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The whole concept of managing what we eat through specialized diets is one of the ways that the weight loss industry is helping millions of people to manage their physical size and weight, especially when it gets off track and needs bringing back into line.

If you are looking for some no nonsense information about losing the fat that you have probably accumulated over the years, then this article will be of some value to you. The major problem people who are overweight and obese face is that they have stored far too much fat in their bodies

It is this excess fat that is adding to their overall weight while also making them look chubby and with lumps and bumps all in the wrong places. So how do we deal with this situation?

Burning Fat

dietsThe way to deal with excess fat in the body is to set up a process whereby the body burns off that excess fat. This is done through the body's own metabolic process that enables it to perform work and to generally keep going day and night. In essence it's what keeps us not just alive, but able to function as a physical human being.

So what we need to do is to get that metabolic rate to increase so that it uses more of the body's own resources to provide energy to the muscles. This can be done through diet and through exercise.

Obviously the most efficient way of raising the metabolism to the point where it is burning fat and your body is using up more calories than it is taking in through your diet, is through a combination of exercise and healthy diet. Unfortunately, many very obese people find it difficult to exercise because they have become so heavy, their muscles just will not move them.

In these extreme cases, things have to begin gently and gradually increased over time. But a strict diet regime can be introduced right away and should be if the obese person wants to increase their already shortened life expectancy.

Low Calorie, Healthy Diet

The first step then should be the introduction of a low calorie, healthy and nutritious diet. This will perform two taske. First, it will prevent the person from gaining any more weight. Second, it will cause a rapid decline in body weight over the first two weeks or so, depending on the severity of the diet regime.

With most people who are overweight to the point where they are not considered obese, exercising is an easier option to look at because they are generally still able to get started at a fair pace and build upon that. Starting with a good diet is usually the best way to go, but exercising should also begin as soon as possible and should be worked on as a part of the process.


Exercising performs two major functions in the reducing of body weight.

First, it forces the metabolism to work harder and burn more energy in the body which uses up more calories and begins the process whereby the body is forced to use some of its store of fat to provide the energy the body needs (where it was previously getting it all from the diet).

Second, it starts the process of strengthening the muscles and causing more muscle tissue to be created in the body.

This works towards toning the body up and creating the appearance of a slimmer body and it also causes more calories to be burned to facilitate the growth of muscle tissue and the additional demand the extra muscle tissue places on the body for more fuel.

The upshot of this process is that the body gets stronger and fitter, enabling ever more exercise to be done on a daily basis. The knock on effect is continued reduction in fat levels while the body continues to tone up and look ever better, slimmer and fitter.

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