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The Definitive Top 100 Weight Loss Tips

This post celebrates the completion of my full, one hundred weight loss tips articles on this website provided to help you get motivated to start your own program for getting back in shape, getting healthy and feeling great!

Well, I've finally completed the huge, labor intensive series of really useful and usable tips that span one hundred separate, full length articles and publishing them right here on this website.

Each article containing a separate, original and unique tip for losing weight naturally that can be used by most people who are looking to shed a few pounds or more. You can find the full index of titles here:

Top 100 Weight Loss Tips

Each article is individual, originally written by myself and copyright protected so they may not be reproduced elsewhere, so if you happen to see any duplicates of my articles turning up on someone else's website or blog, they have stolen them and are breaking the law. Feel free to report them to the proper authorities, because content theft is an awful crime that often goes unpunished.

So now where does that leave this blog?

Well, I'll still be writing ever more articles on the subject of losing weight as news or info comes my way, or I simply think of something else to write about on the subject! For now, I am going to stick this post to page one of this blog as it is pretty important that you know how to find the top 100 tips and that they exist right here at this website.

That means this article will be rather more brief than my usual lengthy literary marathons. But don't let that put you off going ahead and checking out the series to see what there is in there and how it can help you to shed some of your own excess weight, if that's what you need to do.

How to Get Started

There is so much information available via the Internet these days that can help you find a solution to your own personal issue with body size. The place to start is right here and that means looking at what you eat and drink (your present diet) with a critical eye.

The majority of food products sold in stores are overloaded with sugar or sugar substitutes, harmful additives and all manner of ingredients that are not conducive to a healthy physical body. You need to look at every one of the products you buy and decide if it is really healthy or if it is causing you to gain weight.

The simple solution is to stop buying every product that you can identify that is or might be (if you're not 100% sure) making you fat!

Sure, it's easy to say that kind of thing and doing it can be tedious and frustrating. It will almost definitely mean sacrificing a lot of the things you love to eat. But you have to decide how much you want to look and feel great and if that is more important to you than missing out on those tasty cookies or that tub of ice cream!

It's also important to realize that there is no magic pill. The way your body looks and feels is all down to you. So you need to start learning all you can about nutrition and diet so that you can fight back and get yourself healthy from the inside out.

More Articles on the Way

Further down the road, I'll be adding more topics of interest on this amazingly popular subject. It can sometimes be hard to get yoru head around the fact that overall numbers of people becoming overweight and obese are steadily rising in the country.

There are many and varied reasons why this may be, but the good news is that there is an awful lot that people can do to help themselves and stem that rising tide. It really only takes education and then the application of the knowledge gained to bring about a positive end to the problem.

Websites like this, which are written by professional people with in-depth knowledge of nutrition and physical fitness and health, are here to provide as much freely available information on how to lose weight to help as many people in this way as we can.

So enjoy the series, I wrote it for all of you, after all!


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3 thoughts on "The Definitive Top 100 Weight Loss Tips"

Bert says:

I never realized there could be as many as 100 weight loss tips to help people to reduce their size and such a variety of methods, plans, techniques and strategies for doing so. It has been a real eye opener reading all your posts and I have to say a big thank you for providing so much important information for people like me who are trying to lose weight without having to resort to dangerous pills or treatments that can do more harm than good!

Beau Barkins says:

I hope you plan to write a little more about this, as if 100 weight loss tips wasn't enough already! I really do enjoy your viewpoint on a lot of those tips as they're common sense and simple enough to understand. I'm going to spend a bit of time browsing your website. Very good post, by the way.

Keen Ember says:

Wonderful post, getting slimmer has been very hard for me so it is great to come across your blog.