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There is no doubt that dieting is the most popular way of losing weight there is!

People spend an incredible amount of money on trying to shed those excess pounds through a change in their diet or through buying a commercial dieting plan that supplies all their meals so they don't have to do any of the mundane work themselves.

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  1. Diet Food Delivery
  2. Nutrisystem
  3. Bistro MD
  4. eDiets
  5. Weight Loss Diet and Lifestyle Plans
  6. South Beach Diet
  7. Sonoma Diet
  8. Joy Bauer Diet

Either way, the end result is making use of a process that restricts the calorie intake of the body in order to bring about a reduction in the amount of fat that is stored in the body and the resulting loss in body weight.

This article will take a look at the several forms of weight loss diets that are available to people. Please note that it is an original article written specifically for weightlossgo.com and is subject to international copyright laws.

While it is also pretty obvious that exercise should also be taken to boost the effectiveness of any healthy, low calorie meal plan, that side of losing weight is amply explained in other articles published on this website. So we'll just focus on the dieting side of thing in this article.

Diet Food Delivery

There are several home delivered dieting plans available that are both convenient and easy to use. Each has its good and not so good points and in this article, we will compare the leading brands to help you decide which system is the right one for you.

We look at the costs, the meal quality and variety, the plans themselves and what you need to know about each so that when you do make your decision, there are no unwanted surprises waiting for you.

We'll take each major diet company that offers this service and break them down into clear mini-reviews along with any discount codes that we are aware of. We'll get started with probably one of the most popular of these, which is Nutrisystem.


Diet Plan:

Nutrisystem's plans are divided between plans for men and plans for women. These are then sub-divided into specifically tailored plans for vegetarians, diabetics, seniors and regular plans everyone else.

There is also a fresh frozen food plan called Select that is made up entirely of fresh frozen meals. Plans are packaged up in batches containing four weeks supply of three meals a day, ie breakfast, lunch and main meal with dessert as well as two additional snacks to be eaten between meals as needed.

This is a membership plan where you need to accept the terms and sign up for auto delivery. This means further batches of meals will be sent to you until you cancel by telephone. To take advantage of special offers such as weeks of free food or discounts on the purchase price as well as free delivery, you must accept at least one further delivery in addition to your first month of food.


With all plans except Select, the meals are made up of processed meals, some freeze dried ingredients and 30 percent fresh frozen meals. The variety of meals is very large, so much so that you can eat for a whole month and not have the same main meal twice. Quality is average for the processed meals. You should not expect high quality from any processed meals as it is simply not possible to emulate home cooked meals.


The cost for the standard plan of one month of food varies according to their latest promotional offers and depends on the plan that you choose. Because of these fluctuations and so that we don't send out the wrong prices at any given time, we advise you to get the most up to date prices by visiting the official Nutrisystem website, which you can do by clicking on our link to our own review of Nutrisystem in the right column on this page, then clicking the large rectangular Nutrisystem banner image at the top of the page.

Or read the review for yourself first, to get a full, unbiased description of what to expect before you buy!

Nutrisystem Discount Code:

There is no actual discount code, but by clicking through to their website by clicking your mouse on the promotional banner image, you will be eligible to take advantage of their latest discount offer.

Bistro MD

Diet Plan:

The Bistro MD healthy eating plan is relatively simple in that there is one overall plan that provides either seven or five days of fresh frozen meals for each week at a time. The meals are prepared by gourmet chefs and frozen right away before being shipped to your home.

They only ship a maximum of seven days of food to ensure freshness. You can tailor your menu to suit your own personal preferences, so if you require only vegetarian meals, Bistro MD will accommodate.

If you are diabetic or need a gluten free meal plan, you can tailor your meals to match your requirements. There is no membership lock-in so you can order as many or as few weeks as you like at the time of ordering.


The meals are of good quality and probably the best of all the diet food delivery companies overall. There are no processed meals, only fresh frozen. You can choose five or seven days meals per week and you get breakfast, lunch and main meal with dessert. You can optionally order additional low calorie snack bars or not as you choose.


The meal plans are priced in four sections:

Prices are generally stable, but to make sure you get the correct prices, please visit the official Bistro MD website. You can do this by reading our review of the company via the link in the right sidebar and clicking through on one of the image banners.

Bistro MD Discount Code:

You can get a 25 or 50 percent discount on the cost of your first week of food, depending upon the current offer. Please visit our review of Bistro MD (see the link in the right column on this page) where we publish the latest and best cost saving coupon.


