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No Bullshit Weight Loss!

What, I hear you cry? No bullshit weight loss? Well why the hell not?

My home page here at Weight Loss Go, pretty much outlined what this website is all about and that, for want of a better way to phrase it is pure, simple and unadulterated no bullshit weight loss!

no bullshit weight lossSo where do we go from our opening gambit?

Well, some of those handy weight loss tips might be a good idea.

The Media Lies To You

I'd already started you off in the intro post, so you already know to ignore what the media tells you, because it's false and geared toward some fantasy body shape invented by media bosses as what they'd like to see themselves cuddling up to in bed! Except they must have a warped sense of what is cuddly.

Skinny boyishly shaped anorexic women are about as cuddly as a medical lab's skeleton! OK, that might be a bit unfair to very thin people, but if you're very thin chances are you're not reading this, but searching Google for some great weight gain website! Or maybe you're looking up the number of a film producer...

OK, jokes aside (and to enjoy this site to its fullest, you may need to be able to handle a dry British sense of humor that lives in the 1970s and not the politically correct present) let's get down to some serious strategies here.

First of all, there is a double bonus to be gleaned from throwing out the glossy magazines and switching off the television set. You have no excuse for sitting on your lazy behind and being brainwashed by all that crap. So get up off that chair and MOVE!

Turn Off the TV

Yes, the first of my unbelievably simple, yet powerfully effective tips is as common sense as they come. You probably thought I was going to come out with something radical or incredibly new. Nope. Simple is best every time. You are probably thinking that you could have figured that one out all by yourself without reading it here.

You are quite correct.

But would you have done it? Be brutally honest with yourself now. If you hadn't read it right here right now, would you have thought to switch off the television and get up and move your body? No way! The television has people locked into it like heroine addicts. Once it has you in its clutches, you will sit where you are and watch the whole episode of whatever because you want to see how it ends.

Yes you do!

Well, I can tell you right now that if you can't break out of that cycle, you are doomed to be a fatty and that's no word of a lie. You have to be able to get back in control of your mind and switch the damn thing off. Walk away from it and go and do something that involves action, motion and exercise!

One of the main things about weight loss is that it is all up to you the individual to do it for yourself. You have to want it badly enough and then you have to make your mind up that you are going to do it for yourself.

No one else. Just you!

Get Creative

You have to get creative and you have to make some choices that benefit you. Be a little selfish! Use your imagination and find some ways of getting exercise that are going to be fun and enjoyable, because if you don't enjoy doing it, you won't do it!

Eating healthily and sensibly doesn't take much effort an can make a huge difference in your body size. Ditch all the high carb, high sugar, high additive junk, the soda and the sweet stuff and instead learn to love eating fresh, whole foods that don't come in a packet or a can and don't have a list of ingredients because they don't contain any! Fresh is best!

Exercise doesn't have to mean going to a gym or playing a sport or doing anything that you don't fancy. It does mean finding something that you do enjoy doing that involves some exertion on your part. Something as simple as walking can be an enjoyable way to get plenty of exercise and start the process of improving your overall levels of health and fitness which will lead to your getting slimmer and back in shape.

Do you have a dog? Then take it out for lots of long walks (unless you live in a bad neighborhood part of a city, then maybe walking through crime ridden streets is not such a great idea!). If you live near a park that's the perfect place to walk around and get your lungs full of something approaching fresh air!

Do you like to swim? Well, there's another great way to get some exercise and have fun at the same time. Get together with friends and make a real party of it!

Do you like to play some kind of team sport? Find out if there are any groups in your area of people in a similar situation to you so you don't end up joining a group of super-fit people and feel bad.

Always, always, always strive to better yourself. Aim for a target weight that you want to be and then keep your body moving until you achieve it. If you want it, you will get it!

OK, that's enough motivational barracking for one day. I'll post more great tips in the next installment, so remember to come back!


Posted on Mon, 08 Sep 2008 in Weight Loss Tips | 2 Comments

2 thoughts on "No Bullshit Weight Loss!"

Mike says:

These are easy tips anybody can apply and get results. Well done! It's too bad most people make excuses and never achieve their goals. Hopefully they'll read this post and get going.

Terry says:

Thanks Mike,

Its unbelievable how many people already know what they're supposed to be doing but still don't do it! Maybe I can light a fire under some lazy backsides and get the odd person or two to do something about getting fit and healthy and losing some weight in the process!