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A lot of people could read this and learn about the weight loss resources available online. Don't buy any weight loss product before you read this page to find out why they are worth buying and what they can do to help you to lose weight successfully.

Most people can lose weight on their own by eating a healthy diet in the right size portions and drinking plenty of water, while getting plenty of daily exercise and fresh air. Unfortunately, not so many people have the time, ability or inclination to take this wholesome but time consuming route to a happy, healthy body through a lifestyle designed for this way of being.

This is an ideal situation and one that fewer and fewer people are enjoying as modern life makes ever more demands on our time.

Instead, many people are working long hours in jobs that mean sitting on a chair at a desk or behind the wheel of a vehicle which means they get little or no exercise and are forced to eat on the go. This means eating meals that usually consist of junk food or hastily wolfed down sandwiches, often washed down with soda or other unhealthy drink that comes in a convenient can or carton.

It is for these people that help is available in the form of dietary supplements and convenience diets. They are not the perfect solution, but are often the only solution and better than simply ignoring health and allowing the weight to keep increasing.

Below is a list of separate pages that fully reviews and describes each product we are endorsing and providing an information resource for.

Jillian Michaels

If you ever watch TV, then you will know who Jillian Michaels is and you'll also know that she is a hard hitting, no nonsense fitness trainer with a huge following of highly motivated individuals all wanting to be like her. She exudes motivation and watching what she does and says can really fire you up to get off your backside and join in with her exercise routines.

If you don't want to watch her on TV and have to put up with all the commercial breaks that mess up things by keeping you waiting around for the next part of her routine, then you can buy her DVD workout programs and books from her own official website. There are some great titles available, such as the really popular Jillian Michaels 30 day shred that has sold in incredible numbers.

You will find some more information about this amazing gal and her workouts and strategies by following the link in the subtitle for Jillian Michaels above.

Suzanne Somers

What can I say about Suzanne Somers? Well, she is a lady that looks like she has managed to find the elixir of life and the fountain of youth all rolled into one! She not only looks great, she is truly amazing when you consider her age compared to how young and beautiful she looks.

Her training DVDs and books go way beyond mere weight loss and will teach you how to live right and by doing so work your way towards not just having a great figure like hers, but keep yourself looking and feeling young, healthy and vital... and yes, sexy forever too! Check the link in the subtitle above for more Suzanne Somers merchandise that is available from her personal, official website.

Turbulence Training

If you are the kind of person that is determined to not just lose weight, but work hard on your body to turn it into a figure you can be proud of, then the Turbulence Training system is for you. This review looks at how this exercise and workout program can transform your body into a toned, lithe, six-pack-clad mean machine.

To find out more about this amazing training program, click the link in the sub title for Turbulence Training to read our full review.

P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program

If you think you are tough enough to aim for the top of the fitness ladder, then the only way you're going to get there is by training not just hard, but smart too. The P90X is a tough task master but it is one that virtually guarantees that you will have a great body in just 90 days if you follow the program to the letter.

if you're fed up with being overweight, lethargic, lazy, tired all the time and feeling weak, then you should read this review and learn why the P90X can turn you around in 90 Days to being strong, alert, energetic, toned and muscular and at your correct weight. Click the subtitle link above for the P90X to read our full review.

Zumba Fitness DVD

If the though of working out and pushing yourself to the physical limit is too much for you to take, how about getting fit and healthy while losing weight while dancing to the latest Latin craze to sweep the world off its feet! Zumba is more than just a training DVD and is actually taught on real dance and fitness schools across the world.

This is an amazing way to get active, fit and looking great because it doesn't even feel like you are working out. In fact, it feels even less than doing the full aerobic workout that you get from it because you are, to all intents and purposes, merely dancing and enjoying yourself! What a great way to lose weight! If dancing your way to fitness really appeals to you, then click the subtitle link above for Zumba and read the full review to see if it is really something that you want to do.

Denise Austin Daily Workout

Another great way to help yourself to regain your old fitness levels and improve your overall health is to enlist the aid of Denise Austin. Her popular fitness DVD classes and diet systems have helped many thousands of people to not only lose weight but to get a much better level of fitness and enjoy great health.

She does it by working on the whole body, not just targeting certain areas. That includes using Pilates strength and stamina exercises coupled with Yoga relaxation techniques and all centered on eating a wholesome and healthy diet.

By eating right and getting the right kind of regular exercise, you can vastly improve your health. Follow Denise Austin's instruction and you can transform your body into the slim, trim, great looking figure you always dreamed of owning!


If regular exercise DVDs and workout programs are not your thing, but you still want to lose weight and understand that dieting alone is not always the best way, then you might be interested in taking a look at APY60. This is a weight loss program based on yoga techniques developed by yoga instructor, martial arts teacher and celebrity trainer, Kurt Johnsen.

This system uses yoga moves as its basis for building physical strength and power with stress busting techniques that are easy for just about anyone to do. There are no punishing exercise routines or workouts to leave you feeling beat up.

Instead this system takes you through the physical side of fitness and strength using simple, easily learned moves that instil calmness and balance while still being a powerful calorie burning process.

Green Coffee

For losing weight, raising the body's metabolism is the first order of the day. You can do this through exercise and to some extent through a change in diet, but another effective way of boosting your metabolic rate is through drinking green coffee as a supplement. It is already well known that caffeine helps to boost metabolism.

Green coffee contains caffeine as well as other powerful ingredients that enhance the effectiveness of that caffeine to produce a powerful metabolism boosting effect that helps your body burn more fat and thus reduce weight.


As all-natural weight loss supplements go, this is the latest to hit the online stores and has already created a huge response from celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Mariah Carey and Kim Kardashian. As soon as news hit that Nuratrim had been released on sale, it sold out!

By Christmas 2011, it had already generated advanced sales of more than 50,000 packs in the UK alone prior to its official release there on Dec 27. This is a serious contender for helping you to lose weight and for boosting the effectiveness of a calorie controlled diet.

Please read our review of Nuratrim to get more details on how this new diet pill is capable of helping you to lose weight easily and more effectively than you may have done so in the past.

Live Body Coach

For anyone who wants the professional expertise of a personal trainer but can't afford the cost and the time to hire one for themselves, Live Body Coach offers a spectacular alternative that gives their customers full access to trainers via webcam seven days per week. This is highly convenient as it means you can workout when you have the time and for as little or as much as you need to.

This is a great offer that will not only help you to get fitter and attain that great looking figure you always dreamed of having. It also comes with experts who can advise you on diet and nutrition as well as set out a personal plan for your weight loss and personal fitness success.

Methodology X

For those looking for that celebrity slim body, Dan Roberts' creation: Methodology X is an absolute must buy. This incredible fitness and health instructional video course brings the fitness trainer to the stars right into your own home for a fraction of the price of just one of his personal training sessions would cost!

Click the title of this paragraph to read the full review of this great product. From there you can navigate to Dan's official website where you can buy the downloadable course instantly and be up and running with your very own home training course by one of the best celebrity fitness trainers around.

Getting the Maximum Benefit

These several health and fitness systems highlighted here in this article all work to improve your overall physical appearance and health. But not one of them will help you is you are not prepared to help yourself by putting in the work and doing what they tell you to do!

If you want to get the maximum benefit of your chosen program, you need to get busy and get working on what you are watching in the DVDs or reading in the books. They will provide all the instruction you will need to make it work for you.

It's up to you to follow that instruction and make it your own successful daily fitness and weight loss program that will yield great results. The greatness of those results will be reflected in the greatness of effort that you put into them.

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