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Diet, Exercise, Water, Attitude: The Big Four Weight Loss Mantras

A lot of people may believe they know how to lose weight and they may be right, but if you have any doubts in your own mind as to what works best, you can't go too far wrong by remembering the four weight loss mantras of diet, exercise, water and attitude!

These are the four main ingredients to maintaining a healthy body that naturally gravitates to its correct size and proportions when you stick to these basic precepts of the process of getting back in the right shape.

Here is why:

Weight Loss Diet

Diet is the first place the vast majority of people look to when they want to lose weight. It may well be the right place to start, but it's not the only place to look for the solution to your overweight or obesity problem. Dietitians will tell you that eating a combination of the right foods in reasonable sized portions will help you reduce your body proportions accordingly.

I'm sure you know that eating a low calorie diet on its own will help you get slimmer, but it won't tone up your flabby body for you nor will it improve your long term health and weight maintenance prospects. To do that you need to combine a healthy, sensible diet with exercise.

If you lack the time to work on a regular diet, then try one of the high quality diet meal delivery programs such as Bistro MD or the Sonoma diet for example.

Weight Loss Exercise

This is the next place people who want to slim down and get in shape will generally look as they solution. Exercise can tone up your body and help you achieve that slim, lean and lithe figure you always dreamed of having.

You can use a gym and work on the apparatus such as elliptical exercise equipment or a stepper machine or work out at home to an exercise DVD program such as the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program, or use a dance based program such as the Zumba fitness DVD set.

Just like with dieting, exercise on its own will help you achieve your goal but it will not do everything you need to improve your health. This is especially so if your diet is still poor and you are not addressing all the solutions that are available and that work in combination to vastly improve your chances of successful body size reduction and long term maintenance. You need to keep your body properly hydrated, for a start.

Drink Water for Weight Loss

Water is by far the best substance to keep your body hydrated with. That's a pretty solid logic that anyone who can think for themselves has probably already figured out. But most people associate all drinks with being a perfectly good substitute for plain old boring water that comes out of the tap (or out of a bottle).

Only plain water has the perfect detoxifying, zero calorie, zero additive and zero sugar properties that the body takes to for its hydration.

Soda, juices, sports drinks, tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages etc are all liquid but are not as good for your body as plain water is. Believe it or not, neither do they quench your thirst as effectively as plain water.

Drinking sufficient water boosts your digestive system making it more efficient and prone to store less fat, boosting your metabolism and reducing the feeling of being hungry (or peckish for snacks) between meals. Combined with a good diet and plenty of exercise, when you drink plenty of water, you increase the effectiveness of your personal health strategy.

But even these three together are not as effective as they could be without the right mental attitude towards losing weight.

Attitude for Losing Weight

The last piece in the puzzle is what is going on in your mind with regards your attitude towards how successful you can be in losing the number of pounds you want to lose. To give yourself the best possible chance, you must be positive, enthusiastic, motivated and above all convinced that you will lose weight!

You see, this may be the simplest or the most difficult step in regaining your once slim, great looking body. It depends on your own ruling mental state with regards to your ability to achieve what you set out to do in a successful manner.

If you are not convinced that you can do it, feel that there are too many obstacles in your way or simply don't feel any enthusiasm towards your own weight loss plan, then it becomes hard to do and you will struggle to get any kind of a result. But when you totally believe in yourself and believe that you can do it, then a little magic happens and everything seems to be easy, hassle free and enjoyable.

Make sure you are positive about losing weight and the process of doing what you do will give you a positive result.

Each one of these four tips will bring its own benefits in its own way when you are setting off on your own journey to get in shape. But combined, they create a powerhouse of ability, motivation, resource and fluidity that makes losing weight seem a whole load simpler than it may do without this collaboration of facets to the solution of how to easily lose weight successfully.


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10 thoughts on "Diet, Exercise, Water, Attitude: The Big Four Weight Loss Mantras"

Danny says:

I love that you are promoting the drinking of plain water as a weight loss method because it is one of the easiest changes in your diet that you can do and it really, really works! Sure, eat healthy and exercise daily are the true mantras of most people who want to lose weight but I bet not too many of them think about their mental state as well. Great article, and great advice.

Klaumwell Labs says:

Good post exploring some key factors in losing weight. I think a lot of people forget how important it is to drink plenty of water.

Dr. Babatunde Yusuf .O. says:

What an interesting post. After having done reviews on numerous weight loss diet plans, it has become much easier to avoid many of the fat loss tricks. If you are really enthusiastic about the whole idea of losing weight easily, these tips are easy to follow. it is not good to allow yourself to starve or also to completely get rid of your favorite foods. Eating low calorie snacks between meals while drinking plenty of water has proved the best method for me!

Frank says:

Great advice, especially the water, I got in the habit of drinking water instead of soda and other beverages and it helped me control my hunger and lose weight. I actually performed a water fast too. I drank nothing but water for 11 days. It was very interesting.

Fats says:

I agree with the article and you are right in what you say. Diet is key to lose weight. Little do we realize how much food is contained in a portion until we sit down and begin to calculate it. Along with a good diet is drinking plenty of water to boost your metabolism. So many people don't realize that water is very important to losing weight. Great blog by the way!

Kevin says:

Hi, My name is Kevin. I have been through many types of diets and and looked everywhere online for something that actually works for me. I have recently looked at different solutions and this article covers pretty much what I have been doing to lose weight for myself in a natural way. Not only are these basics the way to weight loss but also they work for weight management for anyone who has problems keeping the weight off. Thanks!

Mass says:

I know I must follow these four steps to lose weight and get healthy... but this is very hard to do :(

Workout Buddy says:

Most commonly the Attitude are mostly lack in people who are into weight loss. I’ll be following within your feed and hope you post once more soon. I really appreciate the superb tips on weight loss and posting here for absolutely free for your online readers.

Debbie says:

I think making a conscious effort in the morning to take my weight loss supplements and drink 1 glass of water before I have my morning tea and before lunch and dinner then wait 30 minutes before eating sets me up for success to lose the weight. As soon as I get back into old habits my jeans begin to tighten and I am not happy about that.

Julie says:


Great info. A few years ago I lost approx 44lbs with help from weight watchers and my own commitment (lots of it). I found the best thing was to be educated on food and what you are putting in your mouth. Sugar, fat content ect.I was hungry for results!

I exercise approx 5 days per week for overall health benefits, which helps with maintanance too. I find that changing the way you think is one of the keys as well. No ones perfect, when things get a little out of hand (parties)get back into it fast before it gets too much.