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Lose Weight with Nutrisystem

People could read this and find out how to get the best deal ever on great gourmet inspired diet menus from the highly respected and America's Number 1 home delivery weight loss company, Nutrisystem simply by clicking the image to the left to see for themselves.

The company, which has been providing their own brand of convenient and easy to use weight loss diets and all the helpful advice and support you can use, has been operating since the 1970s.

What does that means to someone who wants to lose some weight but leads a busy life and needs a convenient and simple way to do it? Well, it means here is a popular diet food delivery company that is long established, trusted and has a very high rate of success for its many satisfied customers.

So what do you get when you take advantage of the greatest ever offer provided by Nutrisystem on their range of diet plans?

Well, for one thing, it means you can easily and conveniently lose weight for even less money with one of their excellent diet plans featuring gourmet, fresh-frozen cuisine that is incorporated in their collection of over 150 chef-inspired menu items.

You may have already noticed from the colorful promotional image at the top of this page, that there is a long term offer that you can take advantage of by clicking the advertisement. It gives new customers the chance to get free meals from their many menus when you purchase one of their great diet plans that you can start today and get their gourmet program for the same low price as their original program.

This means you get incredibly good value for money from a tried and tested diet program that has been proven to work for a huge number of people.

Nutrisystem Reviews

So how does the Nutrisystem work? Well, if you need an unbiased assessment of their diet food delivery plans, we already wrote one of the most comprehensive, accurate and completely unbiased Nutrisystem reviews around. It is also backed up by over 600 customer reviews who wrote in via the comments section to tell their stories. I published them all, the good, the bad and the indifferent! Just click that link to read it for yourself, or there is another the link in the right column.

Too busy to read a full blown review? Ok, no problem, here's how it works in a nutshell:

Nutrisystem Diet Food Delivery

When you purchase a diet food delivery plan from Nutrisystem, you get, delivered direct to your door, 28 days worth of ready meals (3 full meals per day plus two snacks) that you keep someplace cool and dry and remember to place any frozen meals in your freezer. Each day at your regular mealtime, you just take the respective meal from its packaging, place it in the microwave (or not, for those cold meals such as salads, desserts etc) and in next to no time, you have your meal ready to eat.

The meals are all devised to be low in calories, contain low GI carbs and plenty of proteins and nutrients to give your body everything it needs to work efficiently and healthily, while helping you lose weight.

You may at first think the meals are a little on the small side, especially of you are used to eating really big meals. Well, that's probably why you're overweight in the first place! The meals are designed to help you lose weight, so its something you are going to have to get used to if you want to have a slimmer, great looking body!

That's about all of it in the condensed version. These meals replace your regular meals, so if you're looking at the Nutrisystem cost, remember you should deduct the money you'd normally spend on all your regular food for those 28 days. That's three meals a day don't forget, so when you balance out the costs, you can see you are probably even saving on what you'd normally spend on your regular food.

If you really want to lose some weight about as easily and conveniently as it is possible to do, and you are serious about doing it, then Nutrisystem really does have the perfect solution for you.

So what are you waiting for?

The author is a qualified nutritionist and hypnotherapist specializing in weight loss hypnotherapy and is also a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem as you may have already noticed from the banners displayed.


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57 thoughts on "Lose Weight with Nutrisystem"

  1. mike brown says:

    It takes -3500 calories to loose a pound, which means you need to both burn calories by working out and take less calories in by eating in order to loose weight.

    Eat fruits and veggies of course. It's typical to eat a small breakfast and a big dinner, but my health teacher said you actually want to do the opposite. And never skip breakfast, it helps you loose weight. I stopped drinking pop and lost 50 pounds in 1 year!! Don't drink juice. You'd think fruit juice is good for you, but its not. It has a lot of sugar and extra calories. People say don't eat carbs… not true, 60% of your diet is supposed to be from some type of carbs… just make sure you eat whole grain or whole wheat bread. And drink only skim milk, all others aren't so great for you. Just watch what you eat and pay attention to nutrition labels!

    Make sure you do some weight bearing activities along with cardio, it'll help build muscle and burn fat! If you cant buy a gym membership try going for a walk or run outside, doing jumping jacks, jump rope, running up and down your stairs, lifting weights, doings situps and push-ups.. those are just some ideas that'll help!

