Welcome back for another of my Top 100 Weight Loss Tips! In this installment, which is article number 81 in the series, I’ll be looking at one very useful and important tip that involves your diet and how it can really help you to lose weight. I’m talking about starting the day with a good breakfast to set you up for the rest of the day.

You see, while it may seem contrary to your diet ethic to eat a lot of food at breakfast, when you do it right, it will benefit you and improve your ability to burn off those all important calories. As a part of a sensible and healthy diet program, it may surprise you how beneficial it can be.

Start the Day With a Good Breakfast

By eating a good, healthy breakfast that will complement your diet, I do not mean shoveling down a huge plate of bacon, sausages and eggs, all fried in something unmentionable. And then followed on with several rounds of heavily buttered toast. Or worse, a pile of pancakes swimming in maple syrup!

I mention this particular type of breakfast, as it is exactly this which people are almost always assaulted with when staying in hotels or eating out in breakfast restaurants in most places in the United States. Sure, that kind of breakfast is very tempting, but unfortunately it is also very “obesity city here we come!”

A healthy breakfast will consist of a low GI cereal, such as rolled oats (porridge) muesli or bran that release their sugars slowly into the system. Brown (wholewheat) bread as toast can follow with boiled, poached or scrambled eggs (much more healthy than fried), fruit juice and some fresh fruit such as an apple, a pear, a peach, apricots, plums, or some strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, loganberries etc all helped down with some coffee or tea as you prefer.

This will fill you up and provide a good mixture of proteins and slow release carbohydrates, plus dietary fiber from the wholewheat bread and cereals, with vitamins and minerals from the fresh fruit. It is also a very good idea to preclude all that food with a large glass of plain water, as your body will be a little dehydrated following a nights sleep.

By having a healthy breakfast that fills you up as part of your daily diet, you give a kick-start to your metabolism when it needs it most. That is right after its been in sleep mode for the last several hours. By boosting your metabolism early on in the day you ensure that it keeps going at an elevated rate throughout the day, so that what you eat later on is digested and assimilated more efficiently that it would be otherwise.

This all means better use being made of the calories you take in and more energy to exercise during the day for you to burn them as well as boost fat burning capabilities. It really is the very best start to the day you can give to yourself!

100 Weight Loss Tips number 80 follows in the very next post!

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