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American Power Yoga APY60

While most of the natural weight loss programs that are available tend to center mainly around diet plans or exercise routines, or a combination of both, there is one truly unique and powerful system that is gaining popularity fast across America that uses yoga as its foundation.

Here in this article you can read my American Power Yoga APY60 review to learn more about what it is and how it can help you to lose weight and get fit naturally and easily.

Benefits of Losing Weight with APY60

There are some very interesting benefits to losing weight with APY60 that set it apart from the more typical plans for weight reduction and maintenance. Here are the main points:

What is APY60?

APY60 is a health and weight loss system developed by American Power Yoga founder, Kurt Johnsen. Kurt is a renowned yoga instructor and martial arts master as well as being a popular international TV host. He has appeared on numerous TV talk shows, radio shows and webcasts.

Kurt has instructed both celebrities and athletes in getting fit and losing weight. They include Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as well as many professional high profile sports stars.

As well as being a trainer to many celebrities, Kurt has trained hundreds of professional yoga teachers. He created American Power Yoga and Ultimate Yoga System: APY60. By using easy to follow poses, the mystery has been taken out of yoga, as Kurt makes the practice fun and very effective for everyone by combining both body and mind improvement techniques that have resulted in a powerful, life-changing system.

How Does APY60 Work?

This system works by combining proven yoga techniques for building physical strength using easy to learn moves that you can do at home, with a healthy and natural diet. This combination is so easy because it doesn't involve any strenuous exercises as you will find with many training DVD sets.

Yoga is very easy to learn and Kurt teaches you all you need to know via his great, easy to follow DVD system which differs from Dan Roberts' Methodology X in several key ways.

It takes you, step by easy step through the process of boosting your physical strength and energy levels using yoga techniques, which cause your body to burn more calories. At the same time, you are cutting down on the number of calories you are consuming through a balanced and healthy diet that this system also provides you with.

What Does the APY60 System Include?

This powerful, yet easy to follow whole body system includes:

How to Buy APY60

Before the creation of APY60, the only way anyone could take advantage of Kurt's unique teaching techniques was in person at one of his own training studios. For that privilege, you would have paid hundreds of dollars. But now and for the first time ever, you can experience the unique teaching methods of Kurt Johnsen as he brings his highly acclaimed and proven weight loss resource directly to your home!

For more details on how you can get your hands on the full 12 DVD set that comprises the APY60 fitness and weight loss system, simply click your mouse on the square advertisement image near the top left of this article.


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