  2. David says:

    Well I tried Nurisystem about 4 months ago and at first I wasn't too happy with what I thought were rather small meals and I was feeling hungry a lot. But I persevered cause I read that you have to get used to eating less or else how to you expect to lose weight, right? Ha! I was blown away in the last two weeks I got used to the smaller meal portions and I actually ended up losing 11 pounds! That for me was a real achievement and I'm glad I stuck at it.

    I can totally understand anyone getting annoyed with it though cause no one likes to be told they have to eat less than what they're used to, even when their health is at stake! Gotta love people who just cant take the truth!

    I totally love this blog 🙂 I'm going to have to put this on my blogroll.

  3. Mellissa Hay says:

    I found your site on bing. I couldn't agree more. Weight loss isn't rocket science like some people would have you believe. It just takes some dedication and discipline.

    Nutrisystem is a good product and one that I tried myself last year and I actually amazed myself by losing 14lbs over the month. That was incredible as I could never lose weight so easily before!

    I will definately be back to check your site.

  4. Willy Wallo says:

    Thank you for the interesting article. Happy New Years!! Hopefully you didn't have to to put on your diet costume with all those knuckle heads firing their guns along busy streets. But seriously, that was an interesting post and I got a lot from it, thanks!

  5. Lex says:

    Hi there!

    Great info and a great program to recommend with the start of a new year! Maybe that'll make a few more new year's resolutions happen 🙂

    I was wondering if you have read much about cellular nutrition systems? I've been looking into it a bit and found that the FDA recently released a statement that American foods, whether organic or not, do not at all supply the 40-something nutrients one needs in a day, so that every single person should be on some sort of supplements. But the problem with this is that most vitamins, especially multi-vitamins, are a one-a-day deal, which does not work for your body, it is the same concept that you should eat six small meals a day rather than three large ones, if you take all of your daily vitamins in one large dose, your body can't absorb all of it before it is digested so it isn't maximally effective.

    I am a marathon runner and work out every day, so I haven't been geared towards weight loss but more weight maintenance or weight gain (for building muscle mass), and recently got on this cellular nutrition program designed by a Nobel Prize Loriet in nutrition and biochemistry from an organization that has been around for some 30 years as well. It's worked absolutely amazingly! They start at the cell level and regenerate polluted cells, then have extra vitamins that work to literally feed the nutrients of the program to the appropriate part of your body.

    I've also talked with a lot of people on their weight loss nutrient plan rather than their weight gain or weight maintenance programs and they have had spectacular results. Many lose 30 pounds in the first six weeks (which is good, because as we have all read losing more than 5 pounds per week isn't healthy), and many go on to lose 60-100 pounds and keep it off for 9+ years thus far.

    Do you have an opinion on the cellular nutrition aspect of the field?

    Wishing you all a happy and healthy new years!


  6. Lorene H. Rickert says:

    Hey there,Came across this site last Friday and I must say that I have learned some nice points so far, most especially about the benefits of the Nutrisystem diet plan. I was just wondering if you could add some more information about the right way to exercise as a way of complimenting their much recommended diet? Thanks for the info in any case!

  7. Elvis Dakan says:

    I can see that you are an expert at your field! I never know that the Nutrisystem diet was so popular and comes so highly recommended from so many different people. I am launching a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.. Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in your business.

  8. Edna Cantakis says:

    Every day I waste hours and hours on Facebook looking for real viewpoints on how good or bad is Nutrisystem and I hardly ever come upon anything different than the usual run of the mill stuff. I'm thankful that I took a few minutes to get away from that insignificance and discover your great to read article on this weight loss diet product. I've been interested in trying it for a while, but couldn't find any truly unbiased reviews. Yours was the best I've seen so far, so thanks for a very good post.

  9. Herb Tyler says:

    I have wanted to purchase the Nutrisystem product but my checking account closed. How can I make certain I still recieve the supply with opening my new account?

  10. lose weight says:

    Herb, that's something you will probably have to take up with your bank.

  11. Steve A says:

    How swiftly can somebody start to experience the results from using the Nutrisystem diet plan?