Diet Plan:

eDiets works in a similar way to Bistro MD in that there are weekly meal deliveries of either five or seven days worth of meals, three meals a day plus snacks. The difference is that the meals are not frozen, but prepared to order and shipped via UPS in cool packs, which you can then store in your domestic fridge. This, claim the company means the quality of the meals is high as there is less loss of freshness that occurs when frozen food is thawed and re-heated.


The meals are again of very good quality and do not include any processed meals, only fresh chilled. For the most part, the taste is subjective, although the majority of customers tend to prefer this type of home delivery meal to others.


As with the other diets featured on this page, we prefer not to provide specific prices as they may change at any time and cause this page to go out of date. We prefer that you visit the official eDiets website to get the most current official price list from the company itself.

You can do this by visiting our own comprehensive review of eDiets by clicking the link above (in the subheading) and then clicking one of the image banners advertising the company on that page.

Weight Loss Diet and Lifestyle Plans

Apart from the diet meal delivery plans, there are also dedicated companies that specialize in providing complete lifestyle and programs that compliment each other and provide the person who needs to lose weight with a more hands on approach. There are diet sheets and recipes that enable you to produce your own tailored eating plan at home, as well as full on-going support and backup from peer forums and company staff trained to deal with any problems you may come up against.

Below are some of the companies that provide a more comprehensive weight loss dieting service:

South Beach Diet

Diet Plan:

The meal plan for this program is set out over three phases. South Beach Diet Phase One lasts for two weeks and is the most restrictive in terms of which foods are allowed and which are not.

South Beach Diet Phase Two continues right after the first phase and while still being relatively strict, is slightly more relaxes than the first phase as it allows some of the disallowed foods back on the menu. South Beach Diet Phase Three is a continuation of the program and is more relaxed while maintaining smaller portion sizes and healthier ways of eating.


The meals are prepared by you, not a company! Using the recipe guidelines the company provide you with, you customize your own plan with a professional diet. This is more flexible than the home food delivery companies and it means you get to eat your own home cooked meals, which will always taste better!


The costs varies depending on the plans you decide to work with and may fluctuate without notice. For this reason, we don't publish prices here as we don't want to give you the wrong ones if they change before for we have a chance to update them.

Sonoma Diet

Diet Plan:

This is another great eating plan that delivers pre-prepared meals to your home. It is one of the only one of these dieting programs that allows a glass of red wine to be drunk with meals on the premise that red wine has many health benefits and has its place in a calorie controlled eating program.

This one is split up into "waves" in similar manner to South Beach. It starts with the first wave being quite restrictive, with subsequent waves allowing more relaxed calorie counts and meal options.

Meals: The meals themselves are prepared by you, using specially prepared eating plans that you customize to suit yourself. This means you get to eat home cooked meals which taste great while learning how to restrict calorie intake in the foods you prepare and cook yourself.

Cost: The costs are relatively low as there are no meals provided directly by the company. The costs are for the recipes, diet sheets and if you wish to buy the book, it can be found at Amazon or any good bookstore.

Joy Bauer Diet

Diet Plan:

Often known as Joy’s Life Diet, this is a great online program that you can follow for a very modest outlay of literally only a few dollars per week to get access to Joy's amazing diet plans and recipes. This is not a home delivery type of diet, but more a hands-on kind where you buy, prepare and cook all your own ingredients for your meals.

As these days a diet needs to have a gimmick up its sleeve to try and capture an audience, this one is no different. It is one of the few diets that allows you to enjoy a small amount of dark chocolate as part of your daily intake!

Meals: The meals you eat are the ones you prepare yourself and you have access to a large library of nicely balanced meal recipes to choose from. As long as you are happy to spend a little extra time in the kitchen, or you know someone who will do it for you, then you can have interesting meals each day and still stay within the boundaries of this diet plan.

Cost: The cost of the basic plan is as little as around four dollars a week, so its very affordable for just about everyone who is serious about losing weight in a sensible and measured way. Its not just a bunch or recipes, but your membership gets you access to a full time team of expert nutritionists who can help you on any issues you may be facing.

What's Next?

There are many more diets and programs that may suit you as well or better than those we have already reviewed here. But the only way to know is to get started today. Don't waste any more time if your waistline is still expanding because the more weight you gain now, the longer it will take to lose it later.

Take action now and start your diet as soon as you can and get back to looking and feeling the way you want to look and feel. Its all up to you because no one else can lose that weight for you. You have to do it for yourself, so it might as well start right now!

This page will be added to as we review other diets and programs, so if the diet you are considering is not featured right now, please call back at a later date as we may have included it by then. Thanks!

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