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Medifast Reviews (2024 Update)

For anyone wanting to find a simple dieting solution to help them lose weight faster than many other diet plans, then one good option is Medifast.

In fact, over 20,000 doctors have recommended Medifast to their patients as their preferred weight loss diet program, which speaks volumes about its effectiveness and contribution to the fight against weight gain and obesity.

So what makes the Medifast diet program such a great diet solution in 2024?

It certainly has the backing of the medical profession as well as thousands of satisfied customers who are living proof that this diet program is not just successful, but easily followed to a successful conclusion.

Lose Weight Fast and Easily

There are several very good reasons why signing up with this diet program is a good choice. Here are some of them, briefly:

How Does Medifast Work?

You begin by choosing the plan that best suits your individual needs from their selection of diet plans. All plans are customizable and individual meals can be chosen in preference to others that you may not like or that may not be compatible with any life choices or medical conditions you may have.

For most dieters, the Medifast "GO!" Plan (formerly 5 & 1) is the basic slimming plan of choice because of its simplicity and effectiveness at helping dieters to lose weight.

The meals are low in fat and are based around a low Glycemic Index (GI) while being fortified with vitamins and nutrients. The meals are also safe for consumption by type 2 diabetes sufferers.

There are also plans for vegetarians, seniors, teens, gout/arthritis sufferers, people undergoing bariatric surgery and nursing mothers. There are also many gluten-free meals, soy-free meals and choices for people taking anticoagulants.

Medifast On-Going Support

Once you have chosen your plan, you can then look at the method of on-going support that you prefer. It has been shown in studies that many dieters that successfully lose so many pounds tend to gain it back again later on through lack of proper support.

This is addressed by this diet program by providing clients with several options for the kind of on-going support that they feel will benefit them the most according to their individual circumstances. These are:

Ordering Medifast Meals

This next stage is very easy and you can do this online at their official website or you can order by phone on (800) 209-0878.

Once your order has been processed, which usually happens within 24 hours, the meals are packaged up and shipped to your home next day.

You should allow 5-7 days for the shipment to arrive using standard shipping depending on where you live. You can opt for expedited shipping which takes 3-4 business days at an extra cost. Free shipping applies to Medifast Advantage with total orders over $150 (after coupons and discounts have been deducted).

Medifast Diet

Using the "GO!" Plan is simplicity itself. You get to eat six times each day, which works out at once every two to three hours.

The way the plan works is to place your body in a mild state of fat-burning that leads to rapid weight loss safely. There are no drugs or supplements to take because the meals are fully nutritious.

Throughout the day, you get to eat five ready meals along with one self-prepared meal. This will be a Lean & Green Meal that is made up of measured portions of non-starchy vegetables and lean protein. You have the option of making the Lean & Green Meal yourself, or you can order it in most restaurants.

The great thing about his diet plan is that you don't need to worry about counting those calories or worrying about how many points you are using up in a day. All the hard work has been done for you.

From a convenience angle, the meals are individually packaged, so you can take them to work with you and avoid the problems many workers face which is eating junk throughout the working day because you don't have access to healthy meals.

Alongside the popular GO! Plan with greater flexibility is the aptly named FLEX Plan. This provides four days of Medifast meals of your choice plus two days of Lean & Green meals that you prepare yourself.

For those who lead busy lifestyles, it is the perfect slimming strategy being highly convenient, time saving and easy to use.

Long Term Weight Maintenance

Once you have reached your target weight and its time to leave the diet program, it doesn't mean you can go straight back to you old eating habits. That's a sure way to put back all the pounds you lost and undo all the time and effort you put in to lose it.

To this end, there is an on-going maintenance program that slowly weans you off the GO! and/or FLEX Plans and onto a healthy, sensible diet of meals you prepare and cook yourself (or have made for you).

The Medifast Thrive Healthy Living Maintenance Plan works on sound principles of correct nutrition coupled with sensible portion control. It is designed to maintain the way you will have trained your body and mind to be satisfied with eating the right portions of healthy foods while you were on the GO! (5 & 1) Plan itself.

This will enable you to enjoy all the benefits of the healthy physical size you have attained in the long term.

Signing Up with Medifast

You can sign up for your own personal diet plan with Medifast by visiting their official website at www.medifast1.com and pay by credit card.

The process is simple and relatively quick. You could soon be on your way to a slimmer figure and a lighter body in one of the easiest ways currently available that is also backed up by many doctors who recommend it to their many patients.

Join them today!

Note: The author is a paid affiliate of Medifast.


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Rose Moore says:

Can you give me the link to check the website for the MediFast? I want to check the website first and maybe browse for testimonials because it is really helpful if there are people who can witness on how MediFast works. Right now, I'm using magazine diet sheet for me to lose weight. Hoping for your quick reply. Thanks

Terry says:

You can find the homepage at www.medifast1.com - hope that helps!