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Weight loss exercise may sound like a lot of work, but as you'll see, it really isn't. When you learn how to do it properly so that it is effective without causing excessive muscle strain, it can be enjoyable as well as functional.

A previous post here concentrated on getting your mind into the right frame for you to begin to lose weight naturally. It was quite a powerful exercise in an alternative form of weight loss tips which is very effective when done properly and on a regular basis.

However, now it's time to turn to progressing from the mental realm into the physical which entails some easy weight loss exercise routines that can be done by anyone who is able to move around. That does include some who are physically handicapped but still able to be mobile to a certain extent.

However if you are in any doubt whatsoever, you should first consult your doctor, medical professional or health expert before attempting any of the advice that is given in this article.

So what kind of easy weight loss exercise techniques can be done by almost anyone, yet still be effective as a method of losing weight?

Which Exercises to Do?

Well, many people are going to be surprised to hear that walking is exercise! yes it is and not only that, its very good exercise if you do enough of it. Did you know that walking at a fairly active pace (by which I am referring to going faster than a casual stroll) for a prolonged length of time, at least half an hour or more, on a regular daily basis will cause you to los weight?

It's true!

By elevating your heart rate and causing your body to sweat and your breathing to get harder for a prolonged period of time, your body will begin to use up the store of fat to convert it into glucose for your muscles to use as energy. By working your muscles every day, they get stronger and therefore require more energy to function.

That means your metabolism must improve its efficiency in order for your body to provide more fuel for those muscles. The knock on effect of this is that if you keep it up daily, then after only a couple of weeks you'll start to notice your weight drop slowly but surely and your body's muscle tone improve as well as your posture.

All this is good news as it doen't really take a whole lot of effort to walk. After all, we were designed for walking!

So as an easy weight loss exercise, walking has to come out tops because of it ease and availability for most people to so. OK, if you are wheelchair bound, or suffer with painful arthritis it's a different story.

I know all about the latter from personal experience with severe arthritis in my ankles and joints of both feet and my knees when in my early 30s. Luckily, I found an alternative cure that worked for me, although I still get the occasional attack of gout, which is a similar disease although prone to come and go, whereas arthritis tends to linger.

No Excuses

But back to the plot. For those who can walk, there is no excuse for sitting on your lazy backside and piling on the pounds if you have the ability to do what a whole load of other people cannot. Use it or lose it, because if you don't do something now, later might just be too late.

I may bang on about the importance of walking throughout the articles in this blog, because I firmly believe that for people who are not suited to doing gymnasium style workouts or aerobics classes or whatever, if they can walk, they should walk!

You might be thinking that this is rather a one track easy weight loss exercise article if it only focuses on one form of exercise. Well, you'd be right in that.

It doesn't mean this is the only article I'm going to be writing on the subject of simple exercise routines, methods or strategies. There will be more to follow that will cover other forms, although I have to say that there really isn't another form of easy weight loss exercise that is anywhere as accessible and simple to do as walking!

So for future articles on easy weight loss tips on exercise, look out for info on swimming, dancing, skipping (!!), gardening, housework (!!!) and maybe some more walking...

Take care and stay healthy.

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Warren says:

Fantastic and well thought out weight loss tips here in this post. I'm glad I stopped by to read the blog. I agree that most of what we do stems from what is in the mind and being in the right frame of mind is essential to promoting good health, fitness and achieving the correct body shape and weight. Thanks for a good read!

Roger says:

Good post on exercise as it pertains to easy weight loss tips and tricks. Some bloggers avoid replying to each comment, probably they didn’t want to make their commenters feel as though they had to continue a conversation. What they could have done is go to their website and comment back whenever they could, though. That would be a nice gesture and confidence boost.


Joan says:

Hi, hope this comment works I'm still pretty new to this whole blogging thing. good post! I came upon your blog while looking for other people's weight loss stories. I've actually just started blogging about my weight loss calculator- I lost over 30 pounds in a month with a diet I developed!

I would appreciate it if you could stop by my weight loss blog and let me know what you think.
Warmest wishes,

Pedro says:

Now you are totally 100 percent right about exercising to lose weight. I do this every day and I never have to worry about what I eat cause its all taken care of by my metabolism that is boosted by a minimum of two hours exercise every day. maybe not everyone has two hours to spare for this, but anyone can do an hour and not lose out on anything except maybe miss an hour of life sapping TV! Great post, man!

Michael says:

The article is great! Nice stuff on the importance of making those daily walks for anyone who wants to lose weight without paying a dime!