and culinary professional Dr. Connie Guttersen, R.D., Ph.D. She created this program to help people to attain a lasting physical benefit from weight loss and improved health and fitness through eating a healthy and interesting menu.

This program, which is backed up by the accompanying Sonoma Cookbook will introduce you to delicious recipes and meals that instead of binding you to a strict eating regime, actually encourage you to celebrate flavorsome food. At the same time, it helps you to lose weight naturally while indulging in truly satisfying amounts of some really great food.

The portion sizes are measured by plate size rather than weighing the ingredients themselves, which is more of a friendly approach because you can see that when your plate is full, you have the right size meal. This diet places the emphasis on whole foods, with very few processed foods included in the menu, which is good.

It also means that there are quite a lot of forbidden foods, but this is turned around by emphasizing the foods you can eat and not those you can't. The actual program itself is cleverly divided into three "waves", which is an approach favored by some other plans and one that works very well indeed.

Sonoma Diet Wave 1

This first "wave" lasts for just ten days and is where you will be re-programming your body to ditch old, bad eating patterns and habits and form new, healthy ones. There are no diet meals as such, but a collection of really great tasting recipes that are naturally low in calories while being high in healthy nutrition to get you feeling good, with more energy and get up and go than you probably feel before you started the plan.

Sonoma Diet Wave 2

The second "wave" is the main part of the program and this is where you stay until you reach your weight loss goal. This lasts as long as you need it to in order to hit the target weight you were aiming at. You eat healthily and still enjoyably, while living a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Sonoma Diet Wave 3

The third "wave" is the on-going maintenance part of the program where you continue to eat great food that is healthy and nutritious and remain active to make sure that you remain at your target weight in the long term and never go back to those old, bad eating and lifestyle habits that got you out of shape in the first place.

Downsides to the Program

No diet is perfect and all have their downsides. Sometimes these are simply because they are diets and these are designed to help people to lose weight. So they can sometimes seem a little harder on you than you might want them to be.

This program is no different and so as this is a fair review, here are some of the aspects of this particular program that you ought to be aware of before you sign up.

The calorie count for each day is quite low, with around 1,000 calories for women and around 1,200 calories for men in Wave 1. For women, this rises to around 1,200 and for men to around -1,500 calories in Wave 2. To help get over the potential hunger gaps between meals, you can eat snacks of raw vegetables or drink lots of plain water.

The program claims not to be low carb, although when you actually measure the amount of carbs in the meals, you'll find only around 40 grams of carbs in Wave 1, with around 100 grams in Wave 2. This is comparable to most low carb diets. Also, sugar substitutes, additional fats or what can be considered extra foods are not allowed.


The beauty of this program is that you get to choose what you eat from a wide selection of foods that keep you interested and enjoying the plan as something you really want to keep doing. There are suggested meal plans that you can opt for if you run out of ideas, or you can design your own menus from the selection of foods the plan recommends.

In fact, this program can really help you get into a way of eating that can only encourage good, healthy eating habits. You get to choose and those choices will become second nature to you because you will grow to appreciate great nourishing ingredients that go into great meals.

You can enjoy great success with this program, thanks to its emphasis on delicious food rewards that keep things interesting and varied. This way, you get to enjoy a slimmer waist and a healthier body combined with a truly energized lifestyle that will not fade over time. In fact, this program will become a lifestyle choice you will love and will not want to give up!

If you decide to give this diet a try, you can simply click the image below to go straight to their official website to find out how easy it is to sign up and get started now.

Please Note: This is an original review written for weightlossgo.com and may not be published elsewhere. While this review is unbiased and honestly written, the author is a paid affiliate of the Sonoma Diet.


Posted on Wed, 15 Jun 2011 in Weight Loss Diets | 11 Comments

11 thoughts on "Sonoma Diet Reviews"

Aaron McMiller says:

These are all true facts about this particular diet. I know because I been on this one a while back and I remember it very well. When it comes to this kind of dieter's article, its important to present all the facts and I believe you have done this here in an easy to understand way. Great review, thanks!

Bowflex says:

I didn't know much about this program until I red this. You helped me get a good insight on it. I am looking for a diet to start and this one looks like it might be right for me.

Angela says:

For most of my years, I was definitely one to get caught up in going on fad diets. I have yo-yo dieted for years, but at my 20th class reunion, I bumped into an old friend and she looked great. I asked her what was her secret, and she told me about being on the Sonoma diet. She also said that just for eating healthily and getting exercise every day she had lost all her fat. I signed up and got started about four months ago and was amazed. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 10. Great all-natural dieting and lifestyle changing program!

Hillary says:

Hi, I spent four months on the Sonoma diet last year and while I sure lost a lot of weight, I found it tougher going than it was supposed to be. Wave 1 was the worst, with very low calorie I think in the 1000 area only, which is quite low for most people. I found the food that I could eat was really good, but there was little in the way of choice like some of the diets I researched.

Bottom line is I went on this one to lose weight and that's exactly what it did for me. I shed 38 pounds in that time, so no complaints on it doing its job for me. While it feels tough to be on, I still recommended this to my friends cause I think if you have the right mind set you can do this and it is very effective.

kunal says:

Hi, I heard about Sonoma Diet before 2 months and since that time I have seen too much changes in myself.

It really works for me. You may also follow it and I'm sure you will be benifited too.

Special Thanks to the makers of this program,


Amy says:

Thank you for the nice post. I been on a dieting plan for a while now it is a very slow process.

Jessica says:

Really good tips about sonoma diet and this is really extraordinary. However I use chili pepers and it works wonders .(:

tiny says:

i've been in a very big dilemma to lose weight and every piece of advice i get is really helpful.. this diet seem to be a great option...

Full says:

Thank you for breaking apart the different stages associated with this diet. It has many positive and negative points that I noticed myself while engaged on this particular plan. It worked for me, losing 14 pounds over two months so pretty good, really!

Nic, you do get to increase calories in wave 3, so don't worry.

Nic says:

Well the Somana looks quite interesting, but I'm scared that the amount of calories I'm allowed to eat is really to low to be able to maintain the diet as an everyday habit. Or am I allowed more calories in the 3rd wave?

Julius says:

Having a choice of what you eat can make a real difference to any dieting program. Since weight loss is a long term goal you need a dieting program that your not going to give up on easily.