  12. lose weight says:

    That all depends on you. If you stick to the Nutrisystem diet plan you chose to go on, don't cheat and do some daily exercise to boost your chances, then you should see some weight loss happening after a week or so. The amount you lose, again depends on the individual, as we are all different rate as such all lose weight at different rates depending upon several factors.

  13. Vanessa uribe says:

    Wow at last I feel inspired to get this fat and weight under control. I need to get into shape because summer is only around the corner. Well I think I have found a decent blog to bookmark. Thanks from me here in London, Engand..

  14. Ed Millard says:

    I like your weight loss blog and its been really useful to me as I need to lose a lot of weight, nearly 100 pounds so I definitely need all the help I can get, thanks.

  15. Jason says:

    There's some very interesting info about the Nutrisystem diet on your blog. I just started working out so thats going to be useful to me as well as combining with a good convenient diet system. I'll sure be trying this out, thanks

  16. Dark Wanderer says:

    Good blog post. I know it's a bit tough finding a good diet program when your used to eating big meals and loads of junk food, specially when you're busy and working all the time and have no time for doing a proper diet. Nutrisystem is a good product and I like it has an established track record with far more successes than not. Thanks for your insights.

  17. lose weight says:

    Hi George, that's a great personal achievement, well done! It just goes to show that this program works for some people especially if you're determined to lose weight.

  18. Barry says:

    I started on the Nutrisystem diet 5 days ago and today was the first time I noticed anything different happening with my body. First, I had to go to the bathroom really bad after my breakfast but after that I was fine. Then, I cannot stop passing gas, and I'm a little concerned about this until I read that this would be normal for someone who has changed from a diet of rubbish to real food again. I guess there has to be some give and take.

    However, seeing the scales already registering that I'm 4 pounds lighter than when I started, this kind of makes me happy. Their food is good for you, sure, but I find the meals small but I don't mind as I know its doing me good. I think that when I finish this diet that it'll sure make me want to watch what I eat a little more. Thanks for posting this.

  19. lose weight says:

    That's great news Barry. Stick with the diet because it works as long as you don't cheat. But you sound like your determined anyway, so kudos to you.

  20. Mick says:

    You would not believe how great these Nutrisystem diet plans are. I've been looking for something just like this post to get some more info. Went through 5 pages of Google results without finding anything. First page of bing. There it was!….

    Everyone has got to start using Nutrisystem to see, cause I lost almost a stone in my first month with them and I wasn't even trying.

  21. Pills says:

    Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours on Nutrisystem and it was quite good but since I'm more of a visual learner, I think that to be more helpful well let me know how it turns out! Videos are where the internet is going! 🙂

  22. lose weight says:

    Hey, 12 pounds in a month is really good going Mick. Well done!

  23. lose weight says:

    Nah, I don't do videos. I feel they are being done to death by too many bloggers and after a while they get a bit samey. Anyway, I'm a writer and a write loves to… write!

  24. Chance Forest says:

    Awesome site! I gotta hand it to you, your right on the money with what you say about Nutrisystem. I tried it 4 months ago and like so many other folks, I was ready to give up after the first few days cause I was feeling hungry and I couldn't see any difference on the scales. But I'm glad I didn't give up cause after the month was up, I'd lost 9lbs. Now that might not sound like too much, but I wasn't huge to begin with, only weighing in at 178lbs for my 5 feet 8 frame, so losing those 9lbs made me look a whole load better. Gives me the incentive for sticking to my fitness goals this year.

  25. lose weight says:

    That's great, Chance and it just shows you don't have to be huge or obese to start a diet anytime!

  26. Manda says:

    I had problems with my weight in the past, so I understand how hard it is to lose extra fat. It can be done though with a little effort and the right products. Thanks for a great post!

  27. Bertie Devore says:

    Nutrisystem was good for me a year back when I lost a total of 18lbs over two months on the program. You know, I'm hearing all the same complaints from folks about the meals being small and getting gas and all. So it makes me think there are just too many folks out there who got used to eating large meals and junk food. Sure does sound like that's what got them overweight in the first place!

    My own idea is you gotta be strong, see where you were going wrong in the first place and admit it to yourself. Its only when you really get it that you can go and do something about it. I proved that to myself. So my message to anyone who is worried about what those folks are complaining about is to ignore them. They're losers who will complain about anything rather than take responsibility for their own health. If you really want something, get off your butt and go get it!

