People wanting to lose weight easily as possible can read this and discover how Nutrisystem can be a cheap and effective solution. Reviews and latest advice on using this amazing dieting program to obtain a slimmer body, healthier disposition and brighter future.

This article replaces the original Nutrisystem reviews article on this site and brings the information up to date with the latest update and developments with the program. By reading this you can learn how to maximize the daily eating plan to lose the most mount of weight for the least amount of effort!

It’s important to work with the latest information on a product or service you intend paying good money for. That’s why this site has created a brand new review article to cover the program as it is right NOW and not how it was a year or more ago.

So what do you get for your money when you sign up for one of the popular Nutrisystem diet plans? And how do you make the most of it to insure you lose the most amount of weight during the time you’re on the diet and then keep it off after you reach your target? All will be revealed as you read on…

Nutrisystem’s Benefits

Let’s kick off with a look at the way in which this program can be of great benefit to your weight loss strategy right now.

  • Save Money: Works out at under $10 a day for ALL your meals for a month
  • Convenient: All your diet meals are delivered to your home
  • Easy: All food preparation is done for you. No need to prepare or cook food yourself
  • No Brainer: Calorie controlled diet meals that are nutritionally balanced and healthy
  • Support: Structured so you stay on track and full customer support provided
  • Simple: You just eat the food and lose weight

I think you’ll agree, there’s not much can beat those amazing benefits that come with this inexpensive but powerfully effective dieting program.

Nutrisystem Latest Diet Plans

Nutrisystem offer its customer a choice between several different types of meal plans. Each plan is tailor made for different groups. Right now, the plans currently available are:

  • Women
    • Basic plan (lowest cost plan)
    • Core Plan (customize menus, greater choice)
    • Vegetarian
    • D (Diabetic)
    • Uniquely Yours Plan (Fresh frozen meals)
  • Men
    • Basic plan (lowest cost plan)
    • Core Plan (customize menus, greater choice)
    • Vegetarian
    • D (Diabetic)
    • Uniquely Yours Plan (Fresh frozen meals)

Simply choose which plan best fits your needs. You can further customize your chosen plan by selecting the meals you want and those you don’t from the huge range that is available.

What are the Diet Meals Like Now?

In years gone by, one of the most common complaints from customers who were obviously unprepared for the kind of food they were getting, was that a large percentage of the meals were processed and didn’t taste all that great. That was an obvious failing of the need to provide food that would stay fresh for up to four weeks and still keep the cost of the diet program well down below that of their main rivals: Jenny Craig and Medifast.

The quality of the food has improved over the last year or so, although depending on the plan you choose, there will still be around 70% processed main meals and 30% fresh frozen main meals. This doesn’t take into account breakfasts and lunches.

Note: When you choose the Uniquely Yours (formerly Select) plan, you will receive 100% fresh frozen meals of higher quality. This is reflected in a higher cost, but many claim it is worth the extra to get much better quality meals.

How Things Improve Over the Years

Back in 2012, Nutrisystem engaged a team of celebrity chefs to devise a better, revised menu of what was termed “chef inspired” meals. This led to meals of better quality and taste, although it should be made clear that the bulk of the meals are still of the processed variety like you get in a supermarket, except healthier, nutritionally balanced and containing fewer calories.

The thing is, if you are already used to eating a poor diet of mostly processed food, junk food and high calorie snacks, then you will likely find the meals that are provided are actually pretty good in comparison to what you’re been eating to get overweight. But if you’re used to a diet of home cooked meals made from fresh ingredients, you are likely to find the processed Nutrisystem meals not so much to your liking.

This is not a hard and fast rule, but just an observation. You have to decide if you are happy to go on this diet in the full knowledge of what it comprises.

Back in 2014 the company introduced their now hugely popular Fast 5 program that gave you the tools to work with in order to lose a stunning 5 pounds in your first week on the diet. This proved to be so successful, the company decided to keep it right through the year and beyond.

In 2017 that program was replaced by Lean 13 which not only helped you to lose 13 pounds in the first month, it also claimed to help you lose up to 7 inches overall in that first month on the diet! So confident was the company that this would work for you, they went all-out to attract new clients with strong promotional incentives, such as offering 40% OFF your first month!

The Lean 13 kit includes the following benefits:

  • NEW food selection to get you fast results in your first week
  • NEW Expert Guides with effective, must-have weight loss tips
  • 7 FREE Energi-ZING™ shakes to rev up your metabolism
  • 7 FREE Craving Crusher™ shakes designed to help fight off hunger

Nutrisystem 2018 Update

Bringing us right up to date now and into 2018 we see the company upgrading its flagship promotion to “Turbo 13” with the same weight reduction and slimming claims as with last year’s Lean 13, but with some newer menu items and better strategies than ever to help you to lose the weight and get slimmer as easily and fuss-free as possible.

One big leap forward is with the Men’s plans, with the company now promoting the promise of losing up to 18 pounds and up to 8 inches in the first month with the Turbo for Men program. That’s an impressive target to hit because it means getting down to a more shapely and masculine figure faster than ever before!

Oh and let’s remember the promotion initiatives that translate into that great 40% OFF discount still on the table for new customers. See the promo image above.

In addition to those benefits, you still get free shipping on all orders and if you get yours in NOW, you can lock in the best price before it goes up very soon!

Nutrisystem Auto Delivery

There seems to be some confusion among some customers about where they stand with the auto delivery system that Nutrisystem uses. There is information in their website’s FAQ that explains it, but here is a short explanation to clarify things in two main points:

  • To take full advantage of any special offers and free shipping, you should stay on the program for at least 2 shipments
  • To cancel, you must call their number (1-877-338-8446). You can’t do it from the website

Most people recognize that it’s better to stay on the diet for two or more months to get the maximum benefit and lose more weight. In that case, signing up for auto delivery and getting the bonus offers is not a problem as you can cancel any time before subsequent shipments with no penalty.

Nutrisystem FAQ

In any event, prospective customers should read through the Nutrisystem FAQ, which you will find on their official website before they sign up for their diet plan. It is in your interests to read through the FAQ before signing up with them so you understand everything first. It will help you to make the right decision to sign up for one of the weight loss diets plan or not.

Lastly, if you would like to read our older review of the program which includes historical information about the company and several aspects that have not changed over the years since it was first written, you can read it here.

Real Life Reviews of Nutrisystem

That review also contains over 600 customer reviews, observations and discussions from real people that wrote in via the comments section of the article to leave their personal views, perspectives and offer advice to others.

If you would like to add your voice to those that have already spoken, it might be a better idea to leave your comment on this article. That’s because it is current and up to date and will reflect the thoughts and opinions of customers and would-be customers in the moment.


Note: The author is a qualified nutritionist and hypnotherapist specializing in weight control hypnotherapy. While he is a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem and may receive compensation from advertising, this review is comprised of his own personal views, opinions and professional observations, written honestly and objectively as possible.