    Anyway, this is a really informative site, so thanks for this information and thanks for the opportunity to sound off some.


  28. lose weight says:

    Manda, you are most welcome!

  29. lose weight says:

    Bertie that's a really motivating story of determination and deire to succeed. Wouldn't it be great if more people had that get up and go in them as you do!

  30. Michelle says:

    Nice post on Nutrisystem. I just found your website and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your articles, especially this one as I need to lose weight and don't get too much time to work with a complicated diet or go to the gym. I will check out their prices as it sounds very affordable considering you totally replace all your meals with theirs.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  31. Alfredo says:

    I have been a reader for a long time, but this is my first time as a commenter. I just wanted to let you know that this has been / is my favorite update of yours! I have not yet tried Nutrisystem, but this sounds like something I may want to investigate as I work a lot and don't get much time to myself. Sounds like its just what I need for losing weight without all the hassle.

    Anyhow, keep up the great work and I'll keep on checking back.

  32. lose weight says:

    Hi Adrianne, you still did well to lose 8lb in a month – that's 2lb a week and just the right amount to stay healthy. You're right in that its hard to get used to downsizing meals, but as you said, you have to eat less to get thin!

  33. lose weight says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks, its a pretty good product when all is said and done and for the cost, its great because it displaces what you'd normally spend on regular food. This way, it actually works out pretty cheap as diets go.

  34. lose weight says:

    Hi Alfredo, I'll be sure to keep up my good work and yes, Nutrisystem is a good product. I don't promote rubbish products which is why I go out on a limb and recommend this one!

  35. Mimaki says:

    Really great post on the topic of Nutrisystem and the diet products they are renowned for. I found your writing on the subject very interesting and you provide facts and info that many other sites withhold for reasons best known to themselves. I altogether admired it, so thanks for the info.


  36. lose weight says:

    Why thank you Mimaki for your kind words!

  37. Danny says:

    Thanks for your take on the Nutrisystem diet plans. It's all about sticking to the diet and not veering off and eating sneaky junk when no one is looking. You don't get caught except by yourself, as you said many times in this blog!

    In 2010 these guys are giving away some nice free bonuses, so its a good time to sign up which is what I just did and got two free weeks worth of meals thrown into the deal. That's pretty cool! I'll come back in a month and let you know how I got on with it, thanks!

  38. Gondolas says:

    I would like to thank you for the endeavors you have made in writing this article on the benefits of the Nutrisystem diet. I am going for the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has urged me to consider trying this diet food delivery plan for myself at some point soon. Your write up is a fine illustration of how it can work for people who simply do not have the time to bother with more complicated diets. Thank you!

  39. Janine says:

    i love this article. i started nutrisystem last month. i started out at 280.0 & i'm now 262.5 so i've lost 17.5 lbs in a month. i didn't exercise, so i'm sure if i would have exercised i could've lost much more.

    it takes some getting use to. i customized my order, and i have enjoyed the items i've chosen.

    it's like any other diet it requires you to not cheat and requires diligence. if you go into it with negative thoughts i'm sure you'll fall off. just be optimistic it's pretty much idiot proof if you follow through with it.

  40. lose weight says:

    Hi Janine, thanks! That's quite a success story and you're absolutely right about going into this diet with a positive frame of mind. When you're truly determined to do something, you can make your own miracles happen and then everyone else wonders what you do different from them to have such great success. Well done!

  41. greg says:

    I'm searching to get yourself a multivitamin. I am looking to have a liquid vitamin. Is there a good item or better location to purchase them from. Any support will be significantly appreciated.

  42. Moulton says:

    Very good report on Nutri system, I have read many reviews and some are very positive and sale-oriented, others are very negative and complaining with a few in the middle ground being more balanced. I like yours because coupled with your very comprehensive Nutrisystem review the two articles show both sides of the coin and tell it the way it is. So thank you for being so honest!

  43. Secora says:

    I have searched for the easiest weight loss programs online all over the place and this Nutrisystem diet sure looks to be one of the best I've seen anywhere. It certainly seems to be popular with folks who come and leave comments here. I'm ready to give it a try, so wish me luck!

  44. Michel says:

    These all depends on you if you are successful or not. If you stick to the Nutrisystem diet plan you chose to go on, don’t cheat and do some daily exercise to boost your chance. Just stick up to only one plan at the time. By hearing from here and there don't change your diet plans. Keep up all this great work.

  45. Issac says:

    Wonderful post! I have been in search of this kind of thing all over the web. Nice and thanks. This helped me a lot in my own attempts at losing weight and looking at this particular diet has given me new hope that I can achieve something here.

  46. lose weight says:

    Hi Kelly, thanks for dropping ion to share your story with Nutrisystem. All I can say to you is that you certainly did not fail – you lost 7lbs and that's despite cheating on the diet, so you you should be congratulated for being successful! I know what you mean about wishing for an easier way to lose weight, but at the end of the day, you really have to want it to happen and like anything worth having in life, you have to work for it to appreciate it.

  47. Graeme says:

    Most simplified article on this subject of Nutrisystem and its diet system I've yet found anywhere! Its just what I needed to try and figure this all out for myself. Thank you for your excellent article.

  48. Sydney Collins says:

    When i get lazy cooking, i just order from food delivery services. Guess its not the best idea for keeping my weight under control so I decided to take a look at Nutrisystem and it looks pretty good. Its not really so expensive either when you work it out meal for meal and compare it to what I pay to have take out meals delivered. NS is actually tons cheaper! Thanks for the writeup, I'm definitely interested in this.

  49. Fat Loss Bloke says:

    People like you should be ranked even better in search engines as this is what readers like me want to read on many weight loss topics. Many people use Nutrisystem and many more are busy signing up without really knowing what they are signing up to. Articles like yours tell them the truth and they should be given the opportunity to see them. Your content is really great. Thanks

  50. James says:

    Thanks for a great write up on NS. I've been on the fence about this kind of diet for awhile but I think its time to get motivated and make the right decision here. Thanks for clearing up some things that I didn't know about and I'll go check out their website and see what I need to do from here on.

  51. Gerald says:

    There were some things that I didn't understand before about Nutrisystem, but you have cleared them up with this post and the review post, which I actually read first before I saw this one. You have a lot of people write in and give their opinions and I think that on the whole, the consesus is that this is a fairly good program to go on to lose weight. I will take the plunge in the next week or so as this is something that I think will be beneficial to me. Thank you for your honest review and the information that you give freely as well as all the people that have added their voice to a good review.

  52. Malcolm says:

    Weight loss is serious and if you don't research the weight loss products that you're thinking about then it could either not work for you or maybe worse. Find out before you buy anything. This is a great article cause it gives out the info you need, plus add it to your excellent Nutrisystem review and combined they give you everything you need to make the right decision.

  53. Suzzane deLeon says:


    I can honestly say that WeightLossGo is a very good site. We're currently looking for partners and you are a strong candidate.

    By the way, I'm the head of Marketing and Communications Department for LipoSuctionCost.com. Would you like to know more about it?


    Suzzane deLeon

  54. Cory says:

    I always inform people that if you diet to lose weight, you must also continue the dieting to keep the weight off. If you take diet pills to lose the weight, you must also continue to take harmful diet pills to keep the weight off. Exercise and healthy nutrition is a life-long practice, not temporary.

  55. Belinda says:

    Took me a lot of time to read all the comments on this and your other review article, but I really enjoyed them. They proved to be very helpful to me in coming down off the fence and making the decision to give Nutrisystem a shot. I've been concerned about a lot of bad press when people say they hated the taste of the food for one reason or another, but I guess there will always be folks who complain about everything. I can see in here that the majority of folks actually liked the food, so I don't see how it can really be all that bad. Thanks for the chance to read so many real customer opinions, as you say, both good and bad! Kudos to you!

  56. Dood says:

    That was a good article and told me more about Nutrisystem than many others I've read online. You sure know your stuff and its good to know there are some honest reviewers around still. Thanks.

  57. gabriel says:

    Hi, I had to write in to tell your readers that I just finished a three month program with Nutrisystem and I lost 23 pounds! I'm so happy cause I tried other diets before and never managed to lose more than a few pounds. This is great. I don't know why anyone would say horrible things about the food cause I thought it was really good. Only one or two meals were not to my liking, while some I thought were really amazing. Thanks for the review BTW it matches everything I experienced on